Faith Evans Sued for Not Turning Notorious B.I.G.'s Clips

February 26, 2010 04:00:04 GMT

The widow of the murdered rapper is in the center of a legal action after she did not hand in the homemade movies featuring her husband.

Faith Evans
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Faith Evans is facing legal action from filmmakers who allege she failed to provide footage they purchased of her late husband, rapper Notorious B.I.G.. Bosses at Kaushi Entertainment claim they paid $30,000 for homemade movies featuring the hip-hop star, real name Christopher Wallace, in a deal approved by Evans, according to a lawsuit filed at Los Angeles County Superior Court on Tuesday, February 23.

The clips were to be used in a documentary about the rapper, who was shot dead in 1997. The production company's executives insist they never received the tapes - and now they're suing Evans as well as Wallace's estate for $1 million and punitive damages for breach of contract.

Notorious B.I.G and Faith Evans were married in 1994 after meeting at a photo shoot. Two years later, they had one son together, Christopher Wallace, Jr. but the couple had a troubled marriage that led to Faith being at the center of an East Coast-West Coast feud that ended in Wallace's murder in 1997.


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