Episode 3.12 : It's Not Easy Being Green

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Episode Premiere

July 31, 2009




Sci-Fi, Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2006 - 2012

Production Company

NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Sarah Pia Anderson


Curtis Kheel

Main Cast


Lexi has it right: In Eureka, "stuff happens." This time the stuff happens while Fargo, Lucas and "The Cleaner" (and bowling champ) Big Ed Fowler, prepare their team for the bi-annual bowling competition against hated rival Toby Bismark and his team from Area 51. Creative enhancement of odds (i.e. cheating) is all part of the game. But cheaters never prosper. And the Eureka team members literally find themselves turning green with envy when they're dosed with gamma radiation.

Meanwhile, Allison and Tess are trying to get a clear view of the distant source of the mysterious Signal from space. Needing more power for the telescope, they ask Carter and Jo to confiscate all of the Globidium power cells around town. The sites that use the plutonium-like element include Café Diem and the Smart House. Making their rounds, Carter and Jo discover that someone is stealing the radioactive fuel cells.

By the time Carter determines that Big Ed is the Globidium thief, there is nothing left of "The Cleaner" but a pool of green goo. It seems that Big Ed had a pet project that grew out of control. Carter and Tess find a container for Ed's radiation-devouring microorganism- an empty container. It seems the blob had Ed for lunch and has now gone out for dinner. "Team Green" would be a likely target but Duncan, returning to confront Lexi, concocts a mud bath to cure their radioactive condition. You just slather it on then shower off the green glow. In a scene reminiscent of "Psycho", the radiation-starved blob attacks. Carter comes to the rescue, but the mutating green menace retreats down the drain and heads for Eureka's last source of Globidium - the Smart House. Zoe is safe at work but if Carter's final, desperate plan fails, Lexi and Duncan may not live to become parents.

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