Sam Worthington Thought 'Clash of the Titans' Owl Can Ruin His Career

April 02, 2010 09:59:45 GMT

The 33-year-old actor admits that he hates 'ridiculous' mechanical owl in his new movie 'Clash of the Titans', stating 'That owl did not deserve to be in our movie.'

Sam Worthington
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"Avatar" star Sam Worthington lost his cool on the set of "Clash of the Titans" over a mechanical owl. The Aussie actor came to despise Bubo, a replica of the heroic bird which featured in the original 1981 film, and threatened to destroy it when director Louis Leterrier wasn't looking.

The moviemaker tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "Sam couldn't stand the owl. He wanted to destroy it. He kept threatening to drop it. He'd say, 'This is ridiculous! This is a ridiculous thing to have in the movie! You're going to ruin my career with that owl!'" The actor adds, "That owl did not deserve to be in our movie."

In the action fantasy movie, Sam Worthington stars opposite Gemma Arterton, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Jason Flemyng and Nicholas Hoult. The big screen project itself has been released in the U.S. theaters on April 2.


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posted by X on May 27, 2014
Sam Worthington is nothing more than a douche bag who can't act. If anything, he doesn't deserve to be in any movie. The Owl in the original film gave it some heart, soul and a little bit of humor... something the remake lacked. Well, it lacked a lot more than that, but still, what an ass.
posted by Apollo on May 10, 2014
Sam Worthington is afraid the owl will get more fan mails than him.
posted by Spacerguy on Mar 22, 2014
Sam Worthington losing his cool with the mechanical owl is totally hilarious
posted by Seriously? on Dec 07, 2012
I wanted to see an action movie not a taling OWL R2D2 for KIDS. Grow up People!! you are not the kids that you were in 1981. Maybe you loved the OWL back then because of that. But be serious and think thjat adding that RIDICULOUS piece of metal out of place thing, would be like putting a TALKING METAL MICE in LEthal Weapon or 300. just out of place, riciculous and Childish
posted by Keikoasmom on Nov 28, 2010
We found the remake to be very disapointing, and loved the owl, Bubo in the original, in fact we named our first Goffin's Cockatoo Bubo after the original. But then we are animal people and these movie makers obviously are not. Two thumbs down. The original is far better. We agree with Bobbo!
posted by keikoasmom on Nov 28, 2010
We found the remake to be very disapointing, and loved the owl, Bubo in the original, in fact we named our first Goffin's Cockatoo Bubo after the original. But then we are animal people and these movie makers obviously are not. Two thumbs down. The original is far better.
posted by tvwatcher9 on Nov 10, 2010
Things I would change: Perseus should not have had a crew cut, Pegasus should not have been black(although still awesome), Bubo the owl should have been in more, and Perseus needed to have a relationship with Andromeda.
posted by T on Aug 25, 2010
I liked the 80's version way better and was disappointed that the movie didn't follow the older version. Why call it the clash of the titans, if it really isn't? Bubo the owl was a huge part of the older movie and I think it should have been included. It's a shame how spoiled actors are nowadays.....Sam isn't that good of an actor anyway, he wouldn't have to worry about the owl ruining his career.
posted by TVFX on Aug 22, 2010
Saying the owl was out of place in this REMAKE is probably correct, as it was never introduced into the story properly. I got a kick out of seeing it included and was very disappointed that it didn't have a bigger role like in the original film. Why hollywood tries to replace integral parts of old films with new characters I dont understand. For me it was IO that seemed out of place here. Her character leaves far to many plot holes I think.
posted by Hytch on Aug 17, 2010
I think it's his cruddy acting that will ruin his career before any owl does...
posted by kudz on Aug 13, 2010
Sam, hon, if the movie itself didn't already ruin your career, I think it's safe.
posted by SecretLoser on Aug 08, 2010
The owl was awesome in the original. As a kid, I loved that owl.
posted by yoyo on Jul 10, 2010
the owl was stupid, people hated the phantom menace coz of jar jar binks, and the owl woz just as cheesy, sam u made a smart decision, leave the cheese for kids flicks, it may sound stupid but yeah that owl could end any career.
posted by shendo on Jul 04, 2010
the 2010 version is gr8 but nothing comapred to the original. I must have watched it about 120 times and still love it. The owl was gr8 in the original and shouldve bn in this 1 aswell. These actors get paid far to much to star in movies. Th problem is that half these people live in a fantasy world and think the movies are real. What a bunch of half wits lol
posted by cloe on May 25, 2010
duu save some olw book
posted by br1spina on May 10, 2010
fantastic movie, splendid i enjoyed it totally.... until.... the owl appear.... why? ...but why? was the owl there? It ruin the whole film , i was stuck, puzzeled, destroy.... why id they put the owl there? i am still sad about it. I cant beleive Sam accepted it! a really really good actor should care about details like this! It could seriously hit his carrer at that point. It's the owl curse, he should be more carefull
posted by DD1114 on May 01, 2010
I just saw the movie and was greatly disappointed by only two things, this actor SAM Worthington and the fact that they took out the owl. I can't believe he'd be so vain as to think that mechanical owl could "ruin his career"? He'll take care of that on his own. He's a HORRIBLE actor. Not at all what I was expecting...because the rest of the movie was amaaazing. He was an eyesore and completely out of place. I could think of at least 20 actors that would have played that role better than he did as a "petulant pissed off child, who looks like a marine off at war at comPLETELY the wrong time and wrong uniform" UGH...said enough.
posted by lol@sam on Apr 30, 2010
hahahaha, if Sam Worthington thinks that owl is whats going to ruin his career... well, the poor man has only one facial expression, what more can you say
posted by Maz on Apr 22, 2010
jimmyb, Sam wasn't correct to say what he did. The owl is meant to be ugly and out of place, and if Sam wasn't totally consumed with his own image, you and the rest of the new viewers who have never ever seen Clash of the Titans would have been introduced to it and fell in love with it and understood its place in the film. Sam should be VERY worried about his career now as he has offended a hell of a lot of viewers who KNOW about the Owl. @Bobbo - I totally agree. If one is upstaged by a mechanical owl, then there must be something really wrong with your acting.
posted by Joe on Apr 22, 2010
@ Lola - Again, you don't know and don't get what the Owl is about because like the others who didn't get it, you were robbed of it by Sam. Watch the original and you'll understand it was a key element of Clash of the Titans that our 2D Actor Sam decided to not introduce a new generation of viewers to. What a sad man.
posted by Joe on Apr 22, 2010
@GOCANADA! You didn't get the Owl thing because Sam Worthlesston refused to work with it. If he had, you would have gotten the Owl and its purpose in the film. Watch the original Clash of the Titans to understand what the Owl is for and you'll get it and be just as annoyed as the other fans who were robbed by Sam of this Owl.
posted by Joe on Apr 22, 2010
I agree with another persons comment here, 'No owl can ruin your career Sam' - Now that the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows that it was YOU Sam who denied our favourite Owl from being in this film, I for one am not going to bother to see any more of your films. Pathetic Sam, truly pathetic.
posted by Maz on Apr 22, 2010
Nice movie but it really pissed me off that the owl did not get much screen play. That owl was meant to deliver messages back and forth and really fkn annoyed me that it was not added into the story. Sure we 'saw' it which was awesome but it did not do anything which really saddened me. Please make a sequel and bring back the owl!
posted by Andman on Apr 13, 2010
How can an owl ruin Sam's career? He was in Avatar, which became the highest box office of all time. And if a movie that big is going to be followed by a couple of sequels, your career will be fine. No Owl can ruin your career.
posted by Shyaporn on Apr 10, 2010
You know who deserved to be in that movie Sam? You did. YOU deserved to be in that mediocre, boring, bad-3D-added-on-after-the-fact piece of crap. The owl deserved better.
posted by David on Apr 10, 2010
If he said it, who the fuk is he to change something that made the story good. Zues and Hades were awesome.
posted by Hevs on Apr 09, 2010
Yet another rubbish remake with content being replaced by, a bad attempt, at action shots and fight scenes that arent event that good - the owl would have at least made it enjoyable and amusing.
posted by I Miss Bubo on Apr 07, 2010
I was disappointed the mechanical Owl only had a cameo. :( But, like the way they incorporated it. GoCanada never saw the original to understand Bubo's role.
posted by onsia on Apr 07, 2010
I think it is due to a false idea of history, too many dark age monks ideas. In Alexandria it is said they have built many mechanical creatures and spectacles that would walk around and entertain.
posted by GOCANADA! on Apr 06, 2010
Sam worthington is actually a good actor. He is the main reason why I even watched the movie! And I dont get the owl thingie, what was it even for?
posted by NeeonFox on Apr 06, 2010
If they're going to remake a movie they should to it RIGHT!!!......Bubo was a key element of the movie (if any of you who has never heard of the original should watch that first) because it ties the entire story together.....very disappointed w/ this remake
posted by j on Apr 05, 2010
the owl wasn't even in it. 4 seconds, there is no way he said all that about a prop he held for 4 seconds and asked what it was. I bet he never said this at all
posted by whitney on Apr 05, 2010
Anyone who has seen the original knows that the owl throwback/shout was the best thing about this turd of a movie. Sam should be worried that his lack of a frickin acting range/emotional depth will ruin his career.
posted by Lola on Apr 05, 2010
Just saw the movie and I have to agree with Sam. Obviously he is kidding when he says itll ruin his career, but the owl was unnecessary and looked totally out of place. It just confused me, I mean what the fuck even was it?
posted by flip on Apr 03, 2010
It seems the actor was way too consumed with his own image than to even consider his audiences' feelings towards the original film. The original is the reason the audience is even there watching his weak acting skills!
posted by blah blah on Apr 02, 2010
They should have stuck to the original story. This remake was terrible. Bad everything. Totally agree with you bobbo.
posted by jimmyb on Apr 02, 2010
Just Saw the movie - he was correct to say what he did - the owl is ugly, out of place and shouldn't have even been in the movie.
posted by Bobbo on Apr 02, 2010
Actors are certainly drama queens these days...if you're upstaged by a mechanical owl, maybe you suck ass as an actor.

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