Jennifer Lopez Slammed for Accepting Cyprus Gig

July 06, 2010 08:44:55 GMT

'The Turks go to a great length to secure support from people like you in order to promote their political ambitions and objectives,' a petition from Cyprus Action Network of America reads.

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez has come under fire for accepting an invite to perform at the opening of a new hotel complex in northern Cyprus - because the launch coincides with the 36th anniversary of the Turkish invasion of the island.

The "Jenny From the Block" hitmaker has been booked to play at the opening night of the luxurious Cratos Premium in the Turkish Cypriot part of the popular tourist destination. But the news has been met with outrage by officials at the Cyprus Action Network of America, who have started a campaign calling on Lopez to scrap the gig as it falls on the July 20 - the date that Turkish troops invaded the Greek-owned island in 1974.

A letter of petition from the Cyprus Action Network of America reads, "It is with dismay and shock that the people of Cyprus and especially the Greek Cypriot women in the Republic of Cyprus and elsewhere in the world heard the news that you intend to attend the inauguration of a hotel in the occupied by Turkey part of our native country."

"The Turks go to a great length to secure support from people like you in order to promote their political ambitions and objectives. Does your charitable work and status permit you to give credibility to Turkish rapists, thieves, invaders, occupiers of our stolen properties?"


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posted by Anibal on Aug 31, 2010
I am the same ethnic background as JLO but I don't like her music or her work. STILL, She cannot be blamed for this as she is a very busy person and WE do not keep up with the current events or history of Cyprus. What do Cypriots know about Puerto Rico? I would say only that it is a vacation spot, if that! So stop blaming and flaming JLO for this. Blame yourselves over there. I defend JLO on the issue.
posted by Uk Cypriot on Jul 08, 2010
Listen, I'm turkish Cypriot and trace my ancestors from Cyprus till 1766, and then I can trace them back to Greece an Konya. Am I not from Cyprus? Are my 5-6 generations of my family not from this beautiful island. Greek propaganda must stop, the facts are there. You tried your upmost to break our will for over 15 years. Read articles pre 74 and you will all learn a great deal. The island is at peace, has Been for 36 years.. A unified Cyprus is a pipedream and only a ploy for Greek Cypriots to push is off the edge as they did pre 74. J-lo is a business women.. It's business and I think your propaganda and lies are running out of ideas. Long live the Turkish republic of northern Cyprus
posted by tourkofagos on Jul 07, 2010
Go back to where you came from Turks: CENTRAL ASIA. You have stolen Cyprus and entire Anatolia from the Greeks, Kurds and Armenians. Leave us alone and go back to where you really belong: Mongolia
posted by music is universal on Jul 06, 2010
MARIA you ignorant little girl. she's coming on the 24th, which is her BIRTHDAY. Learn some basic facts and stop being so brainwashed for once, yeah? And please, for your own sake, stop being soooo jealous !! soo jealous that the biggest hotel is on the North, along with the biggest star being booked for the big night..
posted by Mike on Jul 06, 2010
I feel for Greece, I do. It's just.. JLO is everybody's girl. You cannot blame her for anything.
posted by maria on Jul 06, 2010
real coincidence that the opening night is JULY 20TH....36 years to the date July 20 1974 that the Turks killed so many innocent Greeks....so they want to celebrate that date? Shame on Turkey and shame on JLO if she agrees to perform....
posted by Turkishgirl on Jul 06, 2010
Whatever she can perform wherever she likes! We are not rapists, what about the Greek cypriots that were chucking 6 month old live babies into graves and burying them??? You don't hear bout that do you? And if I'm a 13th generation Turk cypriot how could have we invaded in 1974??

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