Video Premiere: Greyson Chance's 'Waiting Outside the Lines'

December 15, 2010 04:00:06 GMT

The Ellen DeGeneres protege moves from one place to another before ending up in an empty room soaking wet under the rain.

Video Premiere: Greyson Chance's 'Waiting Outside the Lines'
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Greyson Chance is a piano man in a music video for his debut single "Waiting Outside the Lines". From playing the piano in a dark room, the YouTube singing sensation is transported to a highway full of speeding cars, empty rooftop with city view on the background and street crowded by passersby before brought back to the room in the middle of cheering girls. He closes the clip by playing under the rain.

The piano used in the music video is designed by Chance who takes inspiration from Paramore's "Riot!" cover art. He told MTV, "I wonder if I can make a piano like that? So now we actually have the piano with all the different words, and then I've always dreamed of having an inverted piano with black keys and white sharps and flats, so we have that too. It's been really cool. I'm so glad it's there."

Of the video itself, he explained, "The whole concept is saying that ... everything in the world can come down on you, but you're still gonna break through. Especially when the rain comes down, I'm letting it pour on me [and] I don't care, but in the end, I'm bone-dry and I'm getting through my problem."

"Waiting Outside the Lines" is expected to appear in Greyson Chance's upcoming debut album which is yet to be titled. Before moving on to a full-length set, he is going to drop a mini album first. In the meantime, the 13-year-old singer is preparing to tour with Miranda Cosgrove for her Dancing Crazy gig which kicks off in January 2011.

Greyson Chance's "Waiting Outside the Lines" music video


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posted by some1:RIV:) on Nov 02, 2012
GREYSON CHANCE!!I LOVE YOU!!I hope I can meet you..I'm from Malaysia..from kota have a nice voice n your are the best!!LOVE YOU..I HOPE WE CAN BE FRIEND SOE DAY..that's my wish..
posted by taylar on Feb 22, 2011
i love this song and he is so cute hes better than justin bieber
posted by ninoashka on Feb 17, 2011
i love this song
posted by brianabieber on Feb 15, 2011
ilovehim!an dthe songs
posted by nikkij on Feb 09, 2011
ur awesome

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