Michael Jackson's Dad Allowed to Access Son's Medical Records

February 20, 2010 07:56:54 GMT

Joe Jackson has finally been granted access to Michael Jackson's medical records, but is limited to the notes made on the day his son died.

Joe Jackson
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Michael Jackson's father has been granted permission to trawl through his son's medical records after a much-publicized legal battle to get answers about the King of Pop's death. On Friday, February 19, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Joe Jackson is entitled to view the medical records - but only those made on the day his son died, June 29, 2009 at UCLA Medical Center.

Jackson has made it clear he wants the medical records so he can determine if anyone was to blame for the "Thriller" icon's death last summer. The request is linked to a potential lawsuit from Joe Jackson over his son's passing.

The administrators of the singer's estate previously lodged an objection with the court, claiming Joe was not entitled to the papers because he was not a dependent of his son.


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posted by lbw on Mar 03, 2010
I strongly disagree with klk argument posted 2/20. Michael is a big man and very stuborn. He did not listen to nobody who tried to help him. The family tried their best. Do not try to blame them and make them feel guilty. You are not in the family, and you do not know anything so you need to shut up.
posted by gbg on Feb 20, 2010
See Joe is still an asshole! I agree with KLK you all could have tried to save him.
posted by klk on Feb 20, 2010
Sorry Michael even in death your dad won't leave you alone.,he is still looking for the almighty dollar. Give it a rest Joe so you son can rest in peace,we all know what happened and if the family was so worried about him they should have stepped in and gotton Michael the help he needed,even if you had to drag him to rehab kicking anc screaming!!!!! Not only is Dr Murray to blame but ALL the Jacksons too,hope you all sleep well at night.

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