Brian McFadden Says Split Rumor With Delta Goodrem Is Hilarious

Brian McFadden Says Split Rumor With Delta Goodrem Is Hilarious

'Just seen this... F**king hilarious.. thanks for letting us know,' former Westlife member Brian McFadden mocks the split report between him and fiancee Delta Goodrem.

Irish pop star Brian McFadden has laughed off speculation his relationship with Aussie singer Delta Goodrem is on the rocks - mockingly congratulating the British press over the story. The former Westlife star has been engaged to the ex soap actress since 2007 and had planned to walk down the aisle last month, December 2009, but the couple decided to put off the nuptials due to their work schedules.

The delayed union sparked rumors of an imminent break-up, but McFadden has taken to his blog to shrug off the reports. He writes, "Just seen this... F**king hilarious.. thanks for letting us know. What would we do without the English press? Just when I thought Delta and I were happy they let me know we're not... thanks I almost missed it."

Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem have been in relationship since 2004 after McFadden split from former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry Katona. In his relationship with Kerry, he has two children, Molly Marie McFadden and Lilly-Sue McFadden.




    Jan 17, 2011

    A person named Delta is fun, i'm sure she makes him laugh, he loves that she's good looking, puts herself together well, cares about her appearance - she cares about his appearance too - so don't know if she liked his recent hair cut .. As for a Brian - they were parent pleasers growing up, have a bunch of different talents, even at a young age, but he's push/pull with his emotions, he's very hard on himself - his own worst critic, sometimes Delta will feel total love & support from him, then an instant later he'll be distant and disinterested .. his attitude will keep her coming around for a while, but with her success, she's not going to put up with that long term. His name makes him daring - so i'm sure he'll be doing some bone head things that will tick her off - like when Russell Brand took a bad photo of Katy Perry and posted it to twitter .. Brian will do something similar - acts that are not funny and not thought through (that's his last name) and she'll be stubborn (that's her last name) so if people tell her Brian isn't good for her - she'll get all stubborn and marry him anyway to prove everyone is wrong. But if everyone stays quiet & lets her figure it out for herself, she'll start fighting more and more with him and they'll eventually break up on their own. Her success is killing him. he wants to be more successful - some guys can take the wife being more successful - a Brian can't and his last name is what makes him "act out" when he's frustrated. he'll do bonehead things in no time .. but like I said -she has a sense of humor - so initially his goofy or bonehead things don't bother her - she's amused - but they will bother her soon enough. i'm shocked they've been together since 2004 and she hasn't dumped him yet - but I did notice they were supposed to get married in December and didn't. hmmm ..

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