Episode 6.04 : Proposition Infinity

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Episode Premiere

July 08, 2010


Comedy Central


Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1999 - 2013

Production Company

20th Century Fox Television, Rough Draft Studios

Cast and Crew


Crystal Chesney-Thompson


Michael Rowe

Main Cast

  • Billy West
  • John DiMaggio
  • Katey Sagal as Turanga Leela (voice)
  • Lauren Tom
  • Phil LaMarr


Kif breaks up with Amy when she begins showing interest in "bad boys," which leads her to become attracted to Bender. The two engage in a secret robosexual relationship, a taboo romantic relationship between a robot and a human. Farnsworth finds out about the relationship and tries to keep them apart from each other out of prejudice because one of his girlfriends from his youth left him for a robot. The rest of the Planet Express crew are supportive of the relationship, however, and help them get back together. Bender and Amy become engaged and hold a ballot proposition called Proposition Infinity, which they hope will lift the ban on robosexual marriage, with Farnsworth representing the opposing party. While arguing against Bender, Farnsworth suddenly remembers that his old girlfriend was also a robot. Not wanting to lose the debate after revealing he too was robosexual, Farnsworth has a change of heart and supports Proposition Infinity, which is passed as law and legalizes robosexual marriage. However, Bender leaves Amy and begins dating fembots again when he realizes that robosexual marriage is monogamous. Fortunately for Amy, she gets back together with Kif after discovering that he has by now adopted a "bad boy" attitude for her.

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