Jonas Brothers' New Song 'Wedding Bells' Revealed

October 12, 2012 08:08:14 GMT

Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas showcase the track at their comeback concert at Radio City Music Hall.

Jonas Brothers' New Song 'Wedding Bells' Revealed
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One of Jonas Brothers' fresh songs has been unearthed in full. The song was debuted at the Radio City Music Hall concert that was hyped up as a comeback gig for Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas as a group. It's reportedly about Miley Cyrus.

In the NYC concert on October 11, the band performed at least two more new songs reportedly called "First Time" and "Let's Go". The trio also catered the crowd with some fan favorites including singles from their 2008 No. 1 album "A Little Bit Longer".

In a recent interview, Joe gave some insight into their new sound, "Musically, we wanted to listen to different styles we've always loved and put that into our music. So we've been able to find inspirations from different records or even lyric stuff we've been able to go through and write about for this new album."

Nick added, "We really are now in control of our destiny and what happens next to us musically has come a long way when we realize it's all in our hands to decide. Not that we weren't writing the music before, but now we're producing and writing it all ourselves so it's really happening and we can choose how we want to release it."

He concluded, "It's incredibly freeing to present the song the way you want to present it the right way."

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posted by SarahJade on Oct 12, 2012
Its obviously about miley cyrus. because she told the whole world on the 7th june 2012 that she was engaged. And she probably said to nick "can you keep a secret?" and that secret was about her engagment.
posted by Jonas fan1 on Oct 12, 2012
i'm really happy they are back as a band really love them

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