Video: Justin Bieber Stops Girl Fight in His Concert

December 16, 2010 03:10:03 GMT

In the middle of his 'Baby' live performance, Justin Bieber saw several girls fighting over a towel he threw to the audience and stopped them before someone got hurt.

Justin Bieber
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Photo credit: Ray Garbo/WENN

Justin Bieber halted his show in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Monday night, December 13 after a fight broke out in the audience - over the singer's towel. The teen sensation was performing for fans in the city when he offered up the fluffy cloth to one lucky lady in the audience, but others around the woman tried to grab it from her.

A scuffle broke out as Bieber began singing his hit track "Baby" - and he stopped the set until the crowd chaos ended. He said, "Wait, wait, stop, stop! You can't fight over it. Don't fight over it. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Let go - give it to her!"

Bieber began the performance again, but had to stop during the intro because he was laughing so much - and the audience sang the lyrics while he composed himself.


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posted by mar on Nov 03, 2011
posted by desire on Jan 10, 2011
why do people have to fight all the time over staff grow up
posted by Nina on Dec 29, 2010
It was really nice of him to do that.Keep going justin u are great!
posted by Janet on Dec 21, 2010
I like what justin bieber is doing to help the poor and the sick people. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!! HELP THE POOR!!!
posted by Densie on Dec 21, 2010
You girls fight for dumb things like a stupid t-shirt he doesn't sing well he use to but anymore. He is gay!
posted by Janet on Dec 21, 2010
uh he cares about his fans by the way that was me who got his t-shirt and he let me have it because he knows me so back of and stop trying to get my t-shirt.
posted by jasmine on Dec 16, 2010
what the hell of that?hurm..(^_^)
posted by ..... on Dec 16, 2010
stupid girls.....hahaha
posted by victoria on Dec 16, 2010

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