'Bachelorette': Week 4 Recap and Winner Spoiler

'Bachelorette': Week 4 Recap and Winner Spoiler

Bonding with Constantine and Ames in Thailand, Ashley Hebert chose to send home one guy instead of two in the June 13 episode.

Ashley Hebert was trying to mend her broken heart in the June 13 episode of "The Bachelorette" while she continued dating the remaining bachelors. After being left in tears following Bentley's departure, the 26-year-old beauty was impressed by Constantine and Ames when they had one-on-one dates in Phuket, Thailand.

Constantine was the first going on a date with Ashley. They were about to take a boat out to a private beach, but the rain scrapped the plan. The couple improvised by sightseeing, shopping and interacting with locals on the rainy day. Later in the evening, Ashley gave a rose to Constantine.

Ashley continued on with a group date which involved Ben F, JP, Blake, Mickey, West, Ben C, Nick, Lucas, William and Ryan. They visited an orphanage for children, who lost their families in the 2004 tsunami, and made some improvements with the building.

Ben F. took the chance to show off his artistic skill by painting a mural with Ashley. Meanwhile, Ryan P. annoyed the other bachelors with his demeanor. Later that night, they celebrated with a party and drinks, during which Ryan P. stole Ashley for a chat several times.

JP, who scored a one-on-one date last week, also had a time to talk in private with Ashley, joking about when his next one-on-one will be. The rose in a group date finally went to Ben F. They all went to take a dip in the pool.

Next for Ashley was the one-on-one date with Ames. They had a boat trip and Ames told her that he had been in Thailand twice before. They talked about past relationships and what they are looking for in a mate over the course of the day. Ashley gave him a rose at the end of the day, although there was no kiss.

Later in a cocktail party, Ashley was concerned about West who had a lot to deal with following his wife's death, and may not be ready to move forward, but he tried to assure her that she is not filling shoes. Meanwhile, Ashley and Lucas discussed about his divorce and he let her know that he is over it.

Before the rose ceremony, Ashley asked host Chris Harrison if she was allowed to bend the rules and only send one guy home instead of two. She ended up giving the roses to Lucas, Ryan, JP, Nick, Mickey, Blake, William, and Ben C. in addition to Constantine, Ben F. and Ames who have had a rose, leaving West as the only guy who did not get a rose.

In related news, Twirlit has given away possible huge spoilers for "Bachelorette" season 7. According to the site, [SPOILER ALERT!] Ames, Ben F, Constantine and JP are the top four finalists who will get a chance to bring Ashley to their hometowns to meet their families. Ben F. and JP will go on the final two, but it is JP who finally wins the competition and is reportedly engaged to Ashley.

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