Fairly Legal

Episode 2.08 : Ripple of Hope

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Episode Premiere

May 04, 2012


USA Network


Drama, Comedy

Show Period

2011 - 2012

Production Company

Universal Cable Productions

Cast and Crew


Peter Markle


Robert Nathan

Main Cast


When the Attorney General's office decides to try alternative dispute resolution in an effort to end a hunger strike at a local women's prison, Kate and Ben pay a visit to the big house. While there, they meet an inmate named Lea Ferran, whose claims of innocence Kate actually believes-despite Ben's reminders that pretty much every prisoner makes a similar claim. Kate being Kate, she can't let the case go, and tries everything she can think of to get Lea out. Surprisingly, this time Kate won't be fighting alone; for reasons that are only beginning to become clear, Ben has actually joined the effort. The only problem is, even with help from Ben, getting Lea a second chance might be next to impossible.

Back at Reed & Reed, Ashley, a graphic novelist and friend/crush of Leo's, is looking for help contesting an unfair contract. And with a little help from Lauren, non-lawyer Leo manages to create a legal argument that could earn him a cut of the profits-not to mention the affection of his grateful "client."

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