Billy Bob Thornton Denies He Had Angelina Jolie's Blood

December 29, 2010 03:25:10 GMT

Talking about his past romance with the sexy actress, Thornton said they were branded 'vampires' after rumor about them carrying each other's blood in tiny bottles erupted.

Billy Bob Thornton Denies He Had Angelina Jolie's Blood
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Billy Bob Thornton has dispelled rumors he wore a vial of Angelina Jolie's blood around his neck, blaming the public image of the couple as "vampires" for the bizarre story. Thornton married the actress in 2000 and they frequently made headlines with reports about their love life, including speculation they kept one another's blood in tiny bottles.

But the "Armageddon" star insists their relationship was not so eccentric - the pair actually wore lockets with small smears of blood. He tells Britain's Total Film magazine, "(There are rumours that) I wear blood around my neck and all that horses**t. (It was) a clear locket you'd put your grandmother's picture in. That's what we had, Angelina and I. And it was her idea that we literally prick our fingers and rub the blood on the glass in the locket and wear it."

"If it had been Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, it would have been the most romantic story: this amazing couple that loved each other so much that when they were apart they would have these lockets where they'd pricked their fingers, like blood brothers. Angie and I do it and we're these vampire blood-sucking creatures who wear tanks of blood around our necks."


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posted by andy on Mar 30, 2011
I don't blame the media, they just write for a living, their in it for money, how much depends depends on how much is believed. you know what i am going to start writing false stories on celebs it does not matter if it is the truth or a lie STUPID PEOPLE BELIEVE ANYTHING AND WILL NEVER CHANGE THEIR BRAINS!
posted by Bratt on Jan 01, 2011
aand for the article in question he had many years to clear it up and it took Billy how many years and how many bottles to finally say its not true?????? And now were to what believe? It was Billy right after the divorce that claim Angelina was a freak show....LMAO
posted by Bratt on Jan 01, 2011
I’ll be f*cking proud and admit how f*cking dark Angelina is….Angelina Jolie has given her young daughter Shiloh Jolie Pitt a dead bird to play with as a gift. The odd toy and lifeless new pet was given as a present…Seriously how more f*cking dark do you have to be???????????? Angelina tells this sh!t in an interview and before saying ” I’ll get backlash for this”!!!!!!!Really do you have to go there…..This is not from some gossip magazine from Angelina own mouth she said it she owns it…This woman dosen’t couldn’t shouldn’t be around children this woman needs help her own Daddy said it what more proof do you need?????????????? I wonder what dead animal Angelina children got for Christmas???????? Does anyone want to guess?????
posted by peacemaker on Dec 29, 2010
It's been those media that created all this false stories, and they still doing it till this days,not only AJ,BP or others personal life. Their mak invading,with their make believe story telling. It works to all fanatic readers. A tactics used by unprofessional writers and gossip columnist. Mind poisoning for low IQ fallowers. The best thing to do,boycott all tabs.

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