Paris Hilton to Walk Down the Aisle as Bridesmaid

June 04, 2010 04:37:34 GMT

She and her sister Nicky have been asked by close pal Jason Davis who is going to marry his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Haugo.

Paris Hilton
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Socialite Paris Hilton is heading down the aisle - she has been asked to be a bridesmaid at her old pal Jason Davis' wedding. Oil heir Davis proposed to his longtime girlfriend Michelle Haugo on Tuesday, June 1 after successfully kicking his heroin addiction during a 30-day stay at a drug rehabilitation centre, and Hilton and her designer sister Nicky Hilton have been invited to join the bridal party.

His representative, Brian Quintana, tells the New York Post's gossip column Page Six, "Jason has been clean for a month and celebrated by asking Michelle to marry him. He has asked his old friends Paris and Nicky Hilton to be bridesmaids."

On another news, Paris Hilton graced the headlines recently for performing a raunchy dance at Ne-Yo's concert. The singer was performing in Las Vegas and spotted Hilton. He called her up on stage and sang "Miss Independent". Hilton got in the mood to lift her dress up, almost revealing her backside to the audience.


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posted by princess on May 07, 2011
Ok,I'm here to set things straight.I was close friends with Michelle back in the 90's.She did leave Pepperdine to model in Paris.Once she got back to the states, she met a Saudi prince and that's when things started to get out of control.She was corrupted by their money and stature. She started pimping girls out to them and sleeping with numerous princes from UAE and Saudi.She got a lot of money from them and when she got pregnant by prince S.she decided to have his baby and get money for the rest of her life from his family. She was never married to him.She started to lie a lot and that's when our friendship ended.
posted by А on Sep 12, 2010
Michelle Haugo was never married to Saudi prince. I know that for sure from her relatives.
posted by ice on Aug 19, 2010
Michelle Haugo was never married to a prince, nor is she a princess.Those who have known her for years know her SCAM and she is a complusive liar and CON ARTIST. Good riddance prostitutaion whore, that is all you are and your game is up. Having a child with one of your saudi johns does not deem you a decent person of royal decent when you know that you extorted 100,000 out of him to have an abortion and you did not. All you are is a common whore who services men sexually for money.
posted by Pepperdine on Jun 20, 2010
Not so sure about 18 year old women being a virgin but she was a honor roll student, Olympic bound swimmer, stunningly gorgeous gal with the heart of an angel. It pains me to read these hurtful things about a dear friend.
posted by فحي on Jun 13, 2010
KSA wants you and the boys back(please give the Kingdom a chance,princess(
posted by Plz on Jun 13, 2010
I am not an Arab but I want you with Paris
posted by Aha on Jun 13, 2010
Well Michelle Haugo does have ot of martial arts training.I guess BHPD should have hired a stronger cop who is weaker than Olympian bound -swimmer Michelle.good luck BHPD!
posted by Headsup on Jun 13, 2010
Michelle Haugo was recruited by ELITE PARIS after her 2nd year of pepperdine(check archives)then came to LA after her parent's bitter divorce about 2 years later& attended UCLAbefore her husband,the prince,snatched her up and ruined her futere(w the exception of those two gorgeous highly energetic boys we all luv)
posted by 1who knows on Jun 13, 2010
Yes.diplomats do get arrested.
posted by Bogg on Jun 13, 2010
Michelle and Paris are so hot!
posted by Mbr3h on Jun 13, 2010
Michelle pleeeeease don't listen to this bs and I know u r smart enuf not to marry this loser.Paris bridesmaid?she is pretty though.Michelle u r smart girl
posted by Bbss on Jun 13, 2010
I luv it when gorgeous celebrities get arrested!it makes me HARD!
posted by Luster on Jun 13, 2010
Wow!i would save all my money to be with Michelle if all of these wild stories are true!
posted by Bogus on Jun 13, 2010
Pepperdine archives.swim coach:Tim Elaine,our swim coach can attest to the bs about my colleage.Michelle Haugo lived on campus of a religeous convocational school.she didn't drive til she bought her BMW a yeR and a half after starting school.our dorms had strict segregational codes between men&women.bookworm,michelle Haugo always HD wet hair cuz of swim practice(5am-8am and again 3pm-6pm daily).I either found her in the pool,cafeteria or library.she told me she went to 1movie though during the year where she saw super-model model Tatianna patitz and wanted to be like her
posted by Jen on Jun 13, 2010
Michelle Haugo was a VIRGIN at pepperdine U. With the entire water polo team lusting after her!she had a 4.0 average with national honors and then was recruited by ELITE modeling agency up about it!
posted by loool on Jun 12, 2010
loool pepperdine, michelle haugo was at pepperdine for like 1 semester before she got kicked out and started her life as a prostitute for hire for rich arab men,
posted by anonymous on Jun 10, 2010
if she was married to a prince then why was she arrested? and no one else. why did she try to fight the cop rather then cooperate. why does no one else co-oberate her story, why did an officer get hurt from her as she resisted questioning. When there is nothing to hide why did she fight and run. I guess the police report can be viewed and will be able to answer these questions, last I heard diplomats cannot be arrested, not jailed, nor be on probabtion, something does not add up with this michelle haugos story
posted by Britanica on Jun 08, 2010
MICHELLE HAUGO was married to a prince,has 2 diplomotic an all-american girl(with distant Swedish royal ancestors).she spent a great deal of time with her family in the middle-east and loved it.
posted by Sam39 on Jun 08, 2010
I don't think Michelle will end up marrying Jason.he is probably A nice guy and all but I think the press will bother her too much and she doesn't need or want the negativite publicity&bullshit that comes from being in the press!
posted by Jen on Jun 08, 2010
We WERE on the swim team together,Michelle Haugo and I
posted by Jen on Jun 08, 2010
I knew michelle Haugo at Pepperdine University years ago.we we on the swim team together.she swam butterfly.this is so funny!
posted by Mohamed on Jun 08, 2010
I own a couple hotels too.can I please be a groomsman?
posted by Ashley on Jun 08, 2010
Heyyyy!!!!! I wanna be a bridesmaid too!!!!!
posted by Boyd on Jun 08, 2010
MICHELLE HAUGO was married to a prince.the night at the polo lounge she was invited to a friend's birthday party along with over a dozen other close friends for dinner.there was no unpaid bill that night,only a misunderstanding mistaking her for a girl named kati who had a previous unpaid bar tab which got paid that night.Michelle haugo's big diamond ring scratched the cop girl who tried to grab her without valid reason.this happened years ago.the cops lawyer Fred Glance has been cited for professional misconduct by state disciplinary authorities!!!
posted by chill on Jun 06, 2010
Sargeant S. Lee booked MICHELLE HAUGO on 1/20/2008 in Beverly Hills police station. Her LA booking #1143212, Beverly Hills Local case #080000413
posted by chill on Jun 06, 2010
Please watch your reputation Paris. Michelle Haugo is a known prostitute who regularly services the royal family of KSA and UAE. Also a vilent drunk and drug addict you will not be doing Jason Davis a service. Haugos fraud is conning ppl into believing she is a princess and a diplomat- TOTAL LIES. If she was a diplomat why was she arrested by the BH POLICE DEPT for running out on her bill at the polo lounge. LOL why is she being sued for assault on a cop at the BHPD??? why is she on probation???
posted by anonymous on Jun 06, 2010
LOL, I dont think the BHPD are extorting money from you michelle, THE officer is suing you for assaulting her when they tried to question you about dining and ditching @ the polo lounge where you were then arrested for ASSAULT. A jury/judge is going to believe the BHPD over a common prostitute who who was on duty in the polo lounge looking for her next JOHN !!!
posted by Sam39 on Jun 06, 2010
I seriously doubt there will ever be any wedding to Jason Davis,so chill don't worry your lying head off!
posted by Angelo on Jun 06, 2010
Michelle is a lovely gal who was married to someone from the middle-east&spent several years living there.the arrest was a false-arrest with the intention of extorting money due to her connections

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