'The Glades' Canceled After Season Finale Posted Season High

August 31, 2013 01:52:11 GMT

The cancellation comes on the heels of reports that A and E renews another scripted series, 'Longmire'.

'The Glades' Canceled After Season Finale Posted Season High
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A&E cancels "The Glades" after four seasons. The network has decided not to pick up the crime drama series for a fifth season, a day after it was reported that renewal for the Clifton Campbell-created show was unlikely.

"The Glades" debuted in July 2010 with 3.6 million viewers, breaking A&E's records for most-watched and highest-rated original drama series telecast ever. It was the first scripted series on the cable channel that lasted more than one season.

The show starring Matt Passmore posted season high with 3.4 million total viewers for its season 4 finale, but the show's ratings gradually declined year-to-year. On the other hand, its companion "Longmire" posted gains in key demos each season. This likely contributes to A&E's decision to ditch "The Glades" and keep "Longmire" instead.

Through his Twitter, "Longmire" executive producer John Coveny recently revealed that the show would get a third season. "Thanks to the 5 million plus weekly fans (live+7). Young and older skewing alike! The call just came: SEASON 3 for #Longmire is a GO!" he wrote on Thursday, August 29. A&E hasn't made the official announcement though, since a deal hasn't been finalized yet.


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posted by A&E Sucks on Jul 30, 2014
Couldn't you at least give us a Glades "Special" just to wrap things up...Callie & Carlos save Jim...FDLE catches the shooter...Jim & Callie get their wedding...and all the Glades fans live happily ever after!!!!
posted by agnes on Jun 16, 2014
You cant cancel with an ending like that. At least give us a happy ending. Just add shows to the end of this season.Please
posted by Will on Jun 14, 2014
Your making a big mistake please bring back the Glades. I love that show and what and ending in season 4. Season 5 could be great bring it back........
posted by KJ on Jan 09, 2014
I cannot twll you how disappointing it was that A&E thought it was ok to dump a show left the way it was left! You guys made a TERRIBLE decision!
posted by pumpkin on Oct 09, 2013
I cant believe that they have cancelled yet another show that a family together can watch if they dont bring back glades we as a family and im talking 4 households will no l9nger be watching anything on a&e
posted by GLADES on Oct 04, 2013
Fuck the A&E channel now! you stop my favorite show with a cliffhanger! fuck!
posted by Susan on Sep 24, 2013
After cancelling The Glades, I no longer have use for A&E and it's advertisers. Duck Dynasty..YUCK!
posted by scorpion on Sep 15, 2013
Sooooo Angry with A&E...I looked forward to seeing the wedding and you end it like that....really irritated...I don't like Longmire and you don't even end the show you just leave The Glades Fans hanging. You Really Really Suck!!!!!!!!!!
posted by The glades on Sep 15, 2013
I finally start watching a and e again; that's now over.
posted by Caleb on Sep 15, 2013
How could you end it? You people are crazy, you need to keep it going. It was an awaome show! No more A&E.
posted by LoveTheGlades on Sep 15, 2013
My daughter and I are very disappointed in A&E, this was one of our favorite shows. A&E used to be a really good network but, now I find there's more garbage than anything. I find it disturbing that shows like Honey Boo Boo and Duck Dynasty overrule a show like The Glades. It's annoying that a show with as many viewers as The Glades can be canceled without even finishing it...sounds like a network that doesn't really care about it's viewers. I've been paying extra just to have this channel, but I'll be cancelling it now as there's mostly garbage on it.
posted by deahanah on Sep 15, 2013
What a dissapointment...Longmire??? A bunch of uuuggglyyy croneys.. seriously how boring.
posted by Dodie on Sep 12, 2013
Are you really that crazy to cancel this show with that finale? Who runs this network, Children?
posted by Bianca on Sep 11, 2013
Are you guys crazy at A&E? Seriously I'm shocked! I've been watching that show since the very beginning of it. And now you just cancel it? I'm totally disappointed!
posted by Pablond on Sep 08, 2013
So typical! You HAD to cancel one of my favorite shows with a cliffhanger?!! The least you could do is give us a two-hour special to tie up loose ends and have the wedding we've all been waiting for! So disappointed with you.
posted by Dee on Sep 07, 2013
That's IT!! I'm SO DONE with A&E!! This was the last show I watched on that network and they cancelled with a cliffhanger!! Damn idiots!! Lost another faithful viewer
posted by PO\'ed on Sep 05, 2013
Fuuuuuuuuck!! Seriously!!
posted by Pat on Sep 05, 2013
Can't believe A&E has decided to cancel one of my favorite shows. Wish they would reconsider. Don't care much for Longmire, but loved The Glades!
posted by Putz on Sep 04, 2013
Another good show cancelled. Think I'll give up on A&E. That was bad to cancel it with that ending.
posted by Candace on Sep 04, 2013
Love the show. Please don't cancel glades....
posted by linda122558 on Sep 04, 2013
I can't believe The Glades was cancelled! I loved having 2 great shows in The Glades and Longmire back to back. Especially with a big cliff hanger! How about a TV movie at least to wrap things up.
posted by Brandee on Sep 04, 2013
Please don't cancel...favorite summer guilty pleasure!
posted by Kk on Sep 03, 2013
Please do not cancel this show! Love it!
posted by mspac on Sep 03, 2013
NO NO NO please don't cancel. It is my favorite summer time show. Please listen
posted by Mystic1 on Sep 03, 2013
Please don't cancel The Glades...Love the show..watched faithfully since the very first one..
posted by Stupid on Sep 03, 2013
Why cancel with a cliffhanger! I will never watch A & E again!!!
posted by Carrott1 on Sep 02, 2013
You've got tone kidding, one of the best shows. Maybe you should listen to the fans. You left us hanging. We need to know what happens, after that cliffhanger.
posted by nic5032003 on Sep 02, 2013
Noooo you can't cancel. My daughter and I love this show. How can you cancel with the ending we just witnessed. Sooo sad
posted by Marie on Sep 01, 2013
We have watched the show from the very beginning and this really upsets us you would end the series like this ,you could have let them get married and lived happy ever after. This is really upsetting
posted by Cad1975 on Sep 01, 2013
A&E just ruined our summer televising viewing! Very angry at A&E for canceling our favorite summer show!!!
posted by EdV on Sep 01, 2013
The was a good show not the outlandish realality show that cater to only a special group of people
posted by Tully on Sep 01, 2013
It is so unfair to cancel a series after such a gripping cliffhanger. :(
posted by Golden on Sep 01, 2013
It is so unfair to cancel a show after such an intense cliffhanger. Very unfair to fans of the show :(
posted by Rose on Aug 31, 2013
You cant cancel with an ending like that. At least give us a happy ending. Just add shows to the end of this season.
posted by gymrat427 on Aug 31, 2013
posted by ghy77 on Aug 31, 2013
Bout time!
posted by jack on Aug 31, 2013
why? it's a great show
posted by lovettebrit on Aug 30, 2013
I did't like the show unfortunately but I like Longmire.
posted by annasteve on Aug 30, 2013
NO! Don't cancel 'The Glades'. Loved Matt Passsmore since McLeod's Daughters! I've gotten used to his bad American accent...
posted by missrosie on Aug 30, 2013
I agree. I have watched The Glades since the beginning. Very good show!!
posted by Samattie on Aug 30, 2013
Please don't cancel "The Glades" !!Been watching since the beginning! Love all the main characters! :)
posted by Misty on Aug 30, 2013
Noooooooooooo....don't cancel the show. It has to be the best show ever.

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