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The Flowers of War Soundtrack

The Flowers of War


Genre :

Drama, Adventure

Release Date :

January 20, 2012 (Limited)

MPAA Rating :


Director :

Zhang Yimou

Starring :

Christian Bale, Shigeo Kobayashi, Paul Schneider, Zhang Xinyi, Huang Tianyuan, Tong Dawei, Atsuro Watabe, Cao Kefan, Ni Ni

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Performer : Various Artists
Label : Sony Classical
Release Date : August 03, 2012
Composer : Qigang Chen


1Love Theme I (Opening Credit)
- Joshua Bell
2Qin Huai Legend I (Falling in Love)
- Huifen Xu; Joshua Bell
3Redemption II (Tragedy in the Church)
- Yi-Bing Chu
4Qin Huai Legend V (Parting Exhortation)
- Jiemin Yan
5They Are at Peace I (Death of Commander Li)
- Allmanna Sangen
6Qin Huai Legend II (Blood-Stained Strings)
- Jia Li
7Love Theme II (State of Mind)
- Joshua Bell
8Redemption V (Tragedy in the Church, Material 1)
- Joshua Bell; Yi-Bing Chu
9Angels We Have Heard on High
- No. 171 Middle School Jinfan Choir
10Comfort and Hope I (Tragedy in the Church, Alternative Version 2 )
- Allmanna Sangen; Xiaoduo Chen; Jiemin Yan; Joshua Bell
11Redemption III (Alternative Version)
- Yi-Bing Chu
12Virgin (Alternative Version)
- China Philharmonic Orchestra; Zhang Yi
13Requiem and Redemption (Commander Li and the Children)
- No. 171 Middle School Jinfan Choir; Joshua Bell
14Qin Huai Legend VII (Geishas' Chorus)
- Jianzhen Zhang; Huifen Xu; Jianfang Wu
15Ruins (Alternative Version)
- China Philharmonic Orchestra; Zhang Yi
16They Are at Peace II (Brutality)
- Allmanna Sangen; Jiemin Yan
17Love Theme III (Descent from Heaven)
- Joshua Bell
18Comfort and Hope II (Opening Credit, Alternative Version)
- Joshua Bell; Allmanna Sangen; Jiemin Yan
19Heavenly Voice I (John and the Children's Dialogue)
- China Philharmonic Orchestra; Allmanna Sangen; Xiaoduo Chen
20Qin Huai Legend III (Entering the Gate)
- Jia Li
21Qin Huai Legend VI (Sisterhood)
- Joshua Bell
22Love Theme V (Parting, Alternative Version)
- Jiemin Yan
23Heavenly Voice II (Alternative Version)
- Joshua Bell
24Qin Huai Legend IV (End Credit Chorus)
- Jiemin Yan; Joshua Bell
25Comfort and Hope III (Running Towards Light)
- Joshua Bell
26Love Theme IV (End Credit)
- Rui Liu

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