'Rio' Keeps on Top of Box Office, 'Water for Elephants' Has Modest Debut

The 3D animation enjoys the glory of the top chart by grossing 26.8 million, while 'Madea's Big Happy Family' sits on number two and 'Water for Elephants' opens on number three.

"Rio" has attracted moviegoers with its tropical-bird theme over Easter weekend. The 20th Century Fox movie keeps perching on the top of North American box office with $26.3 million, collecting total gross $80.8 million in two weeks.

Trailing behind "Rio" on the second place is newly-released "Madea's Big Happy Family". The comedy film, which revolves around a wise-cracking grandmother named Madea, opens with $25 million from 2,288 theaters.

In the meantime, "Water for Elephants" has a modest opening on number three. Attracting an audience that was 70% female, the PG-13 movie grosses $16.8 million in its ticket sales.

The entrance of Robert Pattinson's drama forces Russell Brand's "Hop" to slide down to the fourth with $12.2 million. Meanwhile, "Scream 4" drops from last week's runner-up position to number five, earning $7 million.

Top Ten Movies at Box Office for April 22-24:

  1. "Rio" - $26.3 million
  2. "Madea's Big Happy Family" - $25 million
  3. "Water for Elephants" - $16.8 million
  4. "Hop" - $12.2 million
  5. "Scream 4" - $7 million
  6. "African Cats" - $6 million
  7. "Soul Surfer" - $5.4 million
  8. *"Hanna" - $5.3 million
  9. "Insidious" - $5.2 million
  10. "Source Code" - $5 million
*UPDATE (Apr. 25, 2011): When the final figures came out on Monday, April 25, "Insidious" dropped another slot to the ninth. Hence, it swapped place with "Hanna", which now secured the eighth position on the chart.

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    Where is your resear
    Apr 27, 2011

    I don't understand why you call 16.8M a modest opening for a drama. Rotten Tomatoes reported that Water for Elephants has the highest opening weekend for a drama for this year so far. Box Office Mojo has statistic for opening weekend of all romantic dramas since 1980 till present and Water for Elephants opened at number 7! It's way better than some famous drama like The Notebook, Ghost, A Walk to Remember and many more. The movie made half its budget of $38M back in 4 days. Domestic $18,6M, World Wide total is $21,2M as of Apr. 25 (Box Office Mojo).

    Apr 27, 2011

    I'm trying to understand, here, what the motivation is behind the quote: "Attracting an audience that was 70% female..." It's funny that you didn't include the statistical information on the numer of African Americans buying tickets to Madea, the number of Hispanics watching Rio or the percentage of tickets sold for childrens seats for Hop. Women buying tickets to see a movie, however, now THAT'S newsworthy. Or is your real point that the succes of WFE can be rationalized away by saying, "oh, it's just another chick-flick"! What do those dumb girls know about good cinema, anyway. Prick.

    Apr 27, 2011

    Let's discuss modest opening for Source Code that did only 14 million opening weekend with a 90% RT rating starring Jake Gyllenhaal in a popular genre Sci-Fi. I'd like to know what's up with that and why no one writes about it?

    Aileen Grey
    Apr 25, 2011

    Water for elephants also has a global appeal which Madea does not and the short lived family movie Rio will fade while WFE's audience will continue to grow as it releases around the world and over time.

    Apr 24, 2011

    It is a great movie. A must SEE

    Apr 24, 2011

    $17 million for Elephants is far from a "modest" debut. It's well ahead of industry expectations and came close to beating the 19 Million opening of Scream 4 last week, which many expected to be a blockbuster. I'd say the opening for Elephants is great not modest

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