Christina Aguilera Appears to Have Blood Running Down Her Leg at Etta James' Funeral

January 30, 2012 03:21:12 GMT

When spotted with mystery fluid streaming down her leg, the 'Not Myself Tonight' hitmaker is delivering a moving rendition of 'At Last' at James' funeral in Gardena, California.

Christina Aguilera Appears to Have Blood Running Down Her Leg at Etta James' Funeral
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Christina Aguilera seemed to have experienced a little accident at Etta James' funeral. When the "Beautiful" hitmaker performed a rendition of the late R&B legend's hit song "At Last" at the Greater Bethany Community Church City of Refuge in Gardena, California last Saturday, January 28, mystery fluid was caught on camera streaming down her leg.

Several blogs were quick to speculate that the talk-about fluid might be menstrual blood. There are yet words of clarification, but the mentor/judge of "The Voice" was seen wiping something off her leg with her other leg at the 3:50 mark in a video of her Saturday performance.

The accident aside, Aguilera has expressed how honored she is on being chosen to sing at James' funeral. To PEOPLE, the 31-year-old singer said, "It isn't every day that an artist can meet the person who inspired them and their career. Not only did I have the incredible opportunity of meeting my idol, the legendary Ms. Etta James, but to be asked by her family to perform at her memorial was so very touching and yet bitter sweet."

"Etta wasn't just any performer, she was a strong woman whose talent came from a place so deep it moved people in ways they never felt before," she continued. "Losing her was, to me, like losing a part of my soul. I can only hope that she felt the love in the room as we all came together to pay tribute to her and celebrate her life as a person and as an artist. She will be deeply missed and I thank her family for allowing me such a great honor."


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posted by A_14 on Mar 14, 2014
It's been forgotten now and it clearly was self tanner. If it were blood there would be a bright red liquid not orangy brown.
posted by Elion on Apr 04, 2013
Even if it IS menstrual blood, honestly, what is the big deal? ALL OF US GIRLS HAVE OUR PERIODS ONCE A MONTH. It can get messy, but please stop acting like it's super gross. No one would be fussing about the blood if she had a nose bleed.
posted by gtalo on May 28, 2012
either way shes still sexy
posted by nygurlxx on May 02, 2012
posted by Cindyloohoohoo on Feb 05, 2012
This was from her spray tan. it is orange/brown! NOT RED!!! she is a great singer!!!
posted by NoWay on Feb 04, 2012
Well she is trash anyway so figures she would be that skanky....
posted by what on Feb 03, 2012
Anyone knows this tramp everythings calculated to fit for her performance since she's been doing the Marilyn Monroe wannabe thing from the look ,the weight gain the whole transformation includes doing what Marilyn DOES as well since Christina is Obsessed with everything Marilyn that includes letting her period run down her legs and on her skirt. Marilyn use to run around doing the same thing and it was reported that she would have it on her skirt or pants or whatever she was wearing.Christina needs to stop having an identity crisis and stop staging these Marilyn Monroe same antics to get attention. What a poser Marilyn wannabe.
posted by . latush on Feb 02, 2012
Accidents happen. I still love her soulful voice.
posted by Cunniligual on Jan 31, 2012
I would lick all of that from her.
posted by Sharyn on Jan 31, 2012
A tampon and some underwear would be far more hygienic that wiping the drips off....reminds me of walking down the street in Alice Springs...ehww...
posted by crisfrank on Jan 30, 2012
A case of the shitz.
posted by Impalas on Jan 30, 2012
I feel like I am supposed to give her a dollar with her dressed like that... hooters hanging out.
posted by Respect on Jan 30, 2012
God, please make whomever wrote and published this story have an embarrassing moment worse than this one, like explosive diarrhea or something. Thank you. Amen.
posted by LandonF on Jan 30, 2012
Hey, say what you kind of turned me on :/
posted by Namaste on Jan 30, 2012
posted by Namaste on Jan 30, 2012
Guess what? We ate human beings! We burp, fart, vomit, poop, and ladies sometimes have accidents. It's a part of life! The first person I showed this to was my teenaged daughter, who has just started having her period. I can't tell you how empowering or helpful it is to young women to see that celebrities are just normal people, too! Christina is not exactly known for good judgment. That outfit alone with her big, fake breasts hanging out? And the way she OVERsang Etta's song, making it more of a showcase for herself? Please. Accidents happen and it did here. You put yourself out there and make a spectacle of yourself, you've got to expect it.
posted by Lianee on Jan 30, 2012
Don't shoot the messenger! Christina was the one who probably wasn't wearing underwear & at the start or end of her period! No way is that self tanner. Like it would drip from only between her legs & from no where else? Give me a break.
posted by docjkraus on Jan 29, 2012
Worst-ever case of "looky-here". Misogynistic bullying ought to be a crime.
posted by jay on Jan 29, 2012
First of all it was obviously her self tanner streaking from being sweaty, not menstrual blood. If you honestly think she would just stand there wiping away blood from her period while singing at her idol's funeral you are crazy. Second of all the fact that anyone is trying to focus on tan sweat, when she is up there pouring her heart out is really sad and disgusting. She gave a powerful and heartfelt performance, try focusing on that.
posted by Agularafan on Jan 29, 2012
Grow up leave her alone media
posted by mad634 on Jan 29, 2012
Some things should be edited, not put for public viewing. This was not a moment that required integrity, not sleazy notoriety. You must be getting fired and this website going out of business!! Pathetic and tasteless
posted by kjw317 on Jan 29, 2012
I'd really like to now what is wrong with this website, that you would write a story to embarrass someone like that!! You should be ashamed of yourself, whomever wrote this story. It must have been a man who took this pic to think that this is a funny story!!!

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