Shane West Sued After Crashing Onto Another Car

Shane West

Richard Glenn Grim said the actor smashed him from the back and he needed knee surgery as well as heavy repair on his car.

Actor Shane West has been named in a lawsuit over allegations he crashed into a fellow motorist and left the driver needing knee surgery. In a civil lawsuit filed at a California court on August 18 - two days before the two-year anniversary of the accident - Richard Glenn Grim claims West smashed into the back of his car on Santa Monica Boulevard.

It is alleged the crash caused $5,000 worth of damage to Grim's car, and left him needing "two surgeries" on his knee, according to In papers, Grim's lawyer Frank Ariel says, "We would like to reach a fair settlement with Mr. West's auto insurance company."

The law in California states that personal injury lawsuits must be filed within two years of the incident.



    Aug 23, 2010

    It's not Shane's fault if his insurance company didn't want to pay! Only in the USA, a Law Group publishes something like that in a Gossip Site. Dear God. Poor Shane. All people have car accidents, guilty and innocent, they have no guilt, if the insurers of them do a bad job.

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