Pictures: Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Rock Jingle Ball

December 10, 2010 04:34:34 GMT

Lambert 'bragged' about his Grammy nomination, Gomez went barefooted, and Bieber serenaded a lucky female fan.

Pictures: Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Rock Jingle Ball
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A number of celebrities came to New Jersey on Wednesday, December 8 to celebrate the holiday with their fans in Q102 Jingle Ball concert. Adam Lambert, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sent the crowd into a frenzy when they came out on stage for live performances.

Lambert catered concertgoers flocking the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden with eight songs, including "Sleepwalker". Before proceeding with Grammy-nominated single "Whataya Want From Me", he took a minute to "brag," saying "I'm gonna brag for a minute because it feels real good to say. Because of this song, I just got nominated for a Grammy! And I appreciate it. I'm very honored."

Disney sweetheart Gomez, who did KIIS-FM Jingle Ball in Los Angeles before coming to New Jersey, heated up the concert with her own songs such as "Round Round". Rocking a white bedazzled bustier with matching pants and flats, she bounced up and down and even went barefooted at some points during her set.

Gomez's rumored boyfriend Bieber, meanwhile, decked black ensemble when singing his songs before passing the mic to Lambert. The Canadian pop star, who was spotted holding hand with the "Wizards of Waverly Place" star when grabbing a bite at IHOP, invited a female fan to the stage, serenaded and gave her a big bouquet of roses.

The other performers that night included Charice, Flo Rida, Train, Jesse McCartney, The Script and Cody Simpson.


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posted by sarina on Sep 19, 2012
i love adam lambert.he's perfect and the best
posted by rano on Jan 30, 2011
adam i love so much god bless you
posted by gabe on Dec 13, 2010
the writer is partial with selena. he/she is more of a fan than an event reviewer with no grasp of music appreciation.
posted by delilah5 on Dec 11, 2010
Please, stop talk about this stupid voceless monkey Beav. I open this page to read news about Adam. Why I have to see and read any comment about this strange boy or whatever he is!
posted by tess4ADAM on Dec 11, 2010
I saw videos of ADAM's set on Ytube & as usual he was the STAR of the show ... IMO ... JMHO!!
posted by Abby on Dec 10, 2010
I have no issue with backing tracks, as long as they are used judiciously - so many songs have multi-layers and you get used to hearing them that way on the radio or CD. However, there is no excuse for a so called headliner to lip synch. None. Send him to Australia - you know how they reacted to Britney Spears. It doesn't matter to 11 year olds who scream so loud they can't hear him anyway, but it sucks for the parents who have to sit thru this dreck. Charice, Lambert and Train entertained with talent - the others, not so much.
posted by CJ on Dec 10, 2010
I was really disappointed in Bieber & Gomez, They lip synched, There were times Bieber didn't have the Mic up to his mouth yet his voice was coming loud & clear through the sound system . Other times he wasn't even bothering to try singing.
posted by delilah5 on Dec 10, 2010
I don't know why Selena coudn't sing in mike, but Beiber goes through puberty:) I don't think he can sing now. And this is better for him do not do it because he can lose his voice. By the way, does he have any voice? Deff he doesn't have and doesn't need to work hard to sing. Justin "Casanova" rumors make him more popular than his songs:)
posted by MM on Dec 10, 2010
My cousin took her fiance's younger sister. She said Charice and Flo Rida were really good, and Lambert's vocal were amazing and blew it out the box as usual. My cousin's got nothing against Bieber or Gomez, but said she read somewhere, after the show, that they were singing to a backing track with their mic's probably very low - and my cousin said, yes, that seemed to be the case! IDK, doesn't seem right to me, but whatevs, I actually like Selena's voice, just like the truth to be known. The little girl liked Bieber and Gomez 'though, so it was all good.
posted by @Dude on Dec 10, 2010
"Bieber apparently can't really sing live right now" "It could hurt his career." LOLOLOLOL Does anyone else see how ridiculous this is? ISN'T JUSTIN SUPPOSE TO BE A SINGER? He is just a manufactured pop star with coaches who teach him how to act with the little girls. It's sickening really.
posted by Marie on Dec 10, 2010
The kids don't care if Justin can't sing. It looks like Adam, Charice and Train were the true talent at the JB.
posted by Dude on Dec 10, 2010
I heard Adam Lamberts vocals were just mind blowing. Bieber apparently can't really sing live right now so I am not sure why they keep having him act like it. It could hurt his career.
posted by mkkma on Dec 10, 2010
adam lambert is in a class by himself. no one can sing like him incredible voice and range justin and selena have no talent.
posted by jane on Dec 10, 2010
so how did they each sound? just wondering!
posted by anonymous on Dec 09, 2010
i love your review,you did mention they all rockout and you did make me happy the 17 yearsold

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