Tyler Perry Is Ready to Quit 'Madea'

Tyler Perry

Because he still doesn't get what audiences love about the sharp-tongued grandmother, the actor says, 'The minute they stop coming - that old broad, she's dead. She's outta here.'

Funnyman Tyler Perry can't wait to retire his movie matriarch "Madea", insisting he "doesn't get" what audiences love about her. The actor shot to fame as the sharp-tongued grandmother in movies including "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" and "Madea Goes to Jail" - but he admits he's ready to quit cross-dressing for the role.

He says, "I resented the fact that she became so famous and so many people loved her, because I just didn't get it, and I did not get her. But these days grandmothers are much younger, and much busier. Back in the day, there were grandmothers who would be there for you, give you counsel, and I think that's what she represents to a lot of people."

"Now I'm at a place where as long as the audience love to see it, I'll do it. But the minute they stop coming - that old broad, she's dead. She's outta here. She is gonna die a quick death."

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    Bobbi J.-- \'\"\" A
    Oct 21, 2010

    I Love Tyler's Everything!- WHY?? Would you ever Kill off Madea The People Love her Tyler!! you never know when you may need to bring her back. WHY not just have her go on a long trip somewhere because she is tired of handling everybody else's problems that makes more since than to have anything bad happen to Madea she is a legend --- We all have a Madea some where in our Family that we can go to for advice and refuge and we Love them and want them around FOREVERRRR!! 10/21/10

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