'Victorious' Canceled After Three Seasons, Creator Asking Fans Not to Be Angry

August 11, 2012 01:34:11 GMT

Nickelodeon decides not to pick up the show for a fourth season, but 15 new episodes of season 3 have been filmed and will air soon.

'Victorious' Canceled After Three Seasons, Creator Asking Fans Not to Be Angry
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Another Nickelodeon show is coming to an end. After canceling "iCarly" earlier this year, the network has just announced it pulls the plug on "Victorious". "Nickelodeon will not be moving forward with production on a fourth season of Victorious following the final season that will premiere this fall," the children's channel said in a statement.

The network added, "We are very proud of the show, its very talented cast, and our audience will continue to see many of them in upcoming new Nickelodeon projects." The third and last season premiered in January this year, but there are 15 new episodes left before the show takes its final bow.

Soon after Nickelodeon announced the cancellation, creator Dan Schneider took to Twitter and his blog to address it. Stressing that it was the network's decision, not his, Schneider pointed out that "almost all Nickelodeon shows have a life of about 60 episodes," so "Victorious" cancellation after its 60-episode run isn't unusual.

"I would love to have made more than 60 of Victorious, but that's how it usually goes," he wrote. Claiming that the decision about "Victorious" had nothing to do with "Gibby" or "Sam & Cat" which were recently picked up by the network, he said, "I know that some of you are upset and angry - and while I feel terrible about that, I'm also flattered by it."

"But I ask that you please not be angry with Victoria, or Leon, Liz, Ariana, Avan or ANY of the Victorious cast members or staff," Schneider pleaded with fans. "They all wanted Victorious to continue - so did I."

Another Schneider-created series "iCarly" will wrap up its last season in November. Some of the stars, Jennette McCurdy and Noah Munck, will headline spin-off shows, "Sam & Cat" and "Gibby" respectively. McCurdy will star opposite "Victorious" starlet Ariana Grande in the former show.


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posted by Niki on Jun 01, 2014
I love victorious and I'm gutted its being canceled but Sam and Cat is starting. I can't wait as Cats my fav character. I feel really upset its stopping but youtube have episodes and dvdS. That 60 episode thing really does suck though! At the end of the day it's not the staff or casts fault. It seems they want victorious to continue. Ariana is right dont take it out on them. Icarly was scrapped which was stupid but why why why victorious?!
posted by EmilyWinters on Feb 24, 2014
Dear cuttierthanu, You may be cuter, but you sure as hell not a better speller. Its cuter not cuttier. Dumb ass.
posted by Ariana Grande on Feb 24, 2014
Please dont be mad you guys. We had to cancel even though we didnt want to, so please stop being shits to the producers and apoligize. i love you all and please check out my new show, Sam and Cat.
posted by cuttierthanu on Feb 06, 2014
posted by cuttierthanu on Feb 06, 2014
they cut of my fav shows victourious icarly big time rush zoey 101 drake and josh how to rock true jackson vp suite life of zack and cody and last of all suite life of zack and cody on deck
posted by Maya on Oct 13, 2013
I don't really care for any nickelodeon show expect their old shows like Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, and the Amanda show. I somehow find Cat extremely annoying. I also find Gibby and Nevel really annoying.
posted by iSneezePepsi on Aug 22, 2013
OMG i hope that is not true i <3 victorious and i like all the cast members!! dont stop this show it is my favourite!! and i loved it :( especially cat because she is so cute and funny please please please!!! bring it back!!!
posted by sunsetblvrd on Aug 07, 2013
NOOOOOOOO! After iCarly was canceled that was the best show on Nick!!! idk what to do with my life now!! It was my fav show! I hope nick gets less views so they regret it and bring Victorious back!
posted by xxIceMountainxx on Aug 06, 2013
Okay, I'm not really sure how I feel about this. Confused, angry, sad but mostly disappointed. Once all these other retarded shows came on, I always thought "We'll at least we still have iCarly and Victorious. They canceled iCarly but I understand why. So Victorious was the only good show they had left and en they cancel it. I guess Nick wouldn't know a high quality TV show if it hit them in the face. Victorious won and was nominated for some of the most prestigious awards, is the most watched show on Nick, and has a very high rating. They cancel it for no good reason. The cast wanted to continue, the creators wanted to continue. They keep throwing that whole "60 episode limit" garbage in our faces but iCarly had over 100 episodes because it was popular. Victorious is just as popular, if not more, than iCarly and they don't even give it series finale. WTF Nickelodeon.
posted by ImAWESOME on Aug 06, 2013
So, let me get this straight, Victorious was nominated for an Astra Award, BAFTA Award, 4 EMMYS (2 of which include Outstanding Children's Program) and won Kids Choice Awards for Favorite TV Show 2 years in a row (2012 and 2013) and Nick cancels it. Like what? WHAT!!??! They must have lost some serious IQ points.
posted by directioner on Aug 04, 2013
this is so stupid victorious was an amazing show and the only reason most people watch nick so great job nick you just lost about half of your fans you IDIOTS! I now LOVE sam and cat its so funny!I think that it was a good idea Toledo their names from their previous shows as well. But nick is gonna make a brand new show with new cast members they should use people that are young that aren't going to bail for education or some thing I just loved victorious and how the singing and dancing wasent stupid and cheesy
posted by Des on Aug 02, 2013
Cat still goes to Hollywood Arts on Sam and Cat so maybe on one episode they'll show her school?
posted by The Miz on Jul 22, 2013
Umm WTF! This is like a trend now for Nickelodeon they air a show until it gets popular and alot of fans than they cancel it. Another one of my favorite shows Kid vs Kat recieved the same fate. I hope those shitbags at the studio rethink this decision. Oh and they didn't even give Victorious a proper ending just as a final "Fuck You" to the fans
posted by Kelli6149 on Jul 21, 2013
As a mom of a 10yr old who loved Victorious and iCarly, this is really crap! Those were two great shows for pre teens. Why leave on junk like Degrassi? That is the most disgusting show on a network for kids! All the new shows are not near as good and won't be. I'm really turning against Nick!
posted by goodgirl on Jun 19, 2013
I never really cared for this show. i liked i Carly alot more.
posted by Mj on Jun 17, 2013
If your going to cancel it, atleast have a finale episode....
posted by @13isLalove twitter on Jun 12, 2013
Victorious is really a great show! It is a part of my life. And icarly too.. But I love victorious the most.. And nickelodeon is really going nuts. I mean its 2013 now, victorious is really over.. But just whyy?! Nick took away a great big show. Even icarly. They took it away. They're left with not great shows like victorious and icarly and etc. You see.. You know wizards of waverly place? Its one my my faves too. The series i love the most are wizards of waverly place and victorious and icarly but they're all gone. I'm stucked in re watching all of its episodes. Parts of my life is really gone. And i cant stand it loving a show and being gone. Well i know every show has their ends. But not these ways. Not ny cancelling the show and not done with all 60 episodes. So not fair! After this long speech by just using my phone, im tired and my hand hurts so my point is i miss those shows and i just want them to have a maybe one last season. If there would be.. Damn please i'll do anything for it. :(
posted by Go cat and bec and j on Apr 28, 2013
Hey guys, I LOVE Victorious and can't believe it's over! Cat I love your acting! Your hilarious! Andre your awesome and a really cool singer! Jade your just mean but! Bec your awesome and hot! Victorious your awesome as well ! Trina ... Creepy and rude! Plz continue and thankyou for reading !!
posted by Ariana Grande on Apr 06, 2013
Hey guys I know ur mad that victorious. Ended but Sam and I are making a new show so enjoy it.
posted by cheergirl on Apr 06, 2013
Hey cast of victorious I love your show. I am looking forward to Sam and cat's. Show but I wish you all were in it you guys make such a good group but I don't want u to waste ur time reading this so byres
posted by Leo on Mar 31, 2013
this is insane why nick has to cancel the best number one show!!! i love victorious and so does everyone. But you guys gotta keep spongebob away from this conversation you guys are sooooo butt!!! think about the children who wants to watch spongebob cuz.. the shows funny so stop being so overwhelmed.
posted by Victoria Justice on Mar 27, 2013
Hi everyone it's Victoria Justice here thank you so much for voting me Australia's hottest. Everyone I am so sad the show has to close. All of the actors didn't want it to close. The Blame goes on the producer. I wanted to keep acting for you guys. I will star in another show which I can't tell you the name of right now. I love you guys your are Awesome. You made me shine.
posted by Vine on Mar 24, 2013
Why the heck are you guys trying to bring Spongebob into this? Spongebob is my childhood as well as a generation. It was successful and continues to be as it aims at children as well as adults. Victorious and iCarly were aimed at teens which is a smaller group. I personally did not like iCarly but I absolutley loved Victorious; however I feel they should have done a better 'ending' for the Victorious finale.
posted by Mamacita78 on Mar 22, 2013
Everybodu here is mad that icarly and victorious were cancelled.. I'm bummed out about this decision by why is everyone attacking spongebob??!! SpongeBob is an awesome cartoon that is funny and kids love!! Besides, before all these shows came out, nickelodeon was about cartoons and kids game show with slime.. Maybe this is what nickelodeon needs, just cartoons and kids game shows with a lot of sliming..
posted by Alex on Mar 14, 2013
I hope that Victoria will get a new show on nick hopefully. Or they will change their mind but I bet they won't I hate the people who decided to cancell victorious All there is to watch is Wendell and vinnie but that's only on Saturdays. Spongebob is boaring so I'd fairly odd parents
posted by Alex on Mar 13, 2013
Please just cancell spongebob I'm very up set that they cancelled victorious that show motivated me to never give up and now u Probroly will give up Nick just made a big mistake a lot of people will stop watching nick They where talking about 60 episodes but nick and fairy odd parents have been going on for about 10 years I'm very sad:( but its not the casts fault it's nick I'll Probroly just keep playing Call of Duty bo2 :(
posted by Robb7707 on Mar 10, 2013
Also, at least I-Carly got to "wrap it up", instead of just being cancelled. Nick is out of touch with kids anymore. Their new programming sucks.
posted by Robb7707 on Mar 10, 2013
Great show to watch with my 10 year old - LOVE the cast, the show, the music - I've noticed a sickening trend Nick, Wendle & Vinnie is a little more adult oriented than I would like, with recent episodes having the adult saying things like "PISSED OFF". REALLY??? What the hell? I won't let me daughter watch your horrid channel anymore!
posted by jordan on Mar 08, 2013
they wanted to end icarly miranda decided to go to college
posted by jay jay on Mar 08, 2013
hey guys icarly had 120 episodes and they should've moved it to teennick like house of anubis they canceld how to rock and big time rushes new season is probaly there final one
posted by gzalo on Feb 19, 2013
what is Nick gonna be without good shows? I mean they already took out Hey Arnold, Drake and Josh, Kenen and Kel, Amanda Show, etc. Now they are taking Victorious?? Really Nick? What is Nick going to be??? They have the worst shows now. Next thing you know they are going to take out Spongebob. If they do there is no point of living
posted by ? T.T on Feb 10, 2013
If I knew that was the last episode I probably would have taken it more seriously. Now nickelodeon is gonna be crap >.<
posted by Arianator on Feb 06, 2013
I love the show victorious very much. and found it very sad that the show is on the end now.. because it give me the hope to always continue, and never stop. but now it gonna stop. I and i think many others are very sad about the ending. but i always hope that it still go on. but I dont think so.. So we give them the ending what they deserve. A beautifull ending. Victorious would always be a part of me.. *RESPECT FOR THE CAST OF VICTORIOUS I LOVE THEM AND I'M ONE OF THEY BIGGEST FANS..*
posted by r33m on Feb 02, 2013
why would you cancel those shows u low life's there amazing why that's the only reason i watch Nickelodeon!! :'(
posted by reem on Feb 02, 2013
why would you cancel those shows u low life's there amazing why that's the only reason i watch Nickelodeon!! :'(
posted by Dman1608 on Jan 27, 2013
please dont cancel victorious or icarly!!! thats the only reason i watch nickelodeon because of those two shows and one other but still PPLEASE DONT CANCEL VICTORIOUS OR ICARLY. i love everyone thats on the shows! why is it that spongebob can reach 9 episodes but victorious can only have three????? no one that likes icarly and victorious watches spongebob so why not cut spongebob and continue victorious and icarly! please dont cancel the shows!!!!!!!!!!! cut spongebob if any show
posted by Perseus on Jan 24, 2013
Nickelodeon please don't cancel victorious because a lot of peaple like it for example me every time I miss 1 episode of victorious I would litteraly freak out you all make shows for us fans to watch but you all cancel the shows we like for example victorious , I Carly , drake and josh etc. why don't you all just cancel spongbob because they already crossed 60 episodes and if you nick peaple cancel victorious the only options I have to watch on TV is 617 ,550 but the channel I love the most is nickelodeon if nick peaple cancel victorious you would just make fans sad . So please please please nick peaple don't cancel victorious think about the fans.
posted by ethnic intilect on Jan 19, 2013
Victorous and iCarly is inappropriate for the age group it was being advertised to. The show is misdirecting the youth. Nick allowed these shows to be aired and they were hits. Nick made their money and still are. They want you to love and miss these shows so you can mindlessly spend on Victorious and iCarly. Stop being confounded by Mtv style shows on kids television stations and read a book that will actually raise your intelegence quotient. Don't like to read? Exercise. Be Beneficial to your self and others. Victoria Justice is getting her currency from this happening. What do you get from watching this show? An extra 30 pounds and a below average intelegence quotient. Think or wither is the difference between the scholar and the stripper that saw Elizabeth Gillies and Ariana Grande dancing on a table in a karaoke bar on Victious.
posted by sponbob fan on Jan 10, 2013
I will still watch NICKELODEN even if victorious is taken off NICK FOR EVER fairy odd parents and spongbob square pants forever also big time rush for ever
posted by spongbob fan on Jan 10, 2013
I love victorious is great but if it has finished you people can t do anything about it so face it plus nick rules and so dose spongbob
posted by This is dumb nickelo on Jan 09, 2013
So you are going to take off one of the best rates shows to replace it with some dumb shit I mean How dumb is this u going to cancel the show but keep the characters this is and nick is going to suffer a major hit for this I mean fuck them and I ain't watching ur corny ass shows no fucking more nick can suck a dick
posted by Potato face on Jan 08, 2013
I understand y they are cutting icarly because miranda wants a better education but y cancel victorious. DOES ANYONE AGREE.
posted by NO DUDES! on Jan 06, 2013
Seriously?! I now hate nick there no shows and I don't watch Cartoon Network and disneys not really that good. NNNOOO!!
posted by nickWTF!!! on Jan 01, 2013
What the hell is nickolodeons problem with canceling a great show. The show had good enough ratings to make 10 more seasons seriously. WTF nick..
posted by TwillightSparkle on Jan 01, 2013
I can't believe it! Dan schneiders shows were awesome! I don't care if they have to take off all the other shows but they need to keep I clary and Victorious!!!!!
posted by WHY on Dec 31, 2012
posted by pepperpot on Dec 26, 2012
I have no issues with anyone showing their luv for icarly or victorious but spongebob was doing what he does when Miranda and Victoria were in their diapers(literally) so leave spongebob out of the convo. Numbers don't lie. Spongebob > all other Nick shows.
posted by Bubblegum 31 on Dec 26, 2012
Get rid of spongebob not victorious Never watching Nick again ever, Ever, ever, ever!
posted by TheUndertaker2013Fan on Dec 09, 2012
WHY!!!!!?????? I am in LOVE with Victorious! Nick is a total loss without it! Fix this problem now!!? Victorious-Season4 for 2013!!!
posted by rubhi on Dec 01, 2012
i think it was good that they are going to cancel victorius that show was retarted and in parts not good for the kids because the way they talked acted and the way they dressed on the show...especially the breakfast bunch
posted by goodgirl on Nov 29, 2012
Omg im so happy i totally hated that show so lame and so stupied and i rather i carly it was a wayyy better show than this pile of crap!
posted by gabby on Nov 24, 2012
Why cant u keep the shows on? everyone loves them and now there will be no good things on and no kid videos. Spongebob deserves to be canceled before victorious or icarly so y cant we the people have a say in it. They shold stay not spongebob or any of those kind only icarly and victorious because everyone loves those shows . So expect people not to be watching nick if u cancel those shows
posted by Me222 on Nov 23, 2012
I might have to stop watching TV! It seems like every show I love gets cancled.
posted by cc on Nov 20, 2012
Um what date is the final episode ?
posted by Another Kid on Nov 17, 2012
They said they canceled ICarly FOR Victorious...Now they say they ALREADY canceled Victorious.
posted by imagination101 on Nov 16, 2012
Can't they just stay both shows, just like how Spongebob Squarepants is doing? I mean, can't BOTH shows (iCarly and Victorious) NOT be cancelled for, like, until nobody watches it? (Which will be a PRETTY long time) Like how Spongebob Sqaurepants is aired for such a long time now? It'll be so sad if both iCarly and Victorious end!!! NOOO!!! :(
posted by why?????:( on Nov 14, 2012
posted by Dal on Oct 22, 2012
I don't get it. why does all the good shows have to be cancelled or stop playing? There's nothing good playing on the tv anymore, the only show i watch now is Victorious because it's funny, entertaining and creative. Why can't Nick let people choose what to continue and what to end? because we're the people who's watching tv. EVERYTHING ON TV SERIOUSLY SUCKS IF VICTORIOUS DOESN'T CONTINUE!
posted by Sam on Oct 14, 2012
How can you tell us not to be mad? That Victorious is the worlds favorite show! We all love Ari she so cute and funny on Victorious. I love Liz's meanness (On the show). I love Victoria and Leons voice and Avans hair! VICTORIOUS= WORLDS BEST SHOW!!
posted by Nickisgoingdownhill on Oct 14, 2012
Who cares theres ONLY 60 episodes to a show? We actually like Victorious. Cant you keep Victorious? And why not? It's already reached 60 episodes? SPONGEBOB HAS GOT TO 204 EPISODES AND 9 SEASONS? Why cant Victorious go to 9 episodes like Spongebob. Victorious is better than Spongebob. Everyone here thinks so.
posted by Theresa637 on Oct 10, 2012
Let me tell u I'm sick and tired of these children's networks canceling good funny shows for my kids they need to take a step back and refocus a bit victorious is a great show which I enjoy as well the people behind these networks need to open their eyes and get kids opinions before they proceed !
posted by Starfire on Oct 08, 2012
noooo they can't take victorious off,icarly have had a longer run than victorious,what's next big time rush,and spongebob has been on forever and yet they still haven't canceled it
posted by lalalalala on Oct 05, 2012
i loooooove victorious and kinda like icarly but why would they c ancel them?
posted by omg!!!!! on Oct 05, 2012
why would they cancel victorious?!?! i understand why they would cancel icarly cuz it has been on since 2007,but victorious has been on since 2010! its unfair!
posted by Miami F. Jones on Sep 06, 2012
I may like that there making 'Gibby' and 'Sam and Cat' but the original show's ARE going to be missed. They don't understand that! Drake and Josh is one I still watch today and remember watching when I was young. My sister L is obsessed with Zoey 101 and remember's watching it when she was young also! They just keep giving us new show's that are good, but then they cut them off! It's not fair and not good for the public veiw of Nick. This is my opinion, and I just wanted to voice it. Signing off, Miami F. Jones
posted by Are u a winx? on Sep 02, 2012
nick, just get off of my tv. NOW! Seriously. I hate nick now. Yes, like you all said, not watching nick(good luck Charlie is only thing I am watching) and what is wrong? They thing C.R.A.P farm will get any better? ......OKAY NOW I AM SERIOUS GET OFF MY FIGGIN TV! Ugh, nick is just waisting my cable space! I, watch ABC kids, why? It has THE OLD BUT BEST SHOWS! And you can also rely on YouTube, right? Not even going to turn to cartoon network! Never! Or Disney or nick! They are all nothing to me. If you miss things like "that's so raven" or "suite life of zack and cody", go to ABC kids, they have it, I promise you! :D and many other cool shows we remember!
posted by Chitchat on Aug 17, 2012
Victorious is my favorite show and I watched every single episode this is not fair I love Ariana grande I am a true arionator
posted by mohamed on Aug 17, 2012
i will be very angry if this happens for both shows.
posted by Anthony on Aug 16, 2012
I think I'm already angry. I wish there's some way we can keep Victorious on. iCarly is on longer, why can't Victorious?
posted by really on Aug 16, 2012
posted by awesome on Aug 14, 2012
:( :( :( :( lets fight for season 4!
posted by Thatkid on Aug 13, 2012
I'm so upset about this... iCarly and Victorious were like the Zoey 101 and Drake & Josh of 2010-12. BUT every Nick show produced by Dan ends up with a spin-off. I just wish Liz got a show too. :(
posted by Abscda on Aug 13, 2012
How can they cancel this? This is one of the main reasons I love Nick, and I mean I guess now Cartoon Network will b like my fave channel..... :(
posted by loveandbacon on Aug 12, 2012
nooo well oh well... Ill just wat h cartoon network... I REFUSE to watch Disney
posted by MayumiJazz on Aug 12, 2012
Yeah this sucks beyond anything I've ever heard. On Wednesday 15th August at 4PM EST, on Twitter, we will try to trend: Give Victorious A Proper Ending Maybe more. Either way this show was too good to cancel. If twitter or Facebook asked how many fans or what not there are THOUSANDS would rise up. Think about the fans Nick. Just give us our shows and we'd be pleased. Otherwise Nick is down the drain. Ratings and all! Just something to think about.
posted by NOOOO on Aug 11, 2012
NOOOOO!!!! Do They Want Us To Watch A Boring Disney Channels Shows. Not Knocking Good Luck Charlie, But Keep Victorious & ICarly. They're not like Miley Cyrus & Selena Gomez, they'll stay. :(
posted by Stacy on Aug 11, 2012
Might as well take off spongebob too. And big time rush. nick is going down. don't they care about the fans? wish there was a virtual petition to sign...
posted by aswilley on Aug 11, 2012
We do need new stuff, they show all the old episodes very often. The stars are very talented and will do great in their future projects.
posted by Kaitly on Aug 11, 2012
What the heck?!?! That's my FAVORITE SHOW!!!! :(
posted by blazekom on Aug 11, 2012
nooooo! then ill only watch spongebob and timmy turner!
posted by Bob on Aug 11, 2012
I agree with MY! Try should cancel nick because they are getting rid of icarly and victorious:( What is going to be taken off next, big time rush? I think nickelodeon is being dumb and taken off I won't watch nick :(
posted by meme on Aug 11, 2012
nickeloden is going to go down the drain now...
posted by My on Aug 11, 2012
why not just cancel nickelodeon if their going to take away all the best shows

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