'NCIS: Los Angeles' to Fire Main Detective

October 28, 2011 08:54:49 GMT

Executive producer Shane Brennan confirms that a botched assignment leaves Hetty with no option but to fire one member of her team in an upcoming November episode.

'NCIS: Los Angeles' to Fire Main Detective
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Prepare to bid goodbye to one of main characters on "NCIS: Los Angeles" in the next few weeks. Executive producer Shane Brennan has spilled the beans that in episode 10 of season 3, Hetty will axe one member of her team after an assignment gone wrong.

"Hetty drags out the dreadful chopping block, sharpens the blade, and she takes off Deeks' head - figuratively," Brennan jokingly says, before confirming that it is [SPOILER ALERT!] Marty Deeks who will leave the Office of Special Projects Team as saying, "Yes, Deeks is fired."

On why Deeks has to get through this unpleasant storyline, the show's creator explains, "As you'll see in the teaser of this episode, he screws up royally." He continues telling TVLine, "Hetty has no choice but to fire him. She has absolutely no choice."

Brennan goes on dishing that "the ramifications [of Deeks' firing] will be felt, especially with the Deeks-Kensi relationship." He adds, "Kensi (Daniela Ruah) takes it badly on a couple of levels," before teasing, "Kensi gives Deeks a little lip... It is one not to be missed for the Kensi-Deeks fans."

Despite the farewell moment, Brennan says the upcoming episode, which airs on November 22, will still feature some humor. "It's a really powerful episode with this great 'What the hell has happened?!' aspect to it," he gushes. "But at the same time, it's got comedy and lots of twists and turns."

The said outing will additionally find Deeks "quite literally and figuratively out on a ledge, at a high-rise." Brennan continues claiming that Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Deeks, "is just loving this episode - though I don't think the fans will like it much! And yet they will."

Deeks accepted the position of NCIS / LAPD Liaison Officer toward the end of season 1. After being dumped from NCIS, he will likely return as an LAPD detective.


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posted by braco2412 on Nov 24, 2013
If Deeks leaves the show then I will ditch it as a series
posted by PlatinumDiva on Oct 01, 2013
If Deeks is gone I probably will be, too. HE ROCKS!!!!!
posted by I quit! on Sep 25, 2013
If Deeks leave I will not watch the show. He had better stay!
posted by Stacrn on Jul 16, 2013
I enjoy the banter with Deeks and the rest. I hope he is not written out. I hope he does not spin off to another series as the team makes the show.
posted by deeksfan on May 15, 2013
If deeks goes so do I
posted by roguerob on Dec 11, 2012
I just saw next weeks episode deeks is in it .don't be surprised if he applys for a job as an agent
posted by kiwi93 on Nov 22, 2011
I swear if Deeks leave I'll not watch the show!!! He better be back, or the producers will be getting a lot of angry letters from me.
posted by Fan No More on Oct 31, 2011
I struggled through the first season and finally got into the show when Deeks was introduced. IF he is gone I probably wil be, too.

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