Michael Jackson's Father Re-Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson has successfully lodged his complaint after the documents, alleging Dr. Conrad Murray staged an intervention with his son one week before his death, are amended.

Michael Jackson's father has re-filed his wrongful death lawsuit against his son's embattled physician Dr. Conrad Murray, alleging the medic staged an intervention with the pop star just one week before he died. Joe Jackson's initial attempt to seek unspecified damages over the King of Pop's June 2009 death was rejected in June this year because of an error in court documents.

He was given until August 13 to amend the papers, but won a deadline extension after his legal representative Brian Oxman was injured in a freak fall. Now the patriarch has successfully lodged his complaint - released days after a judge postponed Murrary's premilinary hearing until the New Year, which will determine if he will face a trial for administering the anesthetic that killed the King of Pop.

The documents, obtained by TMZ.com, allege Murray and concert promoters AEG Live staged a "drug intervention" at his son's home on 18 June, 2009, intended to get him to adhere to Murray's drug regimen so he could get more sleep. Jackson claims AEG bosses were upset the singer was missing rehearsals for his doomed This Is It concerts because of medication prescribed by other doctors, including dermatologist Arnold Klein.

The suit claims AEG bosses demanded the singer "stop seeing Dr. Arnold Klein and stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him," adding they wanted Michael to "take only the medications being given to him by Conrad Murray". Joe Jackson has previously accused Murray of withholding vital information from the doctors and emergency service operatives who were trying to save Michael's life on the day he died.

Murray is accused of administering a fatal dose of anesthetic Propofol to his pop star client. He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of involuntary manslaughter and is awaiting a preliminary hearing on January 4, 2011 to see if he will face trial.

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    Aug 27, 2010

    At some point the doctor was supposed. To say no he took an oath to save lives you can't go to a doctor and ask for propofol and the say ok I have some in my bag its not that easy @ least arrest him for stealing it from the hospital if mike was really white murray would be in jail already I say feed his a__ to his fans

    Aug 26, 2010

    Ok yes Michael was addicted to pain killers but that doesn't mean that you should givin him other drugs to satisfy him. because you were gettin paid and you thought that would make him happy. and he said that Michael wouldn't sleep. and he gave drugs to put him to sleep. so he messed up there too:(

    Aug 26, 2010

    Whats going on here we need to stop judging micheal and look at what happened he could have been many things we dont know all i know is he was under a doctor care and now he is gone why would a doctor with medical knowledge and an oath to go by keep giving an addict more drugs than necessary to get him to sleep

    Aug 26, 2010

    How does everybody pass judgement on micheal i dont care what he was or what he did or didnt do they miss the point this man was under a doctors care for all of his treatment and your dealing with a person with an addiction problem and you throw that out the window and keep pumping meds in him annyway this mans life was cut short kids lost a father the doctor throw his oath threw the window and ooverdosed him and give the proper care he needed thats the bottom line

    Aug 26, 2010

    I don't much believe what I read but I do take note about details. "doomed This is it concerts"?? Where is the respect? The concerts were sold out!! Wise up! Get the facts correct. Love ya MJ!

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