Kanye West Rips the Media and Grammys at Atlantic City Concert

December 31, 2012 01:56:59 GMT

The boyfriend of Kim Kardashian says, 'I ain't crazy, I'm just not satisfied,' adding that he will not attend the upcoming 55th annual Grammy Awards despite getting multiple nominations.

Kanye West Rips the Media and Grammys at Atlantic City Concert
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Kanye West is back on headlines due to his antics in Atlantic City. In the second-night concert at the Revel Resort & Casino, the rap mogul ranted about how he was portrayed as the villain by the media, snubbed by the Grammys and criticized over his women's fashion line among other things.

"They'll try to tell you Kanye's so crazy, so deranged," he said. "I ain't crazy, I'm just not satisfied. I just ain't satisfied with the s*** they're feeding you on TV, the s*** they're feeding you in the movies, the s*** they're giving you in the stores. I want you to have more. I'm just not satisfied."

Yeezy went on addressing his issue with the Recording Academy. The "Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" rapper, who got a total of six nods, complained about not landing any nominations in major categories. "Don't expect to see me at the Grammys this year," he said.

Kanye is set to perform for three consecutive nights. In the first night, the Kim Kardashian boyfriend became talk of the town due to his bizarre masks including a white crystal-encrusted Maison Martin Margiela mask to match his all-white ensemble and another that resembled a yeti.


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posted by Turbofan on Dec 31, 2012
Kanye is a bitch.
posted by look at the big pict on Dec 30, 2012
Kanye is not bad he just hit a turn somewhere. I believe he's hurting inside and his music is showing it. Feeling like people are against you is a sign. He needs to talk to JESUS help him handle that.
posted by me on Dec 30, 2012
Seriously, My goldfish has more talent than this loser does. He's not a musician, he's not a singer, He's not a clothing designer. He sucks. Just another arrogant rapper with no talent.
posted by lashleroux on Dec 30, 2012
No talant ass clown douchebag. Shut the fuck up and go bang your hooker girlfriend
posted by shoogga bogga on Dec 30, 2012
Forget Kim k. Kanye I love and believe in you. Remember the slave ship they want you to ride. Your true fans still ride with you. Puffy & J.ho.....enough said

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