Katherine Jackson Insists There Is No Stun Gun Used on Blanket

Katherine Jackson Insists There Is No Stun Gun Used on Blanket

Katherine Jackson blasts report mentioning Jermaine Jackson's son has used a stun gun on Michael Jackson's youngest son as she has her lawyer says, 'Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the stun gun'.

A lawyer representing Michael Jackson's mother has slammed reports Jermaine Jackson's teenage son tried to use a stun gun on the late King of Pop's youngest son Blanket. Officials from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) visited the Jacksons' Encino, California estate on Monday, March 1 after receiving a tip off about an incident with a stun gun.

Jermaine's 13-year-old child Jaafar allegedly purchased the gadget online and it was delivered to the house in February, but Randy Jackson claimed the gun was intercepted by security guards before the kids could get their hands on it. However, new reports on Tuesday, March 2 suggest it was only confiscated after Jaafar attempted to shock his eight-year-old cousin, Michael Jackson's youngest child.

But family matriarch Katherine Jackson, who has custody of the late superstar's three children, has issued a statement through her lawyer Adam Streisand denying the allegations and clearing up the situation. Streisand says, "Blanket Jackson never saw or heard the stun gun. Neither did Paris Jackson. Prince saw the stun gun in the possession of security. There is no second stun gun."

"Mrs. Jackson and security heard the sound coming from the second floor of the house. Immediately, security went upstairs and confiscated the stun gun. Mrs. Jackson took control over it and then had it removed from the house. There was no other incident. All of the kids are happy, healthy and wonderful and that is Mrs. Jackson's only objective and concern."

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    Jul 28, 2010

    sad very sad if Michael would see what happen to his kids hi will realy dessapoint there live stile hi always try to keep his kids save from this insane word poor kids im sosorry for them :[

    Mar 07, 2010

    Was it a stun gun or a TASER? They are NOT the same thing. A TASER deploys darts to stun and also can stun with direct contact without the darts. A stun gun can only stun with direct contact. Self Defense Products Florida

    Mar 05, 2010

    Why is DCF not checking into the welfare and supervision of all underage children in the home / Wh are so many children under the care of the grandma? I can see Michael's kids in her care, but why are the parents of his cousins not stepping up and raising there own kids? Also, do they go to school? There is clearly a lack of supervision, and I can only hope the nanny Grace( who clearly cares about Michael's kids) stays involved!

    Mar 04, 2010

    This is a clear indication those children are not properly supervised. how can a 13 year old go to a store , purchase gift cards. Who gave him the money in the first place? This indicates a big issue there: Those kids are out of control, and unsupervised. Katherine is getting older, things will get worse. The children's judge , and the DCFS, should also look into how many people live with MJs kids. They clearly don't have a normal family life, like other kids do. Living under the same roof with at least one paid care giver, other children and their parents it's not conducive to a healthy development. This is not how children grow up normally, and can't be good for their development. The envirnoment they live in is more like an institution where katherine is the manager. How come their judge and DCFS doesn't have an issue with that? This is unacceptable. Those kids are 'happy ' because they don't know any better, but their mental dveleopment will be affected , this is not how children are raised. let's look at ours.

    Mar 03, 2010

    I agree. All is not a bed of roses there. An 80 something grandma cannot possibly be supervising all those kids.

    Mar 03, 2010

    Now Jermaine's ex wife lives at encino too??? What is going on there?This judge needs to take a look at what's going on there. Prince and Paris should be out of there . How come a 13 year old can order items online unsupervised?????

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