Bosnian Rape Victims: Angelina Jolie Is No Longer Qualified as UNHCR Ambassador

Angelina Jolie

As part of their disagreement to Jolie's movie, WVW published a letter mentioning that the actress does not act like a real UNHCR ambassador.

Angelina Jolie's directorial debut has sparked fresh controversy among a group of Bosnian War rape victims who are calling for the "ignorant" actress to be stripped of her role as a United Nations goodwill ambassador. The Hollywood star has stepped behind the camera for the first time for the as-yet-untitled wartime love story, which is set in the region and was shot in Hungary and Bosnia in October and November.

The project encountered problems early on in its production when Bosnian government officials revoked her film permit following confusion over the plot, which was said to focus on a Muslim woman who falls in love with her Serbian rapist. The claims caused outrage among members of the Women Victims of War (WVW) association and Jolie offered to make amends by meeting with the campaign group to clear up the reporting mistake.

The actress invited WVW representatives to Hungary to sit down face-to-face and discuss their grievances, but the campaigners rejected the offer, insisting any meeting should take place in Bosnia, where the war crimes had been committed. Now WVW members have fired off a letter of complaint to the United Nations, insisting they are "deeply concerned" about Jolie's film.

In the letter, published on Monday, November 29, the campaigners write, "We have insisted to meet Angelina Jolie since we don't want to be wrongly presented in the world... Our voices are worthwhile and we should have got much more respect... Angelina made a big mistake. We feel that she did not act like a real UNHCR ambassador and we believe that she has no more credibility to remain the ambassador."

WVW boss Bakira Hasecic adds to the AFP, "We wanted to talk woman to woman. She should have asked after the victims, come (to Bosnia) before the shooting to hear our voice. As far as we are concerned a love story could not have existed in a camp. Such an interpretation is causing us mental suffering."



    Goodwill Ambassador
    Dec 09, 2010

    I do not support Angelina is not right to make money on someone’s misery shame on UN goodwill ambassador. Why did she decide to insult Bosnian wvw ? She could do a movie about Holocaust detainee fall in love with German soldier or American female soldier fall in love with beenladen but she did not because she know how they would react. She come 3 times to Bosnia donated maybe 1,000.000 but she wan take back 100,000.000 my wish is to be Goodwill ambassador too.

    angelooney whoreley
    Dec 05, 2010

    This angelina jolie is a whore and a very evil person. Every interview is full of lies. She "dismisses" casually all of the people she destroys....... She is evil....... The united states already found this out.......... The rest of the world is discovering this.......... And why is the united nations announcing her movies???

    Dec 01, 2010

    1. First it was the news was that it would be her debut as a director, writer and producer. Everything, the whole story originates from HER and there are many, really many articles, do research, please. In no one of them is mentioned whether she made some research on the topic or just drew some fictional sentences on the white paper and rushed to make the movie using such painful tragedy happened in the other part of the world. 2. Second were the protests in the middle of October from the Bosnia women. 3. Third, her representatives PAID to reinstate her permission to shoot after the women’s group protested against her movie. Suddenly on 25 October a few Bosnia refugees took a donation they needed for years with using her name non-stop in every article about it. But there was no meeting with the victims by her part or clarifying what the story is really if she would like to be honest and respectful with these people and if she is a good will ambassador not only by title but by soul and heart. 4. With the next protest in November it became clearly that PAID MONEY is not everything on this earth especially for the suffering people. 5. "THE RUMORS PROVED TO BE UNTRUE" - How it was proved to be untrue? With what proof?Without a real proof it appears normal that these women continue their protest. Of course, they have their rights to protest and to ask to be heard if not by her, at least by us. We should hear the both sides. It is called democracy! Angelina also has a right to defense but his 3 months silence on the topic and avoidance of a meeting with them are suspicious and even insulting, indeed. We must treat the victims like humans being for difference with Angelina Jolie. If we not that ignorant, too!

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