Hacker Sells Diet Product in Solange Knowles' Twitter

February 27, 2010 07:34:12 GMT

Solange Knowles has warned her fans that she did not try to promote a diet product through her Twitter, but someone else did.

Solange Knowles
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Photo credit: Johnny Louis/WENN

R&B star Solange Knowles is fuming after her account was targeted by an internet hacker. The "I Decided" singer's blog on the social networking site was updated on Friday afternoon, February 26 with a message championing the affects of a diet product and providing followers with a link to purchase the weight-loss aid.

The post read, "remember that diet I tryed (sic) it works!" Knowles spotted the hoax an hour after it had been uploaded and quickly took to her blog to warn fans that her page had been hacked, insisting she would never endorse such a product.

She wrote, "What in the fuggggg (sic)!!! I got hacked! Y'all know my lil a** ain't (sic) lost no 40 pounds... Sorry to all who actually ordered that. Sounds like crack in a bottle. And not humanly possible."


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posted by No Frenchies Plz on Jul 25, 2010
Only if A PERFECT WORLD existed
posted by Meagan on Feb 27, 2010
If she says she didnt then she didnt! Let her be! Love u solange

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