Bristol Palin: I Like Gays. I Am Not a Homophobic

July 28, 2012 04:33:21 GMT

The third-place finisher on 'DWTS' season 11 sets the record straight on the rumors that she detested homosexual people.

Bristol Palin: I Like Gays. I Am Not a Homophobic
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Bristol Palin is tired of people saying she's a gay hater. Before she competes on the upcoming "All-Stars" edition of "Dancing with the Stars", the daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin clarifies widely-believed reports that she loathed homosexuals.

"I like gays. I'm not a homophobic and I'm so sick of people saying that," the single mother explains at ABC's Television Critics Association panel. "Just because I'm for traditional marriage doesn't mean I'm scared or anything of anyone else. And I don't hate anybody."

"People are gonna make up stuff about me no matter what. And whatever. I'm gonna go dance and I'm gonna have fun," she continues. "It's not about politics. It's not about traditional marriage or anything like that. It's about dancing. That's all I have to say about it."

Explaining her decision to do reality TV shows, she says, "I just think that you guys will talk about us (my family) either way and I might as well be doing something enjoyable and fun and with a good group of people, and that's why I'm doing it."

Bristol will return to the "DWTS" ballroom along with Joey Fatone, Melissa Rycroft, Pamela Anderson, Kirstie Alley, Drew Lachey and Shawn Johnson among other previous contestants. "I was ecstatic," the 2010 "DWTS" third-place finisher gushes on her blog.

"I called my mom right after our conversation and told her the offer I had gotten," she remembers. "I was totally brought to tears just thinking about the last few years of my life, and how abundantly blessed I am to have such amazing opportunities."


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posted by chacha on Aug 03, 2012
I love how she's just "for traditional marriage" as opposed to against gay people having the right to get married. Traditional marriage is not under attack despite what these crack pots say.
posted by BristolIsAGayhatingS on Jul 29, 2012
hypocrite! Huge, FAT, hypocrite. And she doesn't even want to take care of her FIRST kid, Trig Palin, cos who really believes that the kid is Sarah's? Not me!
posted by John on Jul 29, 2012
Horrible harpy, following in her trashy mother's bloodsoaked footprints. They're the world's worst family.
posted by Renychild23 on Jul 28, 2012
Well sounds like somebody's got there priorities and ducks in a row, so next Dance with the STARS,GRAND
posted by flu on Jul 28, 2012
I like how people continue to believe the Palins have any relevant thought on any subject. Hilarious.
posted by dirtywater22 on Jul 28, 2012
I like how Bristol is for traditional marriage, yet she broke a major covenant of her faith by having premarital sex. She can go ahead and have sex and get pregnant before marriage, but gays shouldn't marry. Can you say hypocritical?

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