'The Voice' Judges Talk Jesse's Shocking Elimination, Two More Singers Sent Home

April 18, 2012 03:38:15 GMT

Christina Aguilera defends her decision to axe frontrunner Jesse Campbell, while Cee-Lo Green respects her decision although he doesn't understand it.

'The Voice' Judges Talk Jesse's Shocking Elimination, Two More Singers Sent Home
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Christina Aguilera's controversial decision to send home Jesse Campbell was brought to discussion on the Tuesday, April 17 episode of "The Voice". Sharing his opinion, Adam Levine said, "As surprising as I's not my decision. I respect it. I feel like there was definitely a lot of thought put into it on her part."

The Maroon 5 frontman went on noting, "I do think he was amazing. If he was on my team, I probably would have kept him around." Cee-Lo Green chimed in, saying that he "respects" Christina's decision even if he doesn't understand it.

Not showing any regret with the move she took, Christina explained, "I am no stranger to controversy, and I am OK with that. Look, I am fearless in the face of what I believe and I will defend every action that I make." She added, "Jesse will go on and touch people with his voice. I wish him all the best."

Host Carson Daly then announced that Chris Mann from team Christina was saved by audience's vote, leaving Ashley De La Rosa and Lindsey Paveo to sing for life. The former covered Lady GaGa's "You and I", while the latter delivered an emotional rendition of Mike Posner's "Please Don't Go".

"I really love these two girls a lot. I really believe in you," Christina mulled over her decision. She eventually chose to let go Ashley and keep Lindsey for the semifinals.

Blake Shelton, meanwhile, had to choose between RaeLynn and Erin Willett after Jermaine Paul was declared safe. "I feel sick right now," the country music crooner tweeted before watching his two proteges performing.

RaeLynn put her own spin on classic rock song "Proud Mary", which earned praise from Christina. RaeLynn sang The Band Perry's "If I Die Young", but Adam thought she should curb the inflection in her voice.

Admitting it was hard for him to make the decision, Blake said, "I love both of you and we have a bond for different reasons. This is way rougher than I thought it was going to be." It wasn't until the credits rolled that he announced to save Erin and send RaeLynn packing.

Catering the audience that night was The Wanted who sang "Chasing the Sun". Justin Bieber also made an appearance to premiere a clip from his new music video for his hit single "Boyfriend" and announce that his album will be released on June 19.

Next week, Adam and Cee-Lo will send home two contestants each to round up the semifinalists.


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posted by jun on May 08, 2013
Metamorphosis COACH ,Chritina
posted by OUTDONE on May 08, 2012
posted by mandy on May 04, 2012
christina's brain must be as fake as her boobs. im from SA so we're behind on the shows, i just found out that Jesse is no longer on the voice, i cant wait to see the episode, i almost cried, IM SO ANGRY AND HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR CHRISTINA. WHY DID SHE SAY SHE WILL FIGHT FOR HIM THEN?? WHY NOT LET HIM GO TO ANOTHER COACH?
posted by Nadzzz on Apr 23, 2012
Boi Christina mi nuh know how yuh ago live down dah one yah.Mi nah tell nuh lie mi did shock cause Jesse is the most talented singer in your group but you mus know why yuh sen him home. Maybe his personality was your issue but a so life go. PS. I'm Jamaican
posted by Dream illusion on Apr 21, 2012
I thought The Voice is a great show. This is the first season for me and probably the last. I am so disappointed about Cristina's dumb decision to eliminate Jesse Campbell which makes me think that she has favoritism. The girl with a chop hair is her favorite no matter how good the others from her team are. The Voice lost it's credibility. It's a disgrace. I hope they will replace Cristina next season bec. I will surely not watch The Voice again as long as Cristina is on the show.
posted by Sean Glass on Apr 21, 2012
Several days later and I'm still UPset! So much that I jumped ship and watched American Idol this week, which I hadn't watched for years! Christina made a irreparable decision that negatively affects the show's credibility and NBC's ratings. Its not a coincidence that American Idol received a spike in votes this week. A lot of people converted like me. Christina's decision to let go of Jesse Campbell cost her this personal fan of hers, and also hurt the show, and NBC. And she still hasn't offered a logic reason why. What does she "believe in" ? How can she "defend every action" when she said she was going with her gut???
posted by Brena on Apr 21, 2012
Unbelievable! Jesse was the best singer on the show. Worst mistake ever, well second only to Jesse picking Christina as a coach!
posted by lindylula on Apr 20, 2012
When Jesse sung his first song on the voice, I could feel his emotions, which means he is extremely talented. I pray that someone signs him and he because famous so that that Christina will realized the huge mistake she made. The singer wasn't off that day, Christina was.
posted by DWriter on Apr 20, 2012
Christina seems like an egotistical person who cannot deal with anyone who may have a bit of knowledge about her craft. Jesse Campbell's voice is like silk. He's seasoned. He's versatile. He's gifted. I had been telling everyone about The Voice and how it was a show with integrity. So much for that! Christina made a very poor, unexplainable decision. I don't know what went down, but something happened in the background that we will probably never know. She didn't send Jesse home because he wasn't the best. Her reasons were personal. I cannot say I won't watch the show anymore because it is still good and the other judges seem to operate with integrity. I do believe that if Christina is going to make moves like this, she needs to find another job besides The Voice.
posted by Judgment Call on Apr 19, 2012
Christina's says she has to follow her heart. We'll obviously we can't tell what's in her heart. At this point I'm not sure if she knows what is in her heart. I just can't forget what Adam said to his team about Jesse. He turned around to say "this is the VOICE: He's the one to beat!
posted by FormerChristinaFan on Apr 19, 2012
Jesse was going to win the whole thing. Bad, bad, bad move Christina.
posted by store on Apr 19, 2012
Not much substance inside that head of hers it would seem!
posted by sal on Apr 19, 2012
Unbelievable that she sent Jesse home. I totally agree that Jesse's only mistake was picking Christina. She is THE WORST!!!!!!!!
posted by devon on Apr 19, 2012
who ever wrote this article should have had someone read over their work RaeLynn did not sing proud mary and if i die young. Erin Willett performed Proud mary,
posted by Kid on Apr 19, 2012
I hate it when judges make them perform songs that clearly DON'T showcase their vocal ability and then call it "stretching beyond the limits". Almost all bad performances boil down to judges' horrible choices. So WHAT if a person wants to stick to a certain type of singing? They ruin it by making them sing "current" songs >.<
posted by catherineMc on Apr 19, 2012
I won't be watching anymore. When shows are this obvious in dumb moves, it is no longer worth my while. Too bad.....might have been a good show if it was an honest one!
posted by mia6345 on Apr 18, 2012
A defensive Christina gave a lame and unsatisfying reason for eliminating Jesse Campbell proving that she is ego-centric and a detriment to the show which has lost all credibility with its judge's impromtu elimination. Jesse's only mistake was picking her in the first place. The Voice should consider replacing Christina in Season 3.
posted by Syarfina on Apr 18, 2012
The show's credibility is definitely on the line..Christina's just sealed hers...cheapest publicity stunt ever!!
posted by Jay on Apr 18, 2012
I thought The Voice was a respectable show that was actually real. I won't be watching it ever again. I've lost all respect for Christina. She should know talent better than anyone, and Jessee was clearly the most talented on her entire team. I probably won't watch that show ever again. I know the other judges said they have to "respect" her decision, well I don't. I lost all respect for her even as a musician, she should know talent.
posted by Mustang308 on Apr 18, 2012
So shocked at Christina's decision. Jesse may have been the one to win The Voice season 2. Just glad to heat that RaeLynn is GONE.
posted by sir1bmw on Apr 18, 2012
FACT... NO OTHER SINGER IN THE VOICE since SEASON 1 that the judges turned their chairs that fast in the auditions, NO ONE.... only to JESSE CAMPBELL. SO ANYONE WILL SAY, HE'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH IS MORON & DEAF...
posted by POFF on Apr 18, 2012
I also agree and wish that Jessie had never picked Christina. Send her best singer home was the worst thing she could have ever did. I was already upset when she set home another on of her artist that could sing very well. After sending home Jessie, this just sealed the deal that I would never watch again. She has other artist on her team that should have gone home long ago. I guess that why I'm not the judge. I hope the shows ratings drop behind that. I know a lot of upset people.
posted by ShadowBBC on Apr 18, 2012
I totally agree... he made a mistake in choosing Christina... so much for the fight for you until the end huh... oh well... I'm done with the show now...

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