Confirmed, Fans to Be Welcomed at Michael Jackson's Cemetery on His Death Anniversary

Michael Jackson

Glendale Police officials have affirmed that the late King of Pop's cemetery will be open to the public on June 25 although they will not be allowed inside Great Mausoleum where his body was interred.

Glendale Police officials have confirmed Michael Jackson's fans will be welcomed at the city's Forest Lawn cemetery on the anniversary of the King of Pop's death after a series of discussions between owners and the Jackson family. The news follows Randy Jackson's claims that the cemetery will be open to the public on June 25, so pop fans can pay their respects to his late brother.

But devotees will not be allowed inside the cemetery's Great Mausoleum, where Jackson's body was interred in September. Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz tells the Los Angeles Times newspaper, "We understand that Forest Lawn is working with the Jackson family for some kind of commemoration."

"We will be working closely with Forest Lawn to ensure the safety of those who want to pay their respects to Michael Jackson while ensuring the safety of others who are coming to the cemetery to pay respects to their loved ones."



    man gaga
    Jun 12, 2010

    i don't think michael jackson is dead

    Jun 09, 2010

    the people love michael,and even now,it is so very hard to accept that he is gone. michael was one of those people,that keeps a permanent hold on your heart. allowing the people to pay their respects,is the humaine thing to do. the jackson family understands that as they are a loving family.

    Jun 09, 2010

    Michael has fans all over this World,people are coming to pay their respects to Michael and we are going to be there..Inside or out it diesn't matter..What's important is to be there for Michael..and please, Michael's Mausoleum is called The Holly Terrace... Thank you...

    Jun 09, 2010

    yes it is hard to accept that he is gone , when you love someone so much like michael you want to keep holding on. god love his children and family as june 25th will be hard for them, God Bless and love you all.

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