Secret Battle Over Custody of Michael Jackson's Kids

May 27, 2010 07:06:37 GMT

The custody battle reportedly sparked after Katherine Jackson fell down a flight of stairs at her home in California.

Secret Battle Over Custody of Michael Jackson's Kids
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Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson's health has sparked a secret custody battle for her late son Michael Jackson's three kids after she fell down a flight of stairs at her home in California. The 80 year old won custody of Paris, Prince Michael and Prince Michael II following the King of Pop's death last summer - but sources insist she's too old and frail to look after the kids.

America's Globe tabloid reports Katherine was hospitalized after the fall on May 17, but escaped with only cuts and bruises. However, the accident has sparked concerns for her health. A family insider tells the publication, "She's taken on way too much for a woman of her age but refuses to delegate the care of her grandchildren to others.

"She has aged enormously and is desperately hanging on for the sake of her children, but her collapse on the stairs shows how fragile she really is." And the source fears that the upcoming anniversary of her son's death will be too much for Katherine - and that could be devastating for the Jackson clan. The insider adds, "She's the glue that holds the whole family together. If something happens to her, it would be all-out war."

In his will, Michael Jackson suggested his pal Diana Ross should get custody of his three kids if his mother was incapacitated or dead at the time of his passing, but the Globe reports the three children's cousins, Jacksons brother Tito's kids Taj and T.J., are favorites to land custody of Paris and the Prince Michaels if anything should happen to Katherine. The kids' aunts Janet Jackson and Rebbie are also potential guardians, along with Michael's ex-wife Debbie Rowe, the birth mother of Prince Michael and Paris.

In another news, Randy Jackson has handed a sick 11 year old $60,000 after a TV special about her plight moved him. Jackson recently visited Treasure Dearsaw at the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles and told her family he'd like to cover some of her medical expenses.

According to, the young girl suffers from a rare condition called vascular malformation, in which a lesion on her tongue has become a life-threatening disease. The mass on her tongue swells and bleeds, preventing her from being able to close her mouth, eat and talk.

Doctors are considering removing Dearsaw's tongue. Jackson tells the website, "I was driving back from Santa Barbara... and I checked into a hotel. TV is something I never watch, but for some reason, I decided to watch the news.

"I saw a story about Treasure Dearsaw and her fight with a rare disease on her tongue. In order to have an important surgery, she needed to raise $60,000, but a fundraiser set up for her only brought in a few thousand. Her story tugged at my heart, and I knew what I wanted to do."

"No child should be afraid that they're going to die. It breaks my heart to see her suffering like that. Treasure's a beautiful child, and it was God's plan for me to see her story and help out. This is the least I can do. She deserves to be happy."

Dearsaw is expected to undergo her 10th surgery to save her tongue this summer.


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posted by Annabel Pritchard on Aug 17, 2010
Agree with Moonwalker. Sites like this one DO want the kids messed up. Sent to an unknown mother who tried to snatch them away from their beloved father three times before he died! Is it just me who gets the impression that most of the media is pro Debbie Rowe?
posted by maria mainea on May 29, 2010
Thank you Mrs.K. Jackson for taking care of Michael's children. You rea a Jehovah's witness and you know that our God doesn't let you down. Dear Katherine , you are always in all my prayers to Jehovah. God bless you and your whole family. I love you all, you have to know this. Love to the entire Jackson family !
posted by suni on May 28, 2010
Thanks Mrs.Jackson for taking good care of MJ's children, You are always in my prayers. Randy, You have heart of gold just like your brother MJ did..God Bless! L.O.V.E to the entire Jacson Family. RIP MJ.
posted by ana on May 28, 2010
I really believe the Katherine is very capable of caring of Michael kids. Michaels anniversary will be sad he is his son, to all mothers out there it hurts no matter what age you have.
posted by MJ n Me on May 28, 2010
I am sorry all of this happened at all. So sad. Those poor beautiful babies!
posted by gerda on May 28, 2010
Why doesn`t Randy take care of those kids if possible??
posted by sc341 on May 28, 2010
If she really fell down the stairs and had to be hospitalized how come the other tabloids like TMZ didn't cover the story? I am a little suspicious.
posted by Didimoe on May 27, 2010
The children will be raised by their family. End of discussion! It is none of our business. Peace and good health to all!
posted by Maggie on May 27, 2010
I hope Mrs.Jackson recovers and Randy all power to you to do what you do.Lots of Love!!!
posted by gbg on May 27, 2010
Looks like Randy gives more than the other Jackson boys and he has the least to give. Love you Randy.,and 3T would be a good idea.
posted by klk on May 27, 2010
People need to know that Randy Jackson was the one who fired Michaels attoryney on the molestation trial in 2003 and HE hired Messareau. Randy has always had Michael's back,not like Jermaine who only wanted to make money on MJ. Diana Ross couldn't even be bothered to show for MJs funeral and she should get his kids,I don't think so. Three T are great guys and Tito has done a wonderful job at raising them. If Katherine has to let them go then I vote for 3T.
posted by Trueheart on May 27, 2010
The first year is the hardest after someone passes in any family. The fact that Mrs. Jackson has aged a lot more within this passed year is understandably. Let's face it, it hasn't been easy on us fans either. Then there is this Dr. Murray trial still looming out there. I'm sure that has also taken it's toll on her. I don't think anyone should think about taking these kids from her. I truly believe Michael left custody of his kids to her so that if he did pass before her that his kids would give his mother something to live for. I think what is needed here is for the rest of the family to step up and help her out.
posted by Someone on May 27, 2010
I just hope everything works out for those kids. & Randy has a good heart :)
posted by Midnight Dancer on May 27, 2010
I hope Katherine is well, and I know anyone who tries to take Michaels children will have a fight, maybe some of the family could spare some time to help
posted by MJ-DarkChild on May 27, 2010
Great going Randy. God bless you for sowing that seed. The children will be okay. Millions of Michael's fans are praying for Mrs. Katherine and the entire family. God is still in the miracle working business. No weapons formed against this family shall prosper. God will do what He said he would do; He will stand by His WORD and HE will come through. Much Love.
posted by Moonwalker on May 27, 2010
Well this is a pile of BS if I ever read any, you really want these kids messed up don't you? It would really make your day, well it's not going to happen retards!

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