Michael Jackson's New Song 'Keep Your Head Up' Leaks

November 13, 2010 08:01:36 GMT

The late King of Pop rides solo in this slow, uplifting tune which is taken from his December 14 release.

Michael Jackson
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While people are looking forward to the official Michael Jackson first posthumous single "Hold My Hand" which will be released on November 15, what just surfaced on the web is a different MJ song. Still taken from his forthcoming album "Michael", the newly-leaked song is titled "Keep Your Head Up".

Unlike the soon-to-be-released single which features Akon and the buzz track "Breaking News" which contains upbeat tune, this new one is a solo song with slow beat. "Keep your head up to the sky/ We could just rise up, tell me now/ Give me your wings so we can fly," Michael sings softly.

The self-titled album is going to be made available for purchase in the U.S. on December 14. Beside collaborating with Akon, Michael Jackson also makes a duet with 50 Cent in "Monster" and Lenny Kravitz in "(I Can't Make It) Another Day".


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posted by LNorman on Jan 26, 2011
Sorry, but if there's any true MJ fans that really listen to his music and vocals. U will agree with me that this isnt Michael Jackson on this track, and many more on the new album. It's Jason Malachi! Nice try Sony!!!!!
posted by smoothladycriminal on Jan 07, 2011
i love this song it is him. i have been listening to michael for fifteen years, my hearing is perfect, and i know michael when i hear him. breaking news, monster, and hollywood tonight-no. keep your head up, best off joy, behind the mask, and hold my hand- definitely yes.
posted by peace on Dec 29, 2010
Ok, I think its rude of any Michael Jackson fan to just straight up call other people fake fans just because they may think its Michael or if they don't think its Michael. If you really think about it, you may not know Michaels voice as well as you think you do. Did you ever meet him? Probably not. You think you know him so well but in reality you know just as well as any other fan knows. What you see and what you read and what you heard. Grow up and realize. You could compare voices all day long and get nowhere. Why? Because maybe you don't know what Michael was really capable of doing with his voice. Maybe he wanted to change his voice up a bit, maybe he didnt feel up to himself that day and sounded off. You don't know. I don't know. We will never know. So stop acting like you was Michaels best friend and acting like you knew everything about him.
posted by Daniel on Dec 16, 2010
Jesus, I cant beleive it. Fans against each other. Keep Your head op, Monster and Breaking news are DEFINITLY NOT MICHAEL but Jason Malachi!
posted by djdearz on Nov 28, 2010
how can you people who say "im a real fan i know his voice, its definatly him" Im a real fan and i can admit there is definatly some doubt. if you listern to malachis stuff its more similar to this, deeper and shakey.
posted by td05 on Nov 15, 2010
It's MJ 100% I am a huge Mj fan and know his voice. His falsetto sounds off due to Teddy Riley's production and MJ not being here to put his final touches on it. Beautiful song though :)
posted by denzel peyton on Nov 15, 2010
war or you is you the
posted by T.E Shabangu on Nov 14, 2010
With michael not taking part in the production nd cordination of the intrument and vocals, it will never be the same. The man was a perfectionist, he knew what his fans wante to hear at a partcular time. I don't know but certainly miss his vocals.
posted by Tyler82 on Nov 14, 2010
No. Just no.
posted by chaz on Nov 14, 2010
You can tell its Jason Malachi by the way he shakes his voice, ive listened to michael jackson so religiously for 20 years that its is CRYSTAL CLEAR its IS NOT MICHAEL JACKSON... They have sampled the adlibs from EARTH SONG at the end because Jason cant growel like Michael, thats his weak point. THIS IS AN INSULT TO MICHAEL JACKSON AND HIS FANS. THIS IS AN INSULT TO MUSIC... "they would do anything for money"
posted by Angela on Nov 13, 2010
Sounds more like Michael than breaking news, I'm a real fan(@realmjfan) I dont call real Michael fans out like that and tell them to shut up. that's not Michael. I dont follow people who dont know about Michael, I listened to it with out anyone telling me too, and emediatly noticed it wasnt My Angel.
posted by ImissYou on Nov 13, 2010
it's a great song...but it would have been even better if they hadn't used vocals from "earth song"! What's wrong with this people? Why is it so hard to respect that man? I'll never buy this album, I'm sure this is what MJ would ask me to do..
posted by MJFanatic on Nov 13, 2010
this one is defo MJ. Anybody that think it isnt is not a real MJ fan. Grown up listening to him and he is my favorate artist so i think i know if its him or not
posted by chris on Nov 13, 2010
ive listened to it 4/5 times now and its actually fantastic!
posted by shell517nj on Nov 13, 2010
sounds like MJ to me. someone took the bad rumor about the vocals not being MJ's and ran with it. "the story of michaels's life." fans you should know better. i'm buying the album and I can't wait.
posted by realmjfan on Nov 13, 2010
this is sung by MICHAEL JACKSON. all you fake fans who wanted to ruin Mj's legacy should shut up your pig mouth on the 'fake' songs talk!
posted by Life Long MJ Fan on Nov 13, 2010
Another song that isn't sung my Michael.

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