How Charlie Dies on 'Two and a Half Men' Revealed

August 07, 2011 18:49:59 GMT

There's a spoiler which explains further what kind of 'accident' that led to his death in the season premiere.

How Charlie Dies on 'Two and a Half Men' Revealed
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"Two and a Half Men" producers may have tried to seal the story of how Charlie Harper dies but the information leaks anyway. [Spoiler Alert] Previously, the taping audience reportedly heard that the character played by Charlie Sheen would be dead due to "accident", but apparently it is not just as simple as that.

The last time audience saw of Charlie was when he got on a plane to Paris with his creeper slash stalker neighbor Rose. Turns out, the season premiere would reveal that Charlie walked down the aisle with Rose but then cheated on her while they were still in Paris. According to Perez Hilton, she caught him in the shower with another woman.

The "accident" here becomes a very complicated word because Rose said during the eulogy that her husband "slipped" into a Paris subway rail and was shred to pieces, causing a "meat explosion". Although it is not yet confirmed, there's a possibility that Rose gave that necessary shove out of rage.

The season premiere airs September 19 with Ashton Kutcher playing new character. Sheen said that he would watch the episode from his home.


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posted by missie on Aug 25, 2011
Realy wish they could have worked everything out . Charlie was the only reson I watched the show. Always had something to say . He made the show. I'm not to sure if ill watch when it airs
posted by charlie-harper-alive on Aug 09, 2011
Most of it was based on his life + rose is proberly on the not real side
posted by ktwoll on Aug 07, 2011
When they introduced 21/2 men they said it was based on Sheens life. That's what made it interesting. left you wondering did he or didn't he... I don't see the show lasting tho without him. He was the central charactor who the others played off. There is enough talent in the other actors but it would be a dramatic shift away from the absure life of Charlie Harper. It might last through the year but I don't expect more unless they are able to shift the focus off of Charlie... not sure it can be done.
posted by Lou on Aug 07, 2011
Well if it is true, it destroys Rose character, she was nutty but never a criminal even more responsible of the murder of a beloved character like Charlie Harper..SAD

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