Kenya Moore Brags She'll Return and Porsha Williams Gets Fired After 'RHoA' Reunion Brawl

Kenya Moore Brags She'll Return and Porsha Williams Gets Fired After 'RHoA' Reunion Brawl

Moore is reportedly adamant that she'll never leave 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' as a source says she now has financial problems and needs the money from the reality series.

How is the future of Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta following their on-screen fight in the reunion special? Bravo TV has not issued an official announcement despite the speculation, but Moore is reportedly confident she'll return for another season.

A source tells Radar Online, "Kenya is not going ANYWHERE," adding, "Kenya was just bragging about how she got Porsha fired and that she is definitely going to come back for another season and she doesn't care if the other ladies say they hate her."

Moore is said to be having money issues and quitting the Bravo reality show would not be good for her since she needs the money. "Kenya has money problems and she' can't afford NOT to do the show. She'll take whatever they offer her to stay," the source adds.

As for Williams whom other cast members defended in the fight against Moore, the source says, "They are still on the fence about keeping Porsha. They are about 60 percent decided to fire her but 40 percent still wanting to keep her." The source adds to Radar Online that "the public wants Porsha to stay, but she was about to get the axe before the fight."

The second part of the reunion special aired this Sunday, April 28 on Bravo TV. NeNe Leakes stood up to defend Williams, saying, "You were pointing that thing in her face, and you were also screaming through the bullhorn, and that's a violation. Even though you didn't hit her, that is a violation because you had it this close in her face. I'm just saying that you are not innocent."

In her defense, Kenya claimed, "This is not about being innocent, okay? We're adults, we're women and we're able to sit on this couch because we can control ourselves. We fight with our words, I am one of the best at it. If you feel like you can't defend yourself after you tell lies or you say things or you don't want someone to have a response, then you don't need to be sitting here."

She also insisted that Williams should be fired from the show. "You don't put your hands on anyone and anyone who does should be punished and they should not be allowed to sit on the couch," she told Andy Cohen.




    May 01, 2014

    If anyone pointed her scepter in my face followed by a bullhorn screaming, "You're a dumb ho.", she would be pulling the scepter out of her ass and the bullhorn from her throat, when provoked, a person has the right to defend oneself, I'm anti violence too, but sometimes you have to go to war for freedom and peace, she is evil and must go,if not Bravo and I part ways,she's an ugly, hurtful,jealous gorilla ape like thing!! Hate KENYA MOORE APE WOMAN!!!

    Apr 29, 2014

    By a show of hands, had Kenya pointed that scepter in your face, followed by screaming curse words in your face using a badly would you have kicked her azz?

    Apr 29, 2014


    Apr 29, 2014

    kenya is fabulous and smart and full of wit Nene is an obnoxious unattractive moose Phaedra is just downright ugly both inside and outside and DUMSHA is well... a dumb ho!!

    Apr 29, 2014

    I think Ms Kenya needs to get off of her high horse because last year reunion was threatening Phaedra who at the time was pregnant. Now this year she wants to be a victim.. I think it is appalling yes for two women to brawl, I also think it's appalling for a bully to antagonize people. If Porscha is gone Kenya needs to be close behind her that is wrong with our kids today retaliating for being bullied what a poor example for a previous Ms (black)USA winner to project bulling

    Janie Smith
    Apr 28, 2014

    If anybody should be fired, it should be Kenya She is a has-been, wanna be. She has no relationship with her mother, no real friends, and no man. Nobody appreciates her disgusting remarks directed at Phaedra and it seems she wants Apollo. All she has going for her is her looks that much of it has been altered. She continuously instigates arguments and fights; anything to get attention. If anybody needs to go get rid of her and use her bull horn and fake props to yell at her that she is fired!!!!!!

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