Kim Kardashian Is Smoking Hot in New Twitter Picture

Kim Kardashian Is Smoking Hot in New Twitter Picture

The reality TV star-turned singer gives her Twitter followers a good view of her bikini bod in a '2sexy2tweet' image.

Kim Kardashian just posted a new sexy picture of herself on Twitter, much to her more-than-five-million followers' delight. The reality TV star flaunts her toned curvy body in a barely-there black bikini as she poses for the camera and places both hands on her waists.

The 30-year-old beauty applies bright-red lipstick and smoky eye make-up, and finishes off her racy look with silver heart necklace and giant hoop earrings. "Jewels and red lips!" so she simply tweeted in an accompanying message of the "2sexy2tweet" picture.

Beside busy with her E! reality shows, Kim Kardashian is also currently preparing for her music debut which involves Kanye West. "2011 is all about trying new things and going for it! I'm starting mine with something fun and crazy! Let's leave the past behind us and move forward! Do better and push yourself in 2011," she once stated.




    indian guy
    Jan 20, 2011

    wow what a sexy pic..i wish i could suck her boobs, suck her hot n wet pussy and then fuck hard in her pussy and ass holes for hours

    Jan 17, 2011

    she is just a whore plain and simple, she needs to admit that she has implants !

    Jan 17, 2011

    Since I'm a guy i have no problem with that pic. She likes attention, lots of people do, she's hot, desirable and everyone knows it. STOP HATING ON THE WOMAN!

    Jan 15, 2011

    @ lucy allen: she should get a life? She's one of the most desired women in the public eye atm, a multi-millionaire, very famous, and enjoying a life full of luxury and celebs. Whether she's a bit more than a tease is one thing, but saying she needs a life is ironic...

    lucy allen
    Jan 15, 2011

    she looks like a fucki slut she should just get a ife

    Handodo The Great
    Jan 15, 2011

    Kim is Hot! But it appears she wants someone to fuck her! Thats bad!!

    Jan 15, 2011

    haha she always poses with her mouth open and her arms in the air(:

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