'American Idol' Reject Jacob Lusk Hurt by Jimmy Iovine's Critiques

May 07, 2011 01:33:23 GMT

In a conference call a day after his elimination from the competition, the 23 year-old gospel singer also addresses contradictory advice he got from the judges.

'American Idol' Reject Jacob Lusk Hurt by Jimmy Iovine's Critiques
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Jacob Lusk isn't hiding the fact that he is left bitter by the negatives thrown at him while he was on "American Idol". The 23 year-old gospel singer got the boot from the singing competition on Thursday night, May 5, and the morning afterward, he opened up about what he really feels about mentor/record producer Jimmy Iovine's criticism.

Asked how soul-destroying Jimmy's negative comments about his song choices, the aspiring singer who finished fifth on the competition told reporters during a conference call on Friday, May 6, "I wouldn't call it soul-destroying." He elaborated, "It definitely hurts a lot, to have someone who is supposed to be mentoring you tearing you down."

"What you have to remember is you're not doing it for him, you're doing it for the people out there in America. They're the people who are voting," he pointed out. Still, he did admit, "It definitely hurts. It's definitely hard to have someone beat you over the head with a baseball bat, then say, 'Now go out here and sing for your life.' "

Though hurt, Jacob won't let the negatives get the best of him. "What I do, and what I definitely will continue to do now that the show is over for me, is to really give my all and continue to show my heart and continue to do my best to touch people, because that's what it's about," he stressed. "It's about touching people with music."

The singer from Compton, California, additionally, disagreed that the pressure was getting to him. "I wouldn't say the pressure was getting to me," he claimed. "I was getting a little tired, probably. I was trying to do different things that I thought that he would like. At the end of the day, I definitely went out and gave them my all."

Asked if Jimmy has talked to him since his elimination, he said, "I did not speak to him or see him after the show." Nonetheless, he noted, "But all is well. I have no complaints. He has his opinions, and he's definitely entitled to them. I'm no longer an active contestant, but all things work out together for good to those that love the Lord."

During the chat, Jacob also admitted to have felt that he "definitely got some contradictory advice" from the judges. Still, he added, "But at the end of the day, and what Randy tried to tell me, was that it's up to me and I have to be myself. Any time I'm being myself, they can't say anything. When you're great, you're great. When you're good, you're good. Nobody can argue with that, and that's what I have to do."

On his elimination, Jacob confessed, "I had expected it, not because of my bottom three finishes, but because of the judges' feedback and my performance this past week." He went on to point out, "I was the only one who wasn't in his element this past week. I did songs that weren't in my genre, that weren't really my thing. This wasn't the time to do that."

He explained further, "I feel that's why I was voted off, not because I was horrible or because they didn't like me or liked somebody else better. Those four people that are there did amazing. They were in their element Wednesday night, and I wasn't."


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posted by Miz E on May 07, 2011
He has no one to answer to but the man upstairs and we will see him up in light on someones stage in the future,so Jacob keep doing what you do best and that sing with your heart,with the help of GOD.
posted by Chels on May 07, 2011
It was jacob's time to go. Iovine is gonna be honest with you no matter what, that is what he is there for. And it's simple, the 4 that are left are better than he is. I was tired of listening to him. When he performed the other night, I just tuned him out.
posted by areyouserious on May 07, 2011
It was obvious jacob was gonna be sent home because he kept on being on the bottom 3, so this shouldn't be a surprise. Jacob stop feeling sorry for yourself and wake up, appreciate the fact that at least you made it that far! There was too much screaming going on anyway.
posted by Wild Bill on May 07, 2011
It's called "American" Idol not "Gospel" Idol The point is to appeal to the widest section of the public you can. It's very telling that Lauren, who wasn't as strong a singer is still in it, because she listened to the mentor but Jacob, who should have had both the black and gay votes locked up is gone.
posted by jacob rocks on May 07, 2011
Well I think that he had the greatest range and tried to sing in his genere but was repeatedly told not to. He so shoud have sang To Dream The Impossible Dream that week-he would have nailed it! Very poor advise. He just should have stuck to his gut feelings on song choice. Good luck Jacob-I hope you go far!
posted by Idol Watcher on May 06, 2011
What a loser - he managed to stay way too long - out of his element? Try out of his class!
posted by untcoco on May 06, 2011
Don't feel bad Jacob Lusk, I think you rock. Some people can be so evil & that includes that fat ass Randy Jackson I think he's a racist toward his own people. God bless U. You gonna do well, God. Is bigger than all your critics.
posted by cary on May 06, 2011
Jacob is fantastic...doing what he loves in his own style. Scotty is cool doing his own thing and so is Jacob - Love You-can not way to buy your music!!!
posted by LuskSucks on May 06, 2011
and BTW...Has the world not heard that Jacob Lusk "begged" a court judge to let him off probation so he could perform on Idol? Seriously...does he think he is what "Idol" is all about? He should never have even made it to Hollywood. STFU Jacob. You were bottom 2-3 for what, 4 weeks? Blame the mentor...sounds like how you roll. Try taking responsibility for your life and actions and stop blaming the man or trying to get something for nothing. You lost because you just arent as good as the others (and down right horrible if you ask me).
posted by Lusksucks on May 06, 2011
Did Jacob Lusk really use the excuse the "he was out of his element"?? Seriously? Most singers are out of their element on a weekly basis. This years finalist are very eclectic, at some point, every performer is out of his/her element. James rocks it no matter what he does, he has nailed all genres. Try and get it through your thick head, you just arent as good as the other finalists.

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