Pierce Brosnan Never Watches Daniel Craig as James Bond

Pierce Brosnan Never Watches Daniel Craig as James Bond

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan claims he's being superstitious about watching 'Quantum of Solace', revealing that something always goes wrong when he intends to watch the movie.

Former "007" star Pierce Brosnan is superstitious about watching Daniel Craig play James Bond - because fate intervenes when he tries to check out "Quantum of Solace". Brosnan was shocked in 2004 when producers informed him he would be replaced by Craig, and he's never managed to watch the actor play the superspy in the "Casino Royale" sequel.

He says, "I got the Academy screener (preview DVD) for 'Quantum of Solace', turned it on for my boys and left them to it. I didn't go near it. I tried watching it on an aeroplane, but the DVD broke down. The attendant came and changed it and it broke down a second time so I figured, 'OK, the Gods must be saying something'."

"So I never went near it. I just thought, 'Let sleeping dogs lie'." Brosnan also admits he was devastated about losing Bond to Craig: "It was disappointing. It was surprising. And I accepted the knowledge after 24 hours of being in shock."

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    CA girl
    May 01, 2010

    Sorry, Craig just didn't do it for me. #1 Sean Connery, #2 Pierce Brosnan, #2.5 Roger Moore, Craig,Dalton, Lazby are just "also rans". How about bringing back Brosnan, like they did Connery, sort of with 2 films coming out same year w/2 different Bonds.

    Jan 27, 2010

    Pierce looks the part, Daniel acts the part.

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