DJ Pauly D Reportedly Wanted Lovechild With Hooters Waitress Aborted

October 25, 2013 03:34:41 GMT

The 'Jersey Shore' star allegedly wanted the pregnancy terminated and offered to pay for the abortion.

DJ Pauly D
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It's now been five months since DJ Pauly D welcomed his baby daughter Amabella, whom he has yet to see until recently due to a custody battle between him and the child's mother. But ironically, there was reportedly a time when the "Jersey Shore" star did not even want the baby, his lovechild with Hooters waitress Amanda Markert following a fling in Las Vegas last year.

Pauly D allegedly wanted the pregnancy terminated and even offered to pay for the procedure, which Markert apparently agreed to, taking the money but then eventually deciding against getting the abortion. After the baby's birth, the 33-year-old DJ had a change of heart. After a paternity test was done to confirm the baby was his, he intended to raise his daughter believing that Markert was an unfit mother as he explained his demand for full custody of the baby.

"Sometimes in life things aren't planned and they may even scare you at first, but they end up being a blessing," the reality TV star wrote on Twitter on Thursday, October 24. "That is how I feel about having a daughter, I'm looking forward to being a parent to her."

Pauly D was said to have known about him fathering a child only after the baby had already been born, a result of a one night stand between him and Markert after much heavy partying. But despite having to pay a bigger amount in child support should the case be heard in Nevada and not in New Jersey where the decision will most likely favor the child's mother, Pauly D is willing to look beyond that for the more important custody over his daughter.

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