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Drama, Romance, History

Starring :

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Henry Cavill, James Frain, Anthony Brophy, Jeremy Northam, Natalie Dormer, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Nick Dunning, Annabelle Wallis, Kris Holden-Ried


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : April 14, 2009
Composer : Trevor Morris


1The Tudors Main Title Theme
2And So It Begins
3The Shape of Things to Come
4Poisoning the Soup
5Katherine Stripped of Her Jewels
6Suspicion Arising/Boiled Alive
7Anne Made Marquess
8Plotting to Kill Anne Boleyn
9Henry & Anne Conceive a Son
10Anne's Coronation
11Nothing on Earth Shall Spoil This Day
12Henry's Changing Emotions
13Cardinal Fisher's Discovery
14An Opportunity for Loyalty
15More Refuses to Take the Oath
16More Is Jailed
17Cardinal Fisher Is Executed
18More Prays
19Thomas More Is Executed
20Dreaming of Killing Anne Boleyn
21Anne's Premonition
22Smeaton's Sad Violin
23Farewell to a Queen/Katherine Dies
24Henry Meets Jane Seymour
25Henry Injured
26Cromwell; S Shifting Sands
27Anne Miscarries Her Baby
28A King Reborn
29The Investigation of Anne Boleyn
30Confessions & Arrests
31Smeaton Is Tortured
32These Bloody Days
33Anne Begs Henry
34Anne Is Arrested
35The Sword of Calais
36Anne Dreams of Her Childhood
37Aren't You the King of England?
38Anne's Final Walk
39Henry Eats the Swan
40The Tudors End Credits


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : October 20, 2009
Composer : Trevor Morris


1Tudors Main Title Theme
2Murder in Urbino
3Pleasured Distractions
4Pathetic Fallacy
5Henry Meets Anne Boelyn
6Cardinal Wolsey's Secrets
7Historic Love
8More's Love of a King
9Visions of a Great Ruler
10Fun and Games
12Mixed Messages from Anne
13Whispers & Confessions
14Passion of King Henry
15Buckingham Plots for Murder
16War Room
17Queen's Loneliness
18To Love a Country
19Sweating Sickness Arrives
21Country at Death's Door
22England Reborn
23Behold the Great King of England
24Wolsey Arrested for Treason
25Wolsey Commits Suicide/Finale


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : August 24, 2010
Composer : Trevor Morris


1Jane Seymour's Theme (Composer's Sketch)
2The Tudors Main Titles
3Season 3 Recap
4Henry Marries Jane Seymour
5The Pilgrimage of Grace
6Lady Mary's Decision
7Jane Washes Her Hair
8Cromwell Dispatches the Letter
9Quails Eggs
10A New Parliament in York
11Christmas Tide
12The Rebellion Stands Down
13The Death of Robert Aske
14Elizabeth Arrives at Court
15A Howling Wilderness / The Death of Jane Seymour
16Henry Talks to His Fool
17Brandon Sees Ghosts
18A Commitment to Change
19Grand Movements
20The Fool Criticizes Henry
21A Fight in Court
22Henry in Solitude
23For Thine Is the Kingdom, Power and the Glory
24A Throne Fit for a Fool
25Meet Prince Edward
26A Vigil for Our Sick King
27Waldburg's True Story
28Henry Suffers Another Incident
29Cromwell Visits Anne of Cleves
30Cromwell Is Arrested
31Cromwell Is Led to His Death
32A New Temptation


Label : Varese Sarabande
Release Date : October 12, 2010
Composer : Trevor Morris


1The Tudors Main Titles
2Dancing in The Rain
3An Emotionally Detached King
4From Their Bellies Like Two Sparrows
5Culpepper's Secret Rendezvous
6Yours As Long As Life Endures
7A King's Procession
8Katherine And Culpepper Have Sex
9Dereham Tortured
10The Execution Ballet
11Henry Gets Drunk With Women
12Praying For The Prince's Life
13Henry Arrives in For War
14Lighting The Fuse
15Boulogne Falls
16Brandon Loves Bridgette
17Anne Askew Examined More Closely
18Mary Told Of Chapuys Death
19Surrey Plots For The Prince
20Anne Askew Burned
21Henry Asks Parliament For Unity
22Surrey Found Guilty
23Time of Which We Have No Knowledge
24I The Eighth Henry / Brandon Lux Aeterna
25Henry Says Goodbye to His Family
26Henry Dreams of Death
27It Is Well Done / The End of A Dynasty

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