'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Accused of Staging Court Scene

December 17, 2011 05:17:36 GMT

Words are, the court proceeding between Sheree and Bob Whitfield is fake and the show replaces the real black judge with a white female.

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Accused of Staging Court Scene
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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" has been accused of not presenting a real scene. According to, the entire court proceeding between Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, which was included in a Tuesday, December 13 episode, was staged.

The site noticed that the judge featured on the Bravo reality show is named Bensonetta Tipton Lane. It was later found out that the real judge Lane is black, but the female judge on the show was white.

In the latest episode of "RHOA", Sheree asked her co-star Phaedra Parks-Nida to represent her as she accused Bob of refusing to pay child support. However, the retired NFL player turned the table on her by filing a petition for contempt against his ex-wife for allegedly keeping furniture that was granted to him in the divorce decree.


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posted by NorthFultonDivorceLa on Dec 13, 2012
I saw the clip. It wasn't staged. The hearing was heard by Judicial Officer Margaret "Meg" Dorsey, who assists Judge Lane. Courtroom I-A is assigned to Lane and when a hearing is held there, the J.O. does not remove Lane's sign.
posted by piye on Dec 19, 2011
A reality show that is staged? Blasphemy! I thought people with cameras in their faces 24/7 would keep it real!
posted by Hmmmm on Dec 18, 2011
Colored....? Really?
posted by Outlaw in Hawaii on Dec 18, 2011
Not surprising. Everything Sheree does lately appears to be staged. Dhe never built her big fake home. Her cars were repossessed. She obviously is "acting" as if she is "elegant and sophisticated" but actually is uneduacted and pathetic.
posted by Walker on Dec 17, 2011
"Colored"? Really? You might want to take that word out of the know, since it is 2011. And your readers aren't as racist as you are.
posted by ParalegalDiva on Dec 17, 2011
RHOA just tweeted that the court scene was not staged and that the judge was a member of Judge Tipton Lane's team. I work as a paralegal and we have many cases in the Fulton Co. Superior Court. I have been before Judge Tipton Lane and I can guarantee that she nor any other judge have a "team" of judges.
posted by Edwards on Dec 17, 2011
I had a feeling it was rigged simply by that Petition for a Motion for Contempt...for furniture that was awarded to him in the divorce decree. I was a paralegal for many years and one thing I know for sure is that if you have modification for child support, that's all that is addressed. So he would have needed an Enforcement if he wanted to address the furniture or anything else in his decree that was not pertaining to the child support.....I love my reality shows but I guess I have to remember that it's not always reality lol.
posted by mcccmar on Dec 17, 2011
why would you be suprised - ALL of these reality shows are staged and edited - you think people ACT like that knowing camera is in their face without scripting?????
posted by Lindalovee on Dec 17, 2011
No kidding

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