Amanda Seyfried Insulted Leonardo DiCaprio With Role Offer

June 12, 2010 04:13:59 GMT

The actress did not think twice when asking the actor to play her dad in 'Red Riding Hood' where he has positioned himself as a producer already.

Amanda Seyfried Insulted Leonardo DiCaprio With Role Offer
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Amanda Seyfried was horrified after she accidentally "insulted" Leonardo DiCaprio by asking him to play her father in a new movie. The "Titanic" star is producing Seyfried's upcoming film "Red Riding Hood", and when the actress met the star to talk about the movie she attempted to persuade him to take an onscreen role.

But DiCaprio was unimpressed when he realized Seyfried wasn't asking him to play her love interest - she wanted him for the part of her character's father. She tells Britain's Daily Mirror, "Unfortunately, he's not in it. I asked him if he would play my dad but he got insulted. He said, 'I don't do male leads in love stories anymore'."

"And I said, 'I wasn't talking about the male leads, I was talking about my dad! You're what, 35? Age yourself up a bit!' "


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posted by Catalina M.G. on Jun 15, 2010
Amanda Seyfried has 24 years to have many bags and wrinkles in your eyes!!!! I wish her to have skin that has always Leonardo DiCaprio had. If today Amanda Seyfried has those eye bags in 10 years, Amanda Seyfried can play the role of Dakota Fanning's grandmother!!! Leo is the best actor!!

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