Gene Simmons' Websites Down After Hacked

October 16, 2010 03:31:59 GMT and went offline allegedly after the KISS frontman made a comment about suing 'freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material'.

Gene Simmons
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KISS star Gene Simmons has been forced to shut down two of his official websites after a group of activists hacked in to protest the rocker's recent comments about illegal file-sharing. The bassist's online portals, and, were forced offline by members of internet campaign group Anonymous, who have targeted a number of sites linked to copyright-protection organizations in recent weeks.

The attack on Simmons' websites allegedly comes in retaliation after the musician spoke out about illicit internet downloads on Tuesday, October 12, urging other artists to protect their "brand", according to He told an industry panel, "Make sure your brand is protected. Make sure there are no incursions. Be litigious. Sue everybody. Take their homes, their cars. Don't let anybody cross that line."

"The music industry was asleep at the wheel, and didn't have the balls to sue every fresh-faced, freckle-faced college kid who downloaded material. And so now we're left with hundreds of thousands of people without jobs. There's no industry."

Other sites to have been targeted by the group include the Motion Picture Association of America, the Recording Industry Association of America and the Copyright Alliance.


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posted by viper on Oct 18, 2010
the hacker probably like vanilla ice
posted by viper on Oct 18, 2010
you should be able to track them down easy with the help of the fbi those guys are running scared.
posted by viper on Oct 18, 2010
his web sites are still down that sucks

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