'Biggest Loser' Resumes Production After Mass Revolt, Cuts Two Protesters

February 24, 2012 08:10:48 GMT

Two of the contestants, who walked off the set earlier this week, have reportedly been booted from the show for good.

'Biggest Loser' Resumes Production After Mass Revolt, Cuts Two Protesters
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"The Biggest Loser" is moving on despite the alleged protest launched by the contestants. After it was reported that the filming of the currently aired thirteenth season was shut down due to the cast revolt, the show is now said to have resumed production.

According to TMZ, the reality series has axed two of the contestants who walked off the set earlier this week after learning about a secret twist planned by the producers. Sources moreover spilled that the show's bosses are considering to use the mutiny as "a story point."

Previously, reports said the remaining players in the current season of "Biggest Loser" walked off during the filming of an episode because they were upset that the producers planned to bring back previous contestants to compete for the $250,000 grand prize. They allegedly felt it's unfair that former cast members would be given a second chance at winning the prize.

NBC remains mum on the issue.


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posted by saddeb on Mar 31, 2012
This time the show has really taken a turn for the worst. To allow all the backstabbing and plotting to continue hurts the show. When I started watch the show I felt great about how the show worked, people that really need to be inspired. And that show (the one Michael won) was the best, since that show the contestants have been spoilers and really seem to be ruining the show. BL needs to get back to the basis of the show.
posted by Syc on Feb 29, 2012
I agree.These people are ungrateful slobs . I heard they had the nerve to walk off because they didn't like the game change .? Since when do they have anything to say but "hey,thanks for the opportunity you've given me." They re behaving like , well like they re the starrs of the show. Really? A bunch of whiney slobs that should focus on losing weight.
posted by tryright2 on Feb 29, 2012
I just watched last weeks show where Daphne was kicked off!. First, I am disappointed in Daphne cause she didn't represent blk women well. If your going to play the game play all the way or in other words go big or go home & so she went home! That being said I do feel there is a level of racism going on with these people. The only person on the Blk team that should have been up set with Dalphne was that snake Conda! I don't care if Conda has a mix-race child at home, her behavior is racist. 1st with Dolvett, then Adrian, then Dalphne. She's a bully and BL should be ashamed to allow the low down conieving crap I saw on the Feb 24 show!
posted by GZA on Feb 26, 2012
posted by killahkroc on Feb 26, 2012
Man you guys flame first of all mark had to chose between roy a friend of his and adrian second he lost 2 pound the prior week wich they cant aford I mean I was disapointed in the desicion but think if he votes for somebody else and nobody else does that person is going to be mad chism isnt a doche bag hes nice I know personally
posted by Dee on Feb 25, 2012
I donít believe Conda is a racist. She may be a bully and a manipulator but not a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others. Do any of you know what a racist is? She may have bullied Adrian and Daphne both being black but it is not because they were black. Conda has a daughter who is mix black/white (bi-racial) and she has shown that she loves her daughter or shouldnít have kept her in her life. I know what a racist is and seen for myself what a racist can do. There were other contestants on the BL ranch she bullied as well and they were white. Conda has a problems of selfishness, territorial, and needs to be in control of which are mental disorders which her own family recognizes she has problems. Conda has to be the one in control of situations and if she doesnít it sets off triggers of her defense mechanisms which can be outbursts of being a bully. She also is a manipulator which is partly due to her wanting to control others. What I canít understand is why the producers and the trainers let this go on.
posted by Wilber P Fudrucker on Feb 25, 2012
The worst season by far. Bob and Dolvete are great the rest of the loosers need to go away NOW. I am no longer a fan of this show. Wilber
posted by internettuffguy on Feb 24, 2012
This group of people are ridiculous, they all should be ousted! Conda isnt the only snake in the house, Chism is a douchebag and so is his dad! This show is really starting to suck bad! They keep trash talking about losing the most weight on the scale but none of them have lost a lot of weight!
posted by BLViewerinSD on Feb 24, 2012
I say boot the entire cast of ungrateful sourpusses from the show and *reboot* with some earnest folks with a penchant for bettering themselves who are grateful for the privilege of being coached by tier-one trainers. NBC took a terrific program that afforded us inspirational, high-integrity people whom we enjoyed rooting for as they transformed their lives *and torpedoed it* into a veritable Lord of the Flies, replete with conniving, whining, pig-headed human beings rooting in the dramatic sludge of reality TV -- wallowing in the messes they create as these bitter pills (Conda, Jeremy, Cruella DeVille Kim, Chism, his shameful father et al) blame others for their self-imposed misery. Conda's suggestion she wanted to physically kick a fellow contestant was appalling! And this woman's a Mother! What sour, racist souls. I'm disgusted that so many well-intentioned viewers have had to endure the toxicity of this season and its juvenile cast of characters. I feel cheated. I will watch to see which among these 'losers' NBC cut. If it's not Conda and Kim, I'll not waste another hour watching this tripe unless NBC gets rid of more of these *figurative* losers and replaces them with people who are there for the right reasons -- to work toward a healthier, more productive quality of life. What idiots, to squander such a wonderful opportunity.
posted by johnny on Feb 24, 2012
Stonney is right about the racist thing going on.I don't think you would have seen any of that if it wasen't for that whale Conda she is to blame for all the drama the other players are not very bright if they can't see what she is doing.Atleast Daphne had the courage to call her out.Conda doesn't deserve to be on the show and Chism dad also is a bully and who names their kid Chism whatever rocks your boat I guess.We can only hope she is one of the players they booted for good.Conda name stand for C=conceited O=obnoxious N=nieve D=disgraceful A=annoying
posted by Lisa on Feb 24, 2012
I'm also appalled by the high school mean girl portrayed by Conda. Honestly, I'm very surprised the others all jump on board with all her cruel antics. She is a mean bully.
posted by Linney on Feb 24, 2012
I turned off the last episode of this show off because I was so outraged at the behavior of Conda. Conda and her crew make the Mean Girls movie look tame. I hope the producers took a stand against her bullying behavior and dumped her. I think all the "walk-offs" should have been tossed and replaced with those who were previously sent home.
posted by Roncat on Feb 24, 2012
This has been the worst season of the shows history. If the producers are not careful, they will destroy what has been an inspiring and important show. If this is an attempt to boost viewership, it has had a terrible side-effect. I have walked away from the show at several points during this season and have considered leaving it altogether. i also agree with the race issue brought up by Stoney1, something the show has never addressed.
posted by Stoney1 on Feb 24, 2012
These are the worst contestants of any season on "The Biggest Loser!" They are also very racist and mean spirited. The way they treated Daphne and her brother was appalling--all because the brother and sister were allowed to return. I bet one of the ones who started the revolt was that 2-faced, black-hearted Conda. She has the right name, and I know it is short for "Anaconda" (a SNAKE). Thank you for taking your show back. We the loyal viewers do not want to see contestants throwing blows like the other reality shows. Stay classy. However I am tired of seeing the minorities voted off early because they ARE in the minority on most shows. I feel that the "Biggest Loser" should be the one who loses the most weight whether on the show or at home. That would eliminate some of the "foul game play" on the show.
posted by ummmmm on Feb 24, 2012
I dislike Conda also but I think all this racism talk is a load of BS. May I point out that when Conda went home, she had a bi-racial child--harldy a racist I'd think. To Maddy222, I'd watch TBL if it was an all black cast. It wouldn't matter to me and I'm white.
posted by Maddy222 on Feb 24, 2012
Yeah I believe there was some rascism going on as well...when they told Adrian that he came back too loud...they really meant he came back too BLACK for their taste! And they wanted their all white house back!...but then this all starts with the show when they only pick one or two blacks or others and the majority of the cast is white...guess white america wouldnt watch as much if the cast was mainly black...that would classify it as a black show!!!
posted by Minnesoda on Feb 24, 2012
My thoughts are with all of the above. When I first heard my mind went right to Conda. One of the other contestants even said last week that she was ashamed for what she did (not attempt to lose weight so they could vote off Daphne) and that was sorry she listened to Conda and would not do that again. Let's see what next week brings

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