Shirley Manson: Stop Criticizing Kristen Stewart

July 03, 2010 06:11:43 GMT

Coming in defense of the young actress, the singer writes on her Facebook, 'Why are people so turned off by Kristen Stewart?!?!?!'

Shirley Manson: Stop Criticizing Kristen Stewart
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Shirley Manson is pleading with fans to stop taking aim at awkward "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart - because the actress reminds the rocker of her teenage self. Stewart, who plays "Twilight" 's heroine Bella Swan, is often criticized for her sullen demeanor and refusal to court the press, but Manson has defended the star, insisting she is the "best thing" about the hit vampire franchise.

The Garbage singer has taken to her page on social networking website Facebook to praise the star. In a post entitled "Total Eclipse of the Heart!", she writes, "Why are people so turned off by Kristen Stewart?!?!?! I don't get it. I think she's the best thing about the entire Twilight franchise. Absolutely. She's delicious to look at."

"She's a talented actress. (I don't care what anyone else has to say about her acting because I think she behaves EXACTLY the way me and all my pals did around that age of the character she is playing so THERE!) AND she's articulate. And she's a little shy. And clearly very thoughtful. What's not to love?" she states. And Manson has urged critics to be more accepting of other stars, who may not fit in with Hollywood stereotypes.

She adds, "I hate it when she (Stewart) gets trashed. It hurts my teenage self. And it annoys me that everyone laughs at her sullen portrayal of Bella. What the hell do they want from her? For her to ponce around like a so called normal teenager and smile a little more, no doubt. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... SAVE OUR SMART GIRLS SAVE THEM NOW DO NOT MAKE THEM SMILE DON'T DO IT pretty please? x"


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posted by Shirley Rocks on Jun 05, 2011
You gotta love Shirley, she is so real and to the point, sexy too, love ya Shirley.
posted by Izzie on Jan 15, 2011
OMFG this interview just saved my day! :D I look insanely much up to Shirley, she's a goddes. And I totally agree with her on this! :O Kristen is, no doubt, the best thing to look at in the films. Oh dear, I want to meet Shirley so freaking bad! xD
posted by Scarlett on Nov 06, 2010
I used to love twilight but the franchise get ridiculously famous.... but she it's right kristen is the only good thing on there.. pattinson can't kiss my ass because he just got the look! but not the act.....
posted by kristenstewartismyhe on Aug 09, 2010
thank you shirley for sticking up for her! i dont understand how people can hate kristen stewart. they dont realize how much kristen has to deal with. not to mention shes just the best, most amazing person out there. shes a verrrry talented actress. i love her to pieces. she literally gave me a wake-up call. I LOVE YOU KRISTEN :)
posted by stells on Jul 04, 2010
And Kristen is awesome!
posted by stells on Jul 04, 2010
Shirley and Gwen are friends. Don't make it a competition. They sang "Wonderful Life" together, it's on youtube. Really good.
posted by sandra on Jul 03, 2010
I think there are a lot more of us fans than those other loud mouths! PLEASE LET US BE MORE VOCAL!! Lord knows Kristen should know she is more loved than hated.I dont get how you can bash a 20 yr old. If people scrutinized everything I said and did at that age I would have been EXILED AND STILL HIDING!!sHE IS THE BEST THING ABOUT TWILIGHT!!
posted by teamalmeda on Jul 03, 2010
Thanks for putting into words what so many of us think and feel about KStew. She's awesome. Definitely one of the most talented and beautiful actresses of her generation. Amen, sista!
posted by thanks on Jul 03, 2010
Thanks Shirley!! We love Kristen Stewart
posted by stageluv on Jul 03, 2010
AMEN sister!
posted by monique on Jul 03, 2010
okay,shirley,we heard you loud and clear the first time you said it,i love kristen but we know that hate will not stop but shirley good one
posted by nita on Jul 03, 2010
LOVE me some shirley. She's so cool, way better than Gwen.

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