Rosamund Pike Fuming Over Privileged Life Report

September 22, 2010 05:03:29 GMT

'I wouldn't mind being thought of as privileged if I'd had any of the wealth that's supposed to accompany it,' the actress reacts to rumors that she 'lived a charmed life'.

Rosamund Pike
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Actress Rosamund Pike is fed up with reports suggesting she enjoyed the high life as a child, because her parents were so poor they couldn't even afford a house. The posh-sounding former Bond girl insists rumors she comes from a wealthy background are all wrong - she was even turned away from one drama school because officials thought she had been born into a prosperous family.

Pike insists she still doesn't even own her own property and her family struggled financially throughout her childhood. She tells Britain's You magazine, "There's this impression that I've somehow lived a charmed life. When I applied for drama school I was turned down by every single one, which was crushing at 19, although it's now a badge of pride."

"Later I met someone who had been on one of the panels, and he admitted I'd done the best audition he'd ever seen but he'd been overruled because his colleagues felt I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth (had a privileged upbringing), which simply isn't true," she further shares. "I don't own a house, my parents never owned a house; not through any philosophy but because they couldn't afford one. I wouldn't mind being thought of as privileged if I'd had any of the wealth that's supposed to accompany it, but we weren't at all well off."


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posted by Isla on Sep 25, 2010 I've actually read that interview in which you people are using as a source. You have completely taken the context and made a mountain out of a molehill. In the interview, if you ever actually took the time to read properly, Ms.Pike is hardly fuming. You make it sound like she is something she isn't, which is exactly the point of what she was saying. I guess you aren't creative enough to report a tiny tid-bit from an article accurately.

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