Kate Gosselin and Kids Flew to Australia for 'Kate Plus 8'

December 30, 2010 06:42:11 GMT

Sans Jon, the Gosselins will enjoy a vacation in both Australia and New Zealand while the camera rolls.

Kate Gosselin and Kids Flew to Australia for 'Kate Plus 8'
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Australia is about to get one more endorsement from an American television show. Oprah Winfrey came to the smallest continent earlier this month for "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and Kate Gosselin has followed her footstep by visiting it for holiday with her kids. While there, TLC's cameras also tagged along to document the vacation for "Kate Plus 8".

Kate and the eight kids have flown to Australia to ring in the new year. According to Radar Online, they will also stop by New Zealand during the trip. While dad Jon Gosselin did not join them, Kate is accompanied by her bodyguard Steve Nield. Since this is part of the reality show's filming, then all the bills go to TLC.

"Kate and the kids flew-out just before midnight last night in what will be a staggered trip to Australia and New Zealand," a source told Radar. "Obviously, Jon was informed of the excursion and the kids will not see their father again until mid-January when they return to America with their mom."

"They will be filming for Kate Plus 8 and the kids are excited about visiting both Australia and New Zealand. Steve Nield - who is from New Zealand - will also be traveling with them while they tour both countries."

No clue yet for which episode the Australian vacation would be.


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posted by Beach Bum on Jan 07, 2011
All the pictures of kate in her so call swiam wear,this is what they to look back on.
posted by Fanny on Jan 03, 2011
TLC is saying ok for Kate tobreak up two homes.DO I say more?????
posted by norma on Jan 01, 2011
what does she think she,s going to get a welcome like oprah, I think not KATE your nothing here, nobody likes you or wants you here , tlc must be hard up to still be giving this woman freebies,whats next tlc,maybe you tlc should get the f out of our country as well she would not be here if you werent paying for the trip so tlc we blame you for bringing this horror to our beautiful shores wo,nt be watching any of this rubbish
posted by maree on Jan 01, 2011
why is tlc pandering to this woman she,s nothing the rating for the so called show kate plus 8 has been very poor for a long time so why is she still here, tlc don,t use our country for this woman to put down, if we see her behaving like a diva here she,ll be told to f off back to the rock she crawled form under bad news that one, and not good news for us here
posted by julie on Jan 01, 2011
please say it.s not true is this idiot coming here, she,s nothing here allI can say is watch yourself here kate start acting like a diva here and you,ll be cut down to size very quickly we don,t have to put up with the like,s of you here in our wonderfull country
posted by sharron on Jan 01, 2011
our country is pretty well laid back and very friendly to our overseas visitors but with this woman coming here are surpose to take her rudeness like how she was in alaska, I think not so show some manners while your here kate and respect our culture and country orwatch out we aussie don,t take kindly to rude behaver from a wannabe fame whore who has nothing to offer our country except to go back to the U,S and put us down get the hell out of our country and get home with the brats and bodyguard kateyour not wanted here
posted by june on Jan 01, 2011
nooooooooooo way we don.t want her here get the fuuuuuuuu home or better still get to kiwi land with the bodyguard not wanted here
posted by carol on Jan 01, 2011
so how,s having this woman come to our country going to be good for us all she,s going to d0is winge and put our country down because she might have to endure some of our beautiful counties harsh condition what with the floods we are going through she,s just going to put everything down about our country after all we aussies are all about the outdoors hows that going to work for her after how rude she was in alaska, don,t try that here kate or you,ll be shown the door with a swift boot back to the U.S
posted by vicky on Jan 01, 2011
so she thinks she,s oprah, us aussie,s love oprah if this kate thinks she is going to get great ratings on the tail coat of oprah thinkagain kate your nothing here in aussie we all think you are an idiot with a heard of brats don,t want you here get home we don,t want our country to get a bad name with your winging and complaining
posted by pip on Jan 01, 2011
no we don.t want her in our country go home kate and take your brats with you
posted by sally on Jan 01, 2011
noway do we have to put up with this idiot, I hope she shows some manners in our country, and not be so rude like she was in alaska, whatch out kate us aussie will chew you up and spit you out if you think you can behave in such a rude manner, and by the way your not wanted here in our beautiful counrty get back to the states where nobdy wants you there either
posted by Ginny on Jan 01, 2011
Kate Gosselin is the biggest lier & fake on the face of the earth! Why is she still on TV? Her kids will be affected for life with what she has done to them. No one wants to see this family anymore.....wise up TLC!
posted by Confused on Dec 31, 2010
Not sure why TLC is investing so much in Woman, when majority of people in USA do not like her or want to see her show.Atleast with Sarak Palin we get to see the beauti of Alaska, and Sarah seem to be a much better wife and a mother to her kids.
posted by Taci on Dec 30, 2010
Boobalious Kate just stepped off the plane with her hooker heels and huge cleavage. Her little kiwi Steve is with her. I hope they get married and all live happily ever after down under.
posted by because on Dec 30, 2010
She has custody because the courts say so. Everyone acts like no one takes children on trips to other countries, well they sure do! Lots of people do!
posted by lorian on Dec 30, 2010
I hope they have a blast!
posted by spen6cer on Dec 30, 2010
t the rate they attend school!!anot likely the 6 year olds will ever learn the difference between hairplane and airplane
posted by Chris on Dec 30, 2010
Nooooooooooo!!!! We don't want her. She's just hideous - inside and out. There's nothing wrong with taking your children on trips to other countries. But it's a crime how she exploits them and yet can still have custody. How on earth can she STILL have supporters out there???
posted by Summer on Dec 30, 2010
I doubt Australians are hoping for or wanting an endorsement from Kate. Just go back home. We've got enough dangerous species already. Why is this woman still allowed to have custody of those poor kids?

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