Gretchen Jones Wins 'Project Runway' Season 8

October 29, 2010 04:59:10 GMT

Showcased at New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center were Gretchen's earthy designs as well as Mondo Guerra's playful collection and Andy South's oriental touch.

Gretchen Jones Wins 'Project Runway' Season 8
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Gretchen Jones stole the title of "Project Runway" season 8 winner from Mondo Guerra. These two, along with Andy South were competing against each other in the Thursday, October 28 finale, but it was the last-standing woman who impressed Heidi Klum and the rest of the judges with her collection.

In the final runway, Gretchen showed her signature feminine design which had some parts fitted and other flowy. Nina Garcia described her clothes ready-to-wear but said it could use better styling. She liked Gretchen's prints, particularly the patchwork pants. Michael Kors loved the jewelry, Klum thought the prints are repetitive while guest judge Jessica Simpson wanted to see it popping.

After a lengthy discussion, the judges agreed that the 28-year-old from Portland, Ore. has more quality than her peers. Gretchen, in tears, said, "Thank you so much." She added later, "My God, I needed this so bad, in so many different ways. And I certainly know that Mondo and I gave them hell. Now I truly feel like I'm supposed to be doing what I'm doing."

Simpson admitted she is a fan of Gretchen's collection, saying "Your designs are amazing and I can't wait to buy them. and I know that my sister [Ashlee Simpson] is going to rock them impeccably."

Meanwhile, Mondo is not bitter about the loss. He said after the announcement, "I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. This experience has just proven to me what I am capable of achieving."


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posted by Wag the Dog on Aug 01, 2011
Nina Garcia doesn't deserve her post on Project Runway. Nina Garcia doesn't deserve her post at Marie Clare either. All along Nina Garcia encourages designers to step out of the box, stay true to themselves, give pieces "an edge", WHICH MONDO DID, then at the final runway she undercuts her own wisdom and gives the "department stores can't sell that's line!! NINA GARCIA IS DISGRACEFUL! Designers are the tail that wags the dog of the fashion world. Not the other way around. Nina Garcia, a job just opened at JCPenny. Think about it.
posted by Disappointed Ex-Fan on Feb 14, 2011
It's 4 months later and am still disappointed w/Season 8's judging results. The difference between Mondo and Gretchen (Gretchan and anyone for that matter) was the difference between vision and talent (Mondo) vs. avarice and mediocrity (Gretchen). Shame on the judges. Can't help but feel the entire judging was "rigged." Goodbye PR from a former fan.
posted by Maria on Nov 13, 2010
So what if everyone can't wear Mondo? Can everyone wear Gretchen? I sure as hell can't - I have too much self respect for that! Hey, let's "design" sacks, so everyone can wear them. That's what this show is about, right? Oh, wait a minute, was it about finding someone unique and innovative after all?
posted by Mondo rules! on Nov 10, 2010
It was the like a cheapo showcase full of crappy fugly granny pantie style from the 70s! I agree with everyone here Mondo was the clear winner. We love you mondo! (P.S gretchen your clothes are crap)
posted by BooGretchen on Nov 10, 2010
BLAH BORING CRUNCHY GRANOLA. MAybe Walmart would accept her clothes as fashion. Mondo was the clear winner
posted by nblack on Nov 10, 2010
I liked a lot of Mondo's clothes, but he really has a smaller audience and tends to be targeting pre-teens - size 1. While I think that Gretchen's line was a bit boring due to color, I think she understands what MOST women wear. Mondo doesn't get MOST women.Gretchen however could take a lesson in color from Mondo.
posted by inthesav on Nov 05, 2010
My daughter and I have been ardent fans of PR and we were so upset with the outcome of Season 8. I really tried to overcome my distaste for Gretchen and look objectively at her collection and all I could see were ten brown outfits. Actually, ten brown outfits made from the same material, I think. I am certainly not a fashion queen but I know boring when I see it. And then you add in her personality---didn't you all just love the way she would give a supposedly helpful suggestion to another designer that was really meant to make them doubt themselves and put them off their game? And how she had to critique everyone and everything every minute? Damn, I thought for awhile she was the color commentator for CNN. Best of all, she tried to hide her nasty comments in the guise of sincere concern--"Oh, I am just a little worried that so-and-so may be showing a lack of taste in their color choice". Oh pleeeeze. Just be an honest bitch, don't try to BS us with all that "I am so humbled" routine. Honestly, if her clothes were wonderful or interesting, I could support the judges decision---don't have to like someone's personality to appreciate their abilities---but that just wasn't the case. I have to agree with the majority: Mondo should have won. His clothes were exciting and and yet could have easily been translated into "wearable" pieces for the everywoman.
posted by kbb on Nov 02, 2010
GJ is rude, crude and socially unacceptable. PR is a sad state of affairs. WRONG WRONG WRONG WINNER
posted by Hailey on Oct 31, 2010
What a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!first of all, Gretchen; you shouldn't have even made it to top 4. this is ridiculous, Mike was voted off for having a monotone collection, and what did Gretche have? Boring monotone disgustingly styled clothes. I mean who in their right ine will her her the winner. Micheal Kors and Nina Gacia should be FIRED. Even Andy stood a chance of winning, not even talk about Mondo....Gretchen I mean for real who did she pay, sleep with or blackmail. This whole season was such a bore until MOndo and a few others started stepping up, but to end it all with gretchen was a huge mistake the show made and is going to pay for. I am just one less, but I am not tunning into that show ever again. BUnch of crazy judges who are obviously senile and useless.
posted by buffonia on Oct 31, 2010
Gretchen? Eugh! Her clothes were nice enough, yes, but dull - and I hate the trousers she makes, they are disgusting. I really thought Mondo was going to win - he has true talent, creativity and is an artist. There are a million Gretchens out there but there's only one Mondo. HUGE mistake by the judges - Gretchen's label will fail, and Mondo will succeed on his own and prove them all wrong.
posted by dab52 on Oct 31, 2010
I couldn't even continue watching after they announced Wretchen as the winner, changed the channel. But then I was shocked she made it to the final in the first place. Found her annoying thru the whole season and didn't care for her design "aesthetic" at all. (She loved using that word) Michael C. should have been there. PR use to be one of my favorite shows, now I am so disgusted with Nina and Kors don't think I'll be watching in the future. To see the words hippie chic referred to her collection makes my skin crawl. I was a hippie chick in the SF Bay Area in the 60's and 70's and believe me we were not wearing mud brown. We were not wearing granny panties. Still don't. Dull,drab and boring does not equal hippie style. The clothes were colorful bright and fun.Umm oh yeah kinda describes Mondo's? He clearly was robbed of the money and title. But I am sure he will come out a winner. Loved every one of his pieces...the polka dot dress was fab! Best of luck to Andy and Michael C. Loved their collections too.
posted by Julie on Oct 31, 2010
And don't forget to boycott all of Nina Garcia's books!
posted by Gormenghasst on Oct 31, 2010
I see that a couple of Gretchen's relatives have shown up to give her support - that's really nice.
posted by Sophie on Oct 31, 2010
Jam said: "By the way, I thought Jessica Simpson looked awful in her outfit and it made me question her taste totally. Trying to imagine HER in that Mondo dress boggled my mind." Jam - honey, Jessica Simpson was wearing a Michael Kors dress. Now what was that you said about Kors' credibility because celebrities wear his clothes?
posted by Scarlet on Oct 31, 2010
Mondo is an artist. He has been an absolute delight to watch. He has pure talent, and really pulls off some incredible looks. I like the fact that he is different. So what if 'everyone' wouldn't be able to wear his whole outfits? Who would want to see 'everyone' in the same thing anyway? It is too bad that two of the judges let their inflated egos dictate the show. The best man certainly did not win. I feel that Gretchen is stuck designing her ill-fitting hippie rags, and will never move on. She admits that she designs for herself - so why do the judges think that she will move forward with the next fashion trend? Poppycock. They just wanted to take Mondo down a few pegs for sticking to his guns, and sending that show-stopping dress down the runway.
posted by jayjay on Oct 30, 2010
posted by realfashion on Oct 30, 2010
Gretchen's collection was disgusting. It was ugly, frumpy and tastless...kind of like the judges.
posted by shellbell87 on Oct 30, 2010
If Gretchen's collection shows where fashion is going then I boycott fashion completely! I really hope I don't see people wearing those colored granny panties around! I would have TOTALLY worn most of the pieces in Mondo's collection!!!!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!
posted by mandi on Oct 30, 2010
I think it is funny how everyone on this site is suddenly a fashion expert and discrediting Nina Garcia and Micheal Kors. Those of you who promise to quit watching the show are chidish and need to quit it with the childish temper tantrums. I thought Gretchen and Mondo were both equally amazing designers and people. Both deserved to win but the judges chose Gretchen for reasons I completely agree with. These are important people in the fashion world and I trust that they know more than viewers at home. Show some respect. Hippie chic is "in." Thank you and stop crying. Mandi
posted by Gretchen is The futu on Oct 30, 2010
Surprised how freaking negative people are. Were we watching the same show? Even with the editing that dramatized the drama, Gretchen was so not a Bitch! She's confident. She speaks her mind. She humbled herself and made friends with Micheal C. And her clothes in the finale were good! I totally see normal people and celebrities wearing them. Mondo is freaking awesome too! But not everyone can wear Mondo. To be commercially successful as a designer you need to design for the greatest number. Ralph Lauren, micheal kors, Chanel! They design for real people and Gretchen is in that group. Mondo is innovative and fun but the scope of people who could actually walk the street in his stuff is narrow. The judges made the right decision. I'm really blown away by how clueless the majority of the posters here are.
posted by achilles on Oct 29, 2010
Wow, what a mistake. Another show I can stop watching because of dubious outcomes.
posted by nydesigner on Oct 29, 2010
You should have won Mondo. I won't be watching PR any more either. They need new judges, whats Simon doing?? Grethens clothes look my my grandmas'
posted by NO Fashion Sense on Oct 29, 2010
this show is ludicrous, how could that awful trail of 60's hippie win over the true talent MONDO! Heidi could not even make the the tired ones see their mistake. I Hate this decision and protest loudly. A mockery for sure. They need a reboot or the show should be canceled. I am not amused!!!
posted by Texican on Oct 29, 2010
Sorry, wrong decision. A boring collection. I will not be watching this show anymore and will not patronize any advertiser.
posted by frustrated on Oct 29, 2010
Cold, conniving, mean-spirited, undeserving, two-faced Gretchen with her hippie style, blah clothing is the winner. I'm disgusted with this sham of a show, and after watching every season, I'm done. Tim Gunn is the only person on the show with any integrity and the only one worth watching.
posted by terrie on Oct 29, 2010
I am 61 and super disappointed in this decision. Gretchen's clothes look like something from a 60's commune, the colors were drab, the designs uninspired. All we hear from the judges is this is "fashion not clothes". Mondo and some of the other designers clearly demonstrated a better sense of fashion. The judges chose a designer whose clothes looked dated not fashionable. Maybe this will be the last season I watch.
posted by Sandruca on Oct 29, 2010
Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous! Gretchen's collection looks like ugly pajamas. I can't believe that Heidi said that Gretchen's collection was polished! Well, yes, I would use those fabrics to polish my furniture!! YUCK!
posted by noodles on Oct 29, 2010
i had clothes like gretchen made before i had a job.
posted by angela88888 on Oct 29, 2010
MONDO!!!! We love you!!! Keep your head up!!!! Loved your clothes!!!!!
posted by noMorePr on Oct 29, 2010
what a joke. retchen is a snoozefest. I'm yet another woman who wouldn't wear any of those hideous clothes. Andy's show had problems but was way better and anyone with a brain cell knows mondo was the best.
posted by July on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen has style; I love Mondo, however, she does understand women's wear. His design would not look good on a size 6 or 8. Congratulations to all.
posted by lokes on Oct 29, 2010
wow, i can't believe gretchen won. her clothes were so boring and monotone. nothing of interest, very blah. MONDO's was so eye catching, sweet and WEARABLE!!! what were MK and Nina thinking? i think MK is jealous cause Mondo is so cute and petite and can rock those schoolboy trouser socks!!
posted by LUCY on Oct 29, 2010
I am so dissapointed with the choice of the winner. Mondo should have won. Get rid of Micheal Korrs he is over and Nina Garcia she is tired I am sick of them. I will not watch this show any more I am asking all of my friends to watch Iman and Issac. Heidi why did you give in to those hags.!!!!!!
posted by H.P. Lovecraft on Oct 29, 2010
I thought Gretchen was 3rd place with Mondo head and shoulders above.... But hey,I'm a straight guy...should have known it would go opposite my opinion.
posted by suzy867 on Oct 29, 2010
I have to agree with everyone. Tonight's outrage prompted me to have to post. Granny panties!!!! Gretchen's clothes were hideous. I can't believe that fashion is moving into a granny panty trend. If I start seeing these walking down the street, I will be shocked. They are unflattering and wholly tasteless. Mondo's clothes were beautiful and, while no one here has mentioned them, so were Andy's. Both of the boy's collections were beautiful. Gretchen's were just plain drab, schlumpy (as Michael has said in the past, though obviously not to the proper person--Gretchen), and tasteless. I think that I am also through with this show. The level of taste in judgment just cannot be trusted. I believe the judges had their minds made up within the first few challenges or else Gretchen wouldn't have made it to the finale let alone have won. I think that this show has run its course...nothing more to see here. Just move along...
posted by Gen4950 on Oct 29, 2010
So glad Gretchen won. I loved her collection. I just love Mondo, but his collection was just too over the top.
posted by twinmom on Oct 29, 2010
I am sick about this - Gretchen really? Mondo is a GENIUS...I sure someone in the fashion world with some sense will see that and pick him up and leave Gretchen on her own!
posted by guru on Oct 29, 2010
What a disapointment. Mondo you should have won. I would never buy anything Grethen showcased. I agree with most of the posts...get rid of Michel Korres, he and his sytles are boring! Best of luck to you Mondo
posted by fashforward on Oct 29, 2010
i don't agree with any of you! Gretchen style is so great! i love her, and completely understand why they chose her. Mondo made clown clothes!
posted by Kate on Oct 29, 2010
I will think twice about watching future Project Runways, I was so disappointed. Mondo should have won. I don't understand the Judges at all. He was by far the most outstanding designer. I am from Portland and I still think Mondo was by far the winner.
posted by andy on Oct 29, 2010
Amen to all above. Gretchen's clothes were BORING and UGLY. Would not buy or wear them on a bet. Feel the same way all season to see someone with such a bad attitude win? She was really bitchy to everyone all season. Really inflated opinion of herself. Ande the clothes are butt ugly folks. Not watching any more, either.
posted by ? on Oct 29, 2010
I won't be watching Project Runway next season either. If Mondo lost then something is wrong with the taste level of the judges!
posted by mkthawk on Oct 29, 2010
Can't believe Gretchen won. She can neither design or style. Very disappointed. Lost respect for Kors and Garcia. No longer a PR fan.
posted by lina on Oct 29, 2010
I am soooo disaponited the winner has no any taste or sence of fashion nooo one will put in her dresses i will never whatch this show again or find new judges
posted by jank on Oct 29, 2010
What a mistake. Gretchen's clothes were extremely boring, nothing memorable except those panties....memorable for the wrong reasons. Mondo should have won. Very disappointing. It concerns me for the next season. Maybe it has outlived it's time.
posted by schip on Oct 29, 2010
Well.. old ladies of the world will be very happy with her clothes. Mondo was robbed!
posted by Upset on Oct 29, 2010
Get rid of Kors and Garcia, they ruined the show. I am fifty nine years old and I thought gretchen's clothes were BORING! Mondo is a unique designer with wow, class, and style. He is the winner! Please find new judges, they are stale and obnoxious!
posted by ?????????!!!!!!!! on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo was the CLEAR winner!!! I think the judges are losing their critical eye. Gretchen was boring. We've seen it ALL before...What happened?
posted by vaflattop on Oct 29, 2010
Nina praised Gretchen's "ready to wear" which is exactly what she slammed other finalists for in other seasons. Spray tanned Michael Kors is a hack. Mondo was the most innovative and edgy designer and it is a travesty to give the prize to someone designing granola earth-mother clothes. Lifetime - time to replace Nina and Michael. Not watching any more.
posted by MONDO ROCKS! on Oct 29, 2010
I wore Gretchen's clothes when I was a poor college student in the 90's in CO!'s your show! I can't believe you didn't fight harder!
posted by disappointed! on Oct 29, 2010
I want to see NIna Garcia wearing Gretchen's clothes as the only pieces in her wardrobe. If this was project boring then Gretchen is the winner. What a shame that a fashion design show should end with something as boring as this. Too bad- the next great designer? Where?
posted by xpassages on Oct 29, 2010
Sorry, you guys lost me... Gretchen, REALLY? My last year of watching this show.....
posted by Disappointed in Scot on Oct 29, 2010
I am never watching project runway again. Mondo was clearly the winner!
posted by angel17 on Oct 29, 2010
I am so upset...Gretchen's clothes are AWFUL. They aren't modern,chic or even wearable. They are drab, unflattering and seem ill fitting. She can't even dress herself! Remember that BUTT UGLY velvet pants she wore when April got eliminated! COME ON! PR has lost ALL credibility. These judges need to get a grip of what people want to wear...they want to wear MONDO!!
posted by Fashion queen on Oct 29, 2010
Are you serious?? mondo ricked it. i would wear his clothes hands down. Not watching this show anymore!
posted by marefo on Oct 29, 2010
I'd like to see Nina put her money where her mouth is. Let's see how many photos we see of her (or anyone with any sense of style) wearing Gretchen's clothes! PR just lost another viewer.
posted by joanie on Oct 29, 2010
I am sorry that this show has showed me nothing. I have watched this show for years. I was hoping that they hadn't picked the winner before the show, but every year they keep picking the winner first and then proceed with the show. This was the worse year ever. I am very disappointed that I spent so much time watching. If I saw the clothes in a store, I would not take a second look, too drab. The show needs lots of changes for next year or people will stop watching.
posted by unitard universe on Oct 29, 2010
I loved the plaid pants from Mondo along with every other single piece. They said they were clown pants or something like that! They were gorgeous! Mondo should be in Vogue instead of Marie Claire.
posted by Jodeen2003 on Oct 29, 2010
I agree.....It should have been Mondo. Gretchen's things are nice, but she is stuck in the 70's hippie style while Mondo is versatile. I would wear some of his things and I am 53!!!
posted by blackberrymo on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo, Indeed should have one this season. Gretchen alone as a person made her clothes very distasteful..
posted by nicole on Oct 29, 2010
I cant believe Gretchen won. I am disappointed too. Mondo should have won hands down. That crunchy granola line she has is horrible. Even the jewelry is tacky. What were the judges smoking????
posted by 38475704837 on Oct 29, 2010
This is ridiculous! Gretchen should not have even been in Fashion Week. I've lost all respect for this show.
posted by ruf on Oct 29, 2010
what??? i've been shocked that she's made it past the last 3 weeks. her clothes are hideous. again...what??
posted by miamax on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo was clearly robbed! And this seasons judging has been particularly disappointing Gretchens clothes are plain ass UGLY wouldn't wear one piece of it. Really turned off of Project Runway. On a side note is it just me or did Jessica Simpson look really uncomfortabe and puffy like.
posted by ***! on Oct 29, 2010
Working in fashion retail, the outcome of the finale was a such a let down! Gretchen's collection, 3-4 short pants of the same design in 10 outfits--are you kidding?! Not a fan of Mondo's head pieces either, but the hats weren't any better from G. Mondo had a wider range, excellent construction that showed in each outfit-congratulations to him, he's the REAL winner!
posted by whatevs on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchens clothes were horrible. Mondo got robbed. I've watched every season and I'm done.
posted by bakkahana on Oct 29, 2010
Although all three designers were good in their own right,only Mondo decided to stay true to who he was and his design aesthetic. Clearly Mondo was the over all favorite to win and i'm hoping to see much more or his design genius on the runways and in magazines.
posted by megaby on Oct 29, 2010
It's so obvious they couldn't let another male walk away with the top prize. Gretchen was the last female standing. It had to be her even though she didn't hold a candle to Mondo.
posted by Ashley on Oct 29, 2010
This is absurd! I cannot believe Gretchen won. She was not deserving, and Mondo was the clear winner. This is ridiculous. I would absolutely wear Mondo's clothing over Gretchen's and since our old and out of date judges (ie-Nina and Michael) are incapable of comprehending real fashion, I will support Mondo by buying his clothing over Gretchen's to push his success. Totally disgusted! Unsure if I will ever watch Project Runway again.....
posted by &^#( on Oct 29, 2010
IT WAS NOT A JEWELRY SHOW!!!! Mondo we love you.
posted by marilu on Oct 29, 2010
No way Gretchen should have won. The judges are idiots. Hated the incessant commercial breaks--- and the shameless plugging of some stupid show for the network. I'll NEVER watch PR again.
posted by chris on Oct 29, 2010
I expected (and wanted) Mondo to win based on what I saw in Part I, but his full collection was simply juvenile, as Nina Garcia pointed out.
posted by dj on Oct 29, 2010
Fashion forward is granny panties. Who on earth would wear that in public and not look like a fool? Project Runway is not about innovation or fresh design any more. Each season it get worse. This is the worst travesty ever. Michael and Nina do need to be replaced or cancel the show. I'd like to see Nina walk the red carpet in granny panties and Heidi in Mondo's polka dot dress. Then Nina can get all the bad dress press and so can Gretchen.
posted by weeblewobble52 on Oct 29, 2010
.................thats me speechless, she does not have talent, she cried early in the show because she was so broke, now she can pay her bills and find a place to live, thats all she wanted, not to be a fashion designer like the rest of them, only the money, now maybe she can pay for some taste and class which she clearly needs. The show just lost another viewer. I am so disappointed.
posted by M on Oct 29, 2010
I've never written a post in my life but this decision made me angry. What were the judges smoking. Did they not see the show?? MOndo hands down. Will not watch ever again
posted by Ness1213 on Oct 29, 2010
why oh why. mondo is the best
posted by auntyrach on Oct 29, 2010
So disappointed and angry!!Granola wins?! REALLY !? This is as bad if not worse than when that Cossa Nostra Dude won! But what do you expect when youve got Michael Kors and Nina as judges.
posted by d.myers666 on Oct 29, 2010
What a fix this show is. I thought that I had finally found a reality show that was not tanted, but I was wrong. The last show knocked Michael C. out with the understanding NO MORE GRANOLA!!! What happened with that??? That is all Gretchen had to show....GRANOLA!!!! I will not be watching PR next year
posted by xyz on Oct 29, 2010
Ridiculous, what a joke. Never watching project runway again.
posted by M - n - M on Oct 29, 2010
I agree with everyone. There is no way in H--l I would wear Gretchen's clothes. Mondo was the clear winner BY FAR.. This makes me not want to ever watch the show again!!
posted by Project Bore Fest on Oct 29, 2010
Project Runway has reached a new low in rewarding the crown to the classless, clueless, contemptuous Gretchen. Shame on you.
posted by Jean on Oct 29, 2010
This was awful! Mondo was the best designer there. Gretchen's were boring. I lost respect for Nina and Michael for their stand on Gretchen. Gretchen can sew, but Mondo can design. It's a fashion show guys! I would not buy a thing Gretchen made. No WOW factor like Mondo. Such a shame! Very disappointed. As I said before, it feels like I have been watching "Survivor" and the real winner was dumped. Who would buy anything that sour-mouthed person made? Gee, I would be afraid that attitude would rub off on the clothes. Jean
posted by Jeen on Oct 29, 2010
I agree with the above posts. Mondo's clothes were head and shoulders above Gretchen's on the runway.
posted by elanni on Oct 29, 2010
I feel so sick. why would I want to wear clothes made by such an awful person?
posted by granmaT on Oct 29, 2010
how could they name ergretchen the winner of season 8. Her clothes were nothing but oversized diapers and ugly prints. Mondo should have won hands down. And his polka dot dress was beautiful!!!
posted by VanVon on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe Gretchen won! Her clothes are truly uninspired...boring Not fashion forward...Mondo is a visionary...a true designer. It's time for Kors and Garcis to retire! I am done with PR
posted by JIF on Oct 29, 2010
I can not believe Gretchen won, her clothes looked like rags. It seemed the judges turned on Mondo in favor of Gretchen, but we all know who will be sucessful, MONDO.
posted by whatthef&&&& on Oct 29, 2010
This was awful, watched this stupid show all season to see the worst designer win. This will be my last time watching it.
posted by brensmith on Oct 29, 2010
There was not one piece that she made that I could see myself in. I am sixty and have daughters and granddaughter and none of this would be caught dead in her clothen. You made a big mistake and she will suffer for it because made her believe she had somethine going on and she don't.
posted by malika on Oct 29, 2010
horrible decision. gretchen's collection was inferior to mondo's. hoping that they replace the judges next season or i will not be watching.
posted by !@#$%^&* on Oct 29, 2010
I am so disappointed at the results of this show. . . . Mondo should have won.
posted by m3 on Oct 29, 2010
Add me to the list of people who will no longer watch Project Runway. Gretchen's collection was drab, baggy, and just plain ugly. If that is what the judges select, then there is no point to the show.
posted by Fashionista on Oct 29, 2010
I think all designers are talented however I think they change the rules as they go along which is why Gretchen won. Very disappointing and sadly me and my Thursday night group of Fashionistas won't be tuning in anymore. I really think PR has run its course and its time to cancel.
posted by sabojabo19 on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen - yuk - on so many levels
posted by Slatz on Oct 29, 2010
Never do I post my comments on any sight but this was a shambles. Gretchen is a terrible designer and Mondo was the clear winner. I will now no longer watch PR and I will remove it from my Tivo as a preferred show. I will also ensure my wife never buys anymore Michael Kors items or reads anything by the buffalo nina garcia. No wonder the other mag moved you along. Get rid of both and I will watch again but next time at the start of the show, you should ensure each designer knows that they are to be safe and boring and make k-mart clothes to win. Funnily enough my wife watched with me and she agrees wholeheartedly. I hope Kors sales plummet and Ninas mag is boycotted and Heidi...shame on you. Maybe next time you bring in a final day designer with clout unlike Simpson who cannot construct a sentance let alone clothes...I am actually upset by this outcome. TOTAL SHAMBLES. I think Lifetime, the producers and all of the judges need to comment on this outrage and tell us really why it was fixed. I sincerely hope it has nothing to do with Mondo's HIV status.
posted by Puka on Oct 29, 2010
I never usually leave comments (unless something annoys me to the end). Mondo was clearly the winner of Project Runway. I could not believe Heidi gave into those two over the hill judges. I really liked this show but...I can't continue watching after this obvious fixing of the winner. Mondo...if you ever read are so talented.
posted by Mrs.D. on Oct 29, 2010
Worst Project Runway choice in 8 seasons. Mondo was the clear winner, Gretchen should not have even made it to Fashion Week.
posted by Ceceja on Oct 29, 2010
the judges truly disappointed on this one! Every piece of Gretchens line looked the same, i thought each model walked twice! so dull just a bunch of sameness in ugly colors with an obvious attempt to try Mondo's signature of mixing patterns which totally didn't work...She's not a high fashion designer, they should've just given her some consolation money to go design for a shop around the corner...nothing special annoyed!!
posted by mee on Oct 29, 2010
i was disappointed too. made me not want to watch. lobed Mondo's fun style. Gretchen - super boring.
posted by ad on Oct 29, 2010
What a ridiculous decision. Gretchen was horrid. This show has always been a favorite of mine, but I'm officially out. She made TERRIBLE clothes.
posted by petethedog on Oct 29, 2010
I loved Gretchen's sensibility and style and thought she deserved to win. Mondo was great - but seriously, women. Where in adult New York would you see females beyond the age of 16 dressed like that? Gretchen took in information and grew as a designer and the result was beautiful.Mondo is heartbreakingly adorable, but he tends toward goofy. It's not about who the designers are edited to seem like personality-wise on Project Runway - it's about cohesive, stylish clothing that young fashionable women want to wear.I predict a new era of boho chic amongst the in crowd. Not Minnie Mouse chic!! Good job Gretchen. Sorry so many feel they have to personalize their comments!
posted by shocked on Oct 29, 2010
what a giant steaming LOAD. SO disappointing. gretchen and her drab hemp diaper-shorts won because Mondo didn't kiss Nina's ass and remove that last gown from his show. Stay true to you Mondo - you're the real winner.
posted by stuffthings on Oct 29, 2010
To say that Gretchen's clothes are for old ladies and hippies, is insulting to old ladies and hippies.
posted by mondofan on Oct 29, 2010
well, on a more positive note, now I have one less "must see" TV show - more free time. Project Runway, I'm sorry, you're out.
posted by Old Lady on Oct 29, 2010
Are you kidding! The old ladies are from the Sixties. We like our bodies. We like color. We like WOW! We think Michael Kors and Nina Garcia's world is too small and their time has passed them by. Keep it youthful! Create from your heart and your beautiful experience. You don't have to fit in. Or you'll just get old. We need more wisdom and fun on that judge's table. Team MONDO all the way.
posted by From Oregon on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo should have taken Runway. Michael Kors (and you have seen some of his designs) thinks Gretchen has her pulse on the future? I laugh. Mondo and Andy are going to shake up the elitist fashion world with their confident designs informed by their culture. Why not? How is that different than Gretchen borrowing from other cultures. That is what she said. Colors! Structures! Textures! Incredible handwork! Unique accessories made by themselves! Take your "orientalize" and stuff it! At least my runway addiction is over.
posted by Loli on Oct 29, 2010
I think Mondo should of won. Her clothes were okay but Mondo's were a lot better. Her clothes are not high fashion to me. Mondo on the other is.
posted by toobadformondo on Oct 29, 2010
All during the season Nina & Michael eliminated people for designing "ready to wear" clothing. They continued to name Mondo the winner for EXACTLY the same things he sent down the runway. Then, all of the sudden, a "ready to wear" collection is named the winner. I'm with everyone else. Everything Gretchen sent down the runway we saw from her every week & she landed in the bottom. April would have competed better than Gretchen. There is absolutely no way Gretchen is where fashion is going. Fashion is not headed back to the 70's. If ANY celebrity walked a red carpet in Gretchen's clothes, they would be on a worse-dressed list. I really, really want to see Nina in one of her outfits. I'm with everyone else. Project Runway, I'm sorry, you're out!!
posted by qgray on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe that Gretchen won. I will not be watching this show anymore. The judges need a new set of eyes. Mondo was clearly the winner.
posted by 50s on Oct 29, 2010
The results of the finale are indicative of several things, besides poor judgment: the show is ruled by commercial, general market sponsors whose funding clearly dictated the choice of a designer that was NOT couture. I always thought the show was supposed to showcase designers whose work would be truly unique, not ready-to-wear. After all, the shows in Milan, Paris and the like don't feature clothing I could get at Macy's or Filene's. That wasn't supposed to be the point. And I'm disappointed in Heidi Klum selling out. I thought she had more integrity. Michael Kors already sold his name for the production of mass market items, just like many other designers before him. I also am disappointed that the winner this season embodies every negative quality not just in this business but as a person -- insincerity, arrogance, duplicity, and just plain meanness. But perhaps now she can buy a new lipstick that isn't orange. Poor Michael C. was booted last week because of his monochromatic scheme. But I also think that Project Runway has had few (if any?) female winners. So don't think that didn't have something to do with this ridiculous and transparent decision. Shame on you, Heidi, for also selling out. I won't be watching again.
posted by blondie1 on Oct 29, 2010
NEVER going to watch this stupid show again! Gretchen???? You've got to be kidding! Mondo should have clearly won....I have no idea WHAT Nina and Michael were talking about....but I'm DONE!!!
posted by Step up the judges!! on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen?! Really? I would wear Andy's clothes before hers!! Out of the 4 judges, Heidi and Jessica are the most modern and up and coming. Kors and Garcia are more stuffy and old fashion. I saw 2 against 2, so Jessica must not have had a real vote. Not watching again unless they get new judges!
posted by Outsider on Oct 29, 2010
Are Marshalls and TJ Max the sponsors of PR?
posted by vine&12th on Oct 29, 2010
Auf wiedersehen Project Runway!! Gretchen should have never even been at fashion week. All kinds of wrong.
posted by Kim on Oct 29, 2010
I deleted Project Runway from the to-do list after Gretchen won. I thik they wanted her to win from the beginning. If you remember correctly, she made some horrible clothes but always ended up safe throughout the season. I always found it puzzling that they never even spoke to her about her crappy clothes then. Now she's the winner? I don't think so. I will not watch another episode. Who wants to watch a show that is obviously staged with the winner clearly picked early on. What a waste of time!
posted by vine&12th on Oct 29, 2010
Could not agree more with these comments. Gretchen should have never even gone to fashion week, much less WON. What the ...? Not sure what Michael & Nina were thinking throughout this entire season. I've been a fan of this show from season 1, but the judging this season has entirely turned me off.
posted by UpyoursProjectR on Oct 29, 2010
WEll what a disaster. Mondo clearly won..innovative, quirky designs, Gretchen - granny panties and GRANOLA..will never buy her 'stuff' Now Mondo's clothing I will definitely buy he is talented and different. Sorry PR, one less fan for next season.
posted by guest on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe it! Mondo should have thought! I am so pissed
posted by Dissapointed on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe she won! she was rude and nasty the entire season, and not to mention all of her clothes looked the same. her collection looked like someone puked all over it! and her hippy style is boring.
posted by Linda on Oct 29, 2010
You know, some of that stuff Gretchen made looks like crap we had to make in 7th grade home ec class... fabric and all. I thought Gretchen was witchey and whiney and played the judges right up to the end of the game. Michael should have been in her place and Mondo should have won.I think she must have been having all her relatives save all their feed sacks from the pig farm feeds for her through the years cause they all matched.
posted by Jul on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen's collection looked like something Carmen Sandiego would wear to Woodstock. I don't understand how Michael Costello could be kicked off for using the same colour in his collection and Gretchen could win while doing the exact same thing. Mondo should have won. I no longer have any respect for Michael and Nina's taste in fashion. I will not be watching next season.
posted by boo pr on Oct 29, 2010
i officially hate this show now! MONDO was the winner, hands down. Disgusting granola gretchen wins?!?! are you kidding me, ugh! Would rather of seen Michael C in the end instead of that boring old grandma gretchen, yuk! disgusted.
posted by leiferfinn on Oct 29, 2010
absolutely the worst season ever and of the three left, the worst decision. Gretchen is the worst winner EVER. Of the three options, Mondo showed the most individuliaty and range. A travesty in every way. Gretchen will have no career.
posted by Disappointed on Oct 29, 2010
With Gretchen winning, I see the shift. Project Runway is a "Project" not a Fashion Show, time to go back to Bravo for my fashion.
posted by Yay on Oct 29, 2010
"Project Run A Way"
posted by so sad on Oct 29, 2010
Boring, dull and brown. Gretchen's girl is 80's thrift store in the Southwest. Those metal chevrons looked with hood ornament necklaces. NOT the designer I'm going to look up and try to buy something from- for sure!
posted by mareclare on Oct 29, 2010
Jeeze Louise, I will never watch that show again. MONDO was the winner, Michael Kors wore sunglasses throughout the runway collections and then he and that annoying Nina Garcia team up and force poor Heidi, who is usually dressed terribly, to agree with the. I've had enough of retchen and I wore those clothes when I was a hippy, a long, long time ago. Poor Mondo, I hope he reads the comments.
posted by d on Oct 29, 2010
are you kidding could she have won, MONDO was surely the best! MONDO! MONDO! MONDO!
posted by JennyC on Oct 29, 2010
Most ridiculous decision ever, worst PR ever,Gretchen has a bad attitude!!!her clothes were Mega-UGLY..What up Heidi????
posted by Jamie on Oct 29, 2010
I find it's pathetic how so many people are deluding themselves with reasons like "oh, michael kors is jealous of mondo" or "oh, they couldn't allow another male to walk away with the title". GET THIS IN YOUR HEADS - gretchen had the better designs - her collection to me, was the clear winner and had a gorgeous romanticism to it. It was quite cinematic actually. In terms of fashion, it is RIGHT ON THE PULSE of the moment - it was a mix of the 70s chic of Marc Jacobs and the pared down aesthetic of Celine/Chloe. Fully deserved winner. Mondo's aesthetic got boring after a while - plaid + mixing print + some wacky design is not as original as some of you make it out to be.
posted by rubyg on Oct 29, 2010
I am so done with this show!!!! I have no words for your decision, GRETCHEN,,,,REALLY???? I am willing to take these THINGS u call CLOTHES out of the publics eye by using them to pad my DOG's HOUSE!!!
posted by stopbitching on Oct 29, 2010
You guys should be ashamed at your amateurish comments. You all are not fashion experts and couldn't see through subtle sophistication. Michael and Nina are fashion experts and have witnessed countless fashion publications and shows. They know what they're talking about. I can imagine Angelina Jolie wearing Gretchen's collection and looks fabulously chic. Sure, Mondo's collection is more eye-catching because its playfulness and colorfulness. What he lacks is sophistication. Anyway, it's a close competition. Get over it and stop bitching like little immature girls.
posted by stop bitching on Oct 29, 2010
You guys should be ashamed at your amateurish comments. You all are not fashion experts and couldn't see through subtle sophistication. Michael and Nina are fashion experts and have witnessed countless fashion publications and shows. They know what they're talking about. I can imagine Angelina Jolie wearing Gretchen's collection and looks fabulously chic. Sure, Mondo's collection is more eye-catching because its playfulness and colorfulness. What he lacks is sophistication. Anyway, it's a close competition. Get over it and stop bitching like little immature girls.
posted by Stopbitching on Oct 29, 2010
You guys should be ashamed at your amateurish comments. You all are not fashion experts and couldn't see through subtle sophistication. Michael and Nina are fashion experts and have witnessed countless fashion publications and shows. They know what they're talking about. I can imagine Angelina Jolie wearing Gretchen's collection and looks fabulously chic. Sure, Mondo's collection is more eye-catching because its playfulness and colorfulness. What he lacks is sophistication. Anyway, it's a close competition. Get over it and stop bitching like little immature girls.
posted by Cassie on Oct 29, 2010
Some of Gretchen's clothes were beautiful. Sure, they weren't show-stoppers in terms of print and colour, but if you looked more closely, like the one-shouldered dress (I think the second look), there's so many intricate details tucked in. Mondo's clothes are really interesting and visually so wow, but I find them rather repetitive with the prints. They all seem rather similar after a while, whereas Gretchen changes things up. If Mondo had gone with the block black dress, things may have gone different. Staying true to his asthetic is correct, but so is knowing your customers. I'm not a fan of wacky prints often, so it'd been nice to have seen an edgy Mondo-style piece. Also, a lot of the quite dresses would just suit the skinny girl (ie. the puffball dress) who has legs like a gazelle. Anyway, Nina and Michael are professionals who can see past all the flash and bang, so I'm glad Heidi and Jessica was converted in the end. Incidentally, Jessica was such a useless judge who's only input was: 'I'll wear that.' And that was pretty much for everything.
posted by lindar on Oct 29, 2010
Quick!! Somebody out there correct this SAD error made by PR and give Mondo the chance he deserves--- He'll be signed by morning!!!
posted by Honest on Oct 29, 2010
As a person, I loved Mondo a lot more than Gretchen, but to be honest... I think the right collection won. I really believe everyone is just hating on Gretchen because of who she is, and loving Mondo unconditionally for who he is. HEIDI and JESSICA DO NOT KNOW FASHION. They are celebrities. MICHAEL and NINA are IN the industry. They know what's in and what's ahead. And they're right. Do any of you guys keep up with what's going on in the industry? Mondo is very talented and creative but his clothes were no match for Gretchen's.
posted by Murphy on Oct 29, 2010
Out of curiosity, took a look at Kors' website. His featured dresses are not as stylish as dresses my mom and I sewed many years ago. BORING! Go Mondo, Andy, and Michael C! Gretchen will need to change her design aesthetic if she has any hope of a turning her win into an actual career. She's also obnoxious like Kors so maybe the 2 of them can team up to create more BORING stuff.
posted by PeaceLily on Oct 29, 2010
I was shocked that Nina Garcia was dumb enough to show off what a total racist she is. Andy's aesthetics were too "oriental"? Seriously. can't believe that woman has a job.
posted by Sexyproud on Oct 29, 2010
I don't care where the anti-fashion mindless sheep try to push us; 70's brown and white trash chick? Chevron designs? No thank you. I'll stick to looking classic, tailored and expensive.
posted by coco on Oct 29, 2010
Jessica Simpson as a guest judge. What a joke. She can barely speak in complete sentences. Her 15 minutes of fame is WAY OVER. She obviously has no work so she spends all her time eating.
posted by coco on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo or Andy should have won. Everyone is supporting Mondo, but if you re-examine Andy's collection - it was beautiful, beautiful and very wearable. I think everyone is so shocked by Mondo being cheated, that we are forgetting that Gretchen should have been eliminated last week. Gretchen's clothes do look like the crap we wore in the 1970's. Mondo is fabulous and I would buy several of Andy's pieces. Very fashion forward.
posted by Michelle Coors on Oct 29, 2010
Sponsors of PR should be very pissed about this. You would have to be a fool to not see Mondo won. As a result of this train wreck decision anything associated with PR instantly lost credibility tonight. If Marie Claire was smart they would hand fashion-backward Nina G a pink slip tomorrow morning. Project Runway Season 8? Fail.
posted by ! on Oct 29, 2010
Heidi, I couldn't believe you kept Gretchen over Michael C. That was the first HUGE mistake. Michael C. Is a better, way better designer than Gretchen. What were you thinking? Had it been either Mondo, Andy or Michael C. Then the world would be OK. Although I think Mondo was the clear deserving of the win. With the news that Gretchen won.... the world is just not right!!
posted by EMC on Oct 29, 2010
When did Michael and Nina become so practical and commercial? When did the ability to design for the masses become the winning criteria? Gretchen's designs were pretty. But Mondo's were exciting and stunning! By Michael's and Nina's standards, Ungaro and Christian Lacroix would have lost this competition!!!! Mondo - you rock!
posted by Bella on Oct 29, 2010
Heidi, I couldn't believe you kept Gretchen over Michael C. That was the first HUGE mistake. Michael C. Is a better, way better designer than Gretchen. What were you thinking? Had it been either Mondo, Andy or Michael C. Then the world would be OK. Although I think Mondo was the clear deserving of the win. With the news that Gretchen won.... the world is just not right!!
posted by tuneart on Oct 29, 2010
Goodbye Project Runway!!! Gretchen should have NOT won!!! she should not even be in the top three. Her design is mediocre and her personality is vile to say the least. such an ugly ugly ugly personality.
posted by dissapointed on Oct 29, 2010
Worst choice for winner of Project Runway ever!! She didn't even deserve to be in the top three! Everything she does is drab & dull. I'm sooo dissapointed in Nina & Michael!!!!!
posted by Kasha on Oct 29, 2010
What a joke. Mondo was the clear winner to everyone except Micheal Kors (jealous?) and Nina Garcia. Gretchen's clothes are boring and unflattering (can you say diapers?). Will not be watching season 9 - if there is one.
posted by From Istanbul on Oct 29, 2010
this is the dumbest desicion 3 'apparently fashion forward people' have ever done. A crime has been committed! Gretchens steam ran out since when when. This is so pathetic. I just want to puke. This is a crime.
posted by Jade on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen...the 1960's called..they want their clothes back!!
posted by Geesh! on Oct 29, 2010
What the heck? MONDO was the clear winner tonight! he actually designed clothes, top to bottom,for his models. Granny panties??? Not sure I will watch PR again
posted by GummyBare on Oct 29, 2010
Oy vey. Gretchen, the winner? I missed the results because I fell into a deep catatonic state during her runway show. And what's up with those panties? "I'm down with GGP yeah you know me..(grammy-gray panties). Nina, Michael, congrats--PR just jumped the shark. Maybe you can start your own show without Heidi next season and call it Running Through Slumber, because you seem to love K-mart ready lo-boto-mized clothes. Mondo, duh, you won kid. Too bad you didn't get the hunid grand.
posted by Velinda on Oct 29, 2010
Who in their right mind would like to wear underwear out on the streets, and that boring material and color that she picked for the clothes, everything made out of the same material, I want to know how can i bu Michael C's clothes they were way better,and prettier, love his clothes and he won more challenges than gretchen, she is an ugly person, that does not know how to treat people and she gets rewarded for it, it is ridiculous, Heidi what's wrong with you, fight for what you like and what you would wear, so mad you picked the ugliest collection ever on the show...
posted by Iris on Oct 29, 2010
Glad I'm not a betting person cause I would have lost big time! Why didn't they just give Gretchen the big cry baby the money..its all she whined about anyway..the title clearly belongs to MONDO!.Love you Mondo and can't wait to buy YOUR clothes!!!
posted by Lalabel on Oct 29, 2010
I was so upset with the end result. I thought is should have been Michael, Andy and Mando.  Micheals were so elegant, Andy I just love all his clothes, Mando need I say anything about him he is one of a kind. Gretchen I never liked any of her clothes and though everything looked the same. Overly big and old looking, didn't even like her use of patterns or colors.  Always the same! I don't understand how Nina could say this is what people are wearing now.  WHERE please show them to me?  Heidi should have put her foot down and asked for another opinion, from Tim Gunn to break the tie. I also do not understand how Gretchen could say "Now I truly feel like I'm supposed to be doing what I'm doing." Win or lose if you have faith in yourself and your work, you know what you are suppose to be doing. No one should ever have to tell you about your work, being good or bad, because you already know.  Sounded to me she had already given up. That is not a winner! Mando was the true winner!!  God knows great things will come to him. 
posted by Jo Anne on Oct 29, 2010
Wow what a schock! Gretchen should have NEVER one. She should not have been even in the final 3, she robbed Michael C of a spot. Mondo was the clear winner. Nina and Michael Kors are out of touch with things. What a horrible mistake they made.
posted by lulamay on Oct 29, 2010
my days of watching project runway are OVER until nina and michael are no longer on the show!
posted by jasperw on Oct 29, 2010
Are Nina and M insane! No, just banal and clueless. Changed the channel as soon as they announced G as the winner. What a joke. Mondo is cutting edge, original and true to his vision, that's why he won 3 straight shows! G's looked like the hemp line. She never should have been in the finals in the first place. Will watch the show again only with new judges.
posted by ariesblu on Oct 29, 2010
I am still so upset that Gretchen Jones won PR. Now her head will continue to grow, and she will not see any fault in her clothes or the way that she acted all season. And it's too bad that Michael Costello couldn't be in the top three (which I wanted him to be). Mondo deserved this though.
posted by Dove on Oct 29, 2010
Whaoo, whaoo. Michael and Garcia you two have brought PR to nothing. I am so so so disappointed. I cannot believe you made a hater a winner. Grethchen is a bitter unhappy chick, and she created a line of clothing which depicts her over all mental and emotional state( bitter and sad). I will NEVER buy any of her clothes, not even for a dollar, neither would I give any to my enemy as a gift. Mondo, in they eyes of the world and the Cosmic intelligence YOU are the WINER and YOU ROCK. Mark my words, Gretchen got 100,000.00 thousand dollars, but you will be making millions of dollars, years after years. Your line is sophisticated, classy, fun, happy and futuristic. I love PR, but due to today's decision, my self, friends and family will never watch this show anymore I like you, but you should have stick to your guns by not yielding to Garcia and Michael's decision. After all it is your show.
posted by Miss Darkside Charm on Oct 29, 2010
Iím an still in shock over the results! Gretchen had such a toxic presence and attitude through the whole show. Her style was monochromatic and lacked vision. Andyís clothes were artistic and beautiful. Mondo was a true visionary and gave new life to fabrics, he clearly was robbed of the win. Out of everyone this season Gretchen should have left the runway long ago. Iím so disappointed and think the results were discriminating.
posted by Fedup on Oct 29, 2010
I too, am disappointed! Mondo was the clear winner. I have been a fan since day one but no longer will I be watching. c'iest la vie
posted by tberri on Oct 29, 2010
I don't know what they were thinking when they said her clothes were fashion forward. I'm from the Seattle/Portland area and everyone up here's been dressing like that since...forever. Mondo should have won. He has style and talent and knows how to mix patterns and colors. It takes a lot to be able to do that. I would totally buy his clothes in a heartbeat, seriously. Ugh. Bad outcome, totally bummed.
posted by whaa? on Oct 29, 2010
SELLOUTS!!!!! What a disgrace. PR is OUT!!! Nina, Michael, Heidi, you can leave the runway.
posted by ginger on Oct 29, 2010
mondo should have won.
posted by terriblewaste on Oct 29, 2010
I just heard Goodwill and Kmart don't even want to support Gretchen's line. Project Runway will never be on my TV again!!!!!
posted by Annee\'s lover Joshi on Oct 29, 2010
I completely hate gretchens awful work. It's horrible. She should have been out on the last episode and Michael C should have stayed in. All in all I believe that Mondo should have won, because he had the best style and it was just beautiful. I can't believe they judged so poorly. Just awful...
posted by Sucks!!! on Oct 29, 2010
Michael Kors and Nina Garcia should be retired. They lost their taste of judgment
posted by truthshallsetufree on Oct 29, 2010
PLEASE, help me understand! I'm a woman who will never wear Grethens clothes if they gave them away for free. Mondo is special for the clothes he creates, they were INTERESTING! I will not be watching the project runway again.I have better things to do with my life then watch disappointing *hit on tv,which I pay for!
posted by smr on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen's clothes are dull, dreary, lifeless, boring, sad, dumpy, shapeless--I wouldn't buy a single piece of her line or be caught dead in them. Jessica and Heidi were absolutely right--boring, boring, boring. God, they're really awful; they look like something on a clearance rack from Walmart or Kmart.Blech. MONDO was the clear winner-so obvious.
posted by Terrible Waste!!! on Oct 29, 2010
Can't believe I wasted 2 hours of my life tonight and better yet the whole season. Won't have to worry about repeating this. I have officially quit watching PR. Gretchen shouldn't even have been in the top 3. Mando and Andy will go alot further in the long run!!!! Just heard even Goodwill doesn't want Gretchen's collection.
posted by allI\'msane on Oct 29, 2010
Is Gretchen a better designer than Mondo, or does the K-mart conglomerate own Lifetime? Look for Gretchen's new "blue light" collection there next summer. "Running through Thunder..." Really? That's like "Swimming through Lightning" or "Talking through Fecal Matter" - something Gretchen is obviously well-practiced in. And then Michael Kors, "It's not about what's now. It's about what's NEXT." What's next is NOT another season of PROJECT RUNWAY! That show is suddenly so ten minutes ago.
posted by d on Oct 29, 2010
Last season one designer did a great collection of ready to wear, but it did not have that wow factor.Now look at what you picked for this season. No matter how good people of color are they can't win.
posted by some on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo had some great pieces but to much for one runway. If Andy used more different colors he would win. But I think Gretchen Jones did the best runway this evening.
posted by samantha on Oct 29, 2010
I am stunned that Mondo came in 2nd? He was always in the top three, while Gretchen was always on the bottom. This was crazy to see the outcome. I'm done with this show now. I hope Mondo finds great success on his own-he doesn't need Project Runway for that---he's great!!
posted by shayna on Oct 29, 2010
What a disappointment! Mondo was the clear winner! makes you wonder about the taste of the so called "experts!" Where can I buy Mondo's fashion?
posted by WHY!?! on Oct 29, 2010
posted by jazztap on Oct 29, 2010
i can stop watching this show. thanks for all the season, but this season was a total mistake, Mondo won, not Gretchen, I am 68 and would not wear any one of her collection, It look like it was for my Mother who is can stick me with a fork I am done. Never to watch PROJECT RUNWAY AGAIN. You did the same thing last season the right person did not win; MICHAEL AND NINA SHOULD BE FIRED. BUT if you think about it Mondo still wil go far. with out your help; HEIDI AND JESSICA you two could have held your grounds. the past season has been a blast but good by.
posted by Yawny on Oct 29, 2010
Some big company obviously decided some time ago that they could sell Gretchen's crappy clothes in a department store so they needed her to win. The fix was in. A "very current" look, yes, for out of touch old people. Mondo pwned
posted by Tigershelli on Oct 29, 2010
I agree with all above I didn't like anything Gretchen made all season I could roll in the mud in sweats and have a design better than anything she did unimaginative dribble the only good comment I saw on her was from a 67yr old gradma which fits gretchens style old I think Nina and mcneal 1need to have their eyes checked and 2 have their taste seriously questioned and 3 stop feeling sorry for contestants and giving it away because Gretchen was broke cause that's the only reason I can see that anyone would give it to her!!! I truely beileve Andy and mondo should have both won they were the inovative ones!!!
posted by Wendym on Oct 29, 2010
In a year or so it will be "Gretchen who" and Mondo will be on top of the fashion world. Last time I watch PR. What a waste of my valuable time. if they goal of the show was to find a dreary designer for Walmart, then they succeeded this time. Gretchen's clothes are the last thing I would put on my back. But then I'm not into boring and mundane!
posted by sdomstein on Oct 29, 2010
I am done with PR. Huge disappointment, Mondo you are unique and the clear winner by far.
posted by Karen on Oct 29, 2010
And by the way.... What the heck was that ugly thing that she wore??? So inappropriate. And to the above comment re: Mondo calling the Kardashians. I hope not. His clothes & style is much too classy for them! - good luck Mondo! Can't wait to see your line in the very near future!
posted by ckane82 on Oct 29, 2010
TEAM MONDO! I will probably watch PR again, only knowing that everyone makes mistakes and sometimes those mistakes leads to other's fortunes... Mondo is going to make it HUGE! He doesn't need MK or Nina OR Heidi to give him the honors. He truly won the show and anyone who has watched, knows. Good luck Gretchen. Hope you make it halfway through the year.
posted by PULEESE on Oct 29, 2010
How utterly CRUEL for the judges to turn the tables on the entire premise of what a runway show is all about. Were they worried they would be seen as always crowning the dark haired "over the top" male designers? I just don't get it. If this was an earlier season, Mondo would have clearly won. He just came along to late. I'm so done with this show.
posted by Gaby on Oct 29, 2010
I agree with everyone else about the winner, I am so disappointed that gretchen won, I hated how she treated others on the show especially Michael, don't know why they kept her on the show, I would not wear her clothes even if someone gave them to me for free.
posted by 2pissedforwords on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo was by far the absolute best designer and he should have won and Michael C should have taken Gretchen's spot because his clothes were tailored better and they had more taste to them and just the fact that she was so rude to him and most of everybody else he just needed to be in the top 3 and Mondo bar none should have won.
posted by Denise on Oct 29, 2010
I have really enjoyed watching Project Runway. This was my very first season to watch and I just loved it all the way up until tonight! I must say that I was shocked and very disapointed when Gretchen was named the winner. I absolutely felt that Mondo was the most talented. I I do believe that Heidi wanted to name Mondo as the winner. It's to bad that she let Michael and Nina take over her show! I was also shocked that Gretchen made it to the finals!
posted by Brooklyite on Oct 29, 2010
I do think it is probably time to switch up the judges - clearly Kors and Garcia have lost sight of what fashion is - they are too commercial in their tastes. There is nothing forward looking about Gretchen's work. She is ok and all, but there is no vision.
posted by Peg on Oct 29, 2010
I love that grandmothers are behind Mondo. I am 68 and woiuldn't be caught dead in Gretchen's clothes! ben there, done that. I would wear several of Mondos. Gretchen is Northwest granola, slighly updateded, but still out of fashion. Nina and Michael, you are behind the times!
posted by Viandroto on Oct 29, 2010
Oh, Gretchen definitely needed the win, cause she's not gonna make it in the fashion world.. She makes crocs look fashionable. My first time watching the show and maybe last if they keep Garcia & Kors.
posted by Mondofan2010 on Oct 29, 2010
Clearly there was some screws loose when it came time to decide a winner for this show!!! I don't understand how michael and Nina thought that Gretchen had ready to wear clothes and was fashion forward! I would not wear one single thing from her collection... they were monotone and old lady(ish) (now I see why Nina would wear them!!!) Heidi was so right to argue the point (Id wear this with this) out of Mondo's collections. 85% of the worlds population would have worn MONDOS collection as is or with a few minor adjustments to fit their fashion personality!!! I am super disappointed in the judging with this season! and I really hope Nina and Michael regret their decision... Even if I owned a Wal-Mart I wouldn't buy Gretchens clothes to sell... Her complete look was soo boring... and I'm sorry who wants to wear clothes with the backs of all their shirts cut out?! unlike the small breasted models, I require support and a shirt that will cover that!!!! Mondos collection had everything. He had casual as well as night wear and appealed to the larger demographic! I can't believe Gretchen won :( I would sooo rock me some MONDO clothing!
posted by i hate gretchen shes on Oct 29, 2010
omg so terrible mondo was robbed and so was Michael Costello imo. gretchens clothes are so freaking ugly i wouldnt use them as dust rags for my antiques.
posted by DaWhitster on Oct 29, 2010
I haven't decided if I'm going to stop watching PR, or pull out my old simplicity patterns and get some ugly boring fabric and audition to be on the show. I CAN NOT believe Gretchen won or that she even made it to the final 3. Oh well, at least now she has some money to get a complete haircut and some makeup. Please, someone give that girl a makeover.
posted by BUTLER on Oct 29, 2010
posted by NoCal Critic on Oct 29, 2010
Hey-hey Heidi! Do all these comments validate how much more YOU know about style, fashion & design than Michael & Nina?!! Gretchen's clothes were BORING. I would never wear a thing she designed all season. Shapeless, unflattering, not one of her models ever looked remotely sexy. So sad you were bullied into giving in. Mondo's clothes were fantastic, fun, flirty, original. He put on a show, yet lots of this pieces would be completely wearable in the real word. He had the dramatic flair; his clothes made a statement, "I am Mondo!" Outrageous. The prize was stolen from him. Be smart, Heidi girl, and bankroll him. The return you'll get will be the best revenge!
posted by listener on Oct 29, 2010
What a FARCE! Heidi was really leaning toward Mondo winning then she must have let Michael and Nina change her mind. I thought this was Heidi's show?? Who in their right mind would pick frumpy Gretchen over fantastic Mondo?
posted by Christina on Oct 29, 2010
I felt Gretchen should have been eliminated after the team competition. Monda had three consecutive wins in recent weeks and I don't believe he was ever in the bottom three like Andy and Gretchen were. Mondo stayed true to himself as a designer and didn't stray from his talent and creativity. Where was the creativity from Gretchen? Boring, and during the season the clothes looked cheap and unflattering.
posted by litlbit97 on Oct 29, 2010
This is truly the worst season so far!! First Mondo, I would buy your clothes in a heartbeat. Gretchen is about as fake as they come and the clothes she has produced all season have been boring as hell. Wht didn't she just go ahead and have the jewelry made as peace would have blended better. And why did Nina keep referring to Gretchen as the "Now" styling...why would you want a designer who is looking into the past 30+ years. All of her stuff looked the same all season...UGLY...I wouldn't even wear them as separates!! more PR for me, Thanks Nina and Michael for wasting a lot of my time this season!
posted by aw on Oct 29, 2010
Guess what! I'm 52 and I am shocked and very disappointed that Gretchen won....sooooo boring. Mondo was robbed! I think Michael Kors is jealous because Mondo is a REAL designer with a vision!
posted by calo50 on Oct 29, 2010
This is the last time I am watching the show!!!! Every year they pick some the wrong person to win. I LOVE HEIDI But Michael Kos and Anita should take another look at what you've done. I'm a older woman and I wouldnt touch Gretchen's outfits. The shorts look like someone walking around in their underwear!!! I'm miss you HEIDI!!!!!!!!!!Hang in there Mondo, you are the real winner!!!!!!!
posted by Sanrio_HK on Oct 29, 2010
I am so disappointed and pissed off .Mondo should be the winner. He won at lease 3 challenges and Gretchen won 0. Are you telling me she is the winner of Project Runway??? Gretchen Sucks and she did not deserve to win! They should get rid of Michael and Nina. I would not watch it again.
posted by jaslene on Oct 29, 2010
I thought Mondo would win the season..
posted by Phyllis on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo you are the winner for sure. Michael Kors and Nina the losers. I cannot believe the hypocritical views of Kors and Garcia, there had to be judging decided long before the final runway. Heidi why not push a little harder - your guest judge did!!
posted by Same BS, Different s on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen sucks! She is evil. While I love fashion, I agree maybe they need NEW judges!!! It never fails, in the end the person who has been consistent throughout the show ALWAYS gets the win stolen.....remember the Michaels from previous seasons! Wow, this show is really a joke!!! Mondo, I hope you excel far beyond Gretchen could ever dream. You clearly won.!!!!!!
posted by fannomore on Oct 29, 2010
I am very upset that they picked Gretchen. The judges contradicted themselves. They used to say that the designers should make clothes for the runway. Gretchen's clothes are not definitely "runway quality". Remember the collection from the previous winners, e.g. Jay, Christian, etc. Gretchen's clothes are not even close to theirs. Heidi, I hope you trust your gut instinct next time. You will lose a lot of PR viewers.
posted by prism_spr08 on Oct 29, 2010
well, that's one more reality show i can cross of my list. i have watched all 8 seasons, even following project runaway to lifetime and enduring 90 minute episodes. only to have this mess happen. who in their right mind would wear anything gretchen designed on the show? that was a hot mess; the whole collection. if looking like a hippie and wearing birkenstocks is what's in, then count me out. at least i'll be in good company with mondo, andy and korto (season 5).
posted by Ughhhhhh on Oct 29, 2010
Heidi, you were right and should have stuck firm tonight. Gretchen did not deserve the win. She should have left along time ago. Michael and Nina were wrong and I suggest you replace them.
posted by Yes on Oct 29, 2010
Michael's C's final collection was in sum much better than the 3 pieces he previously presented, but that's the way it works out. Sadly, since Project Runway is corrupt enough to select someone whom they've spent an inordinate amount of time making the viewing public believe is wretched, is without merit. It's one of the biggest shams around. I'm wait, Heidi, you're out! your public is speaking to you, this time you shoudl listen.
posted by PR fan no more on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo, Sorry you didn't win. The judges who were against you seemed to be very angry you kept your long polka dot dress in the show instead of listening to them. It was a pretty dress and you showed who you are by keeping it in. I agree Gretchen should have never made it to the finals. She is so pitiful and everything is "poor me"
posted by DJ on Oct 29, 2010
Project "Wrong" Way... They lost their way and their audience.
posted by nanajana on Oct 29, 2010
hey don't bad mouth pot smoking people bumming around in VW's. WE don't call our clothes fashion. WE call them clothes you can stuff in a duffle bag and don't show the dirt! just like Gretchen's.
posted by veryupsetviewer on Oct 29, 2010
The show is fixed, get rid of the tasteless Nina and Michael and get some real fashion experts on the panel because they will ruin PR. Gretchen shouldn't have won WTF Crunchy Granola Boring is what it really is
posted by granny panties on Oct 29, 2010
Wow! Where can I buy those panties, Gretched? Horrible collection from a nasty, manipulative person. Even her forged jewelry was gross. Mondo should have won. I have lost respect for Nina and MK. Will never buy Michael Kors again or buy a Marie Claire magazine. Heidi, you're the producer, your vote should have counted more! Mondo, your collection was the best. Andy, your fabrics were gorgeous and your collection was way better than the winner's (choke on the word). This season ender just proved something that's unfortunately too true in today's world - bitchy wins..........
posted by boochomp on Oct 29, 2010
YUCK! Project Runway just lost many viewers.Mondo was the clear winner. She shouldn't have even made final 3!
posted by CeCe on Oct 29, 2010
Very disappointing indeed! Throughout the whole season the judges encouraged the designers to "take risks" then at the last minute Michael & Nina are all about"playing safe & wearable." PA-lease! Heidi & Jessica should have held their ground & not given in. Mondo rocks!
posted by dzigner2 on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe the outcome also. First of all Gretchen's attitude was horrible and her clothes didn't move me at all. I agree they need new judges and please add some diversity.
posted by Flower on Oct 29, 2010
I'm a hippie and I wouldn't even wear Gretchen's clothes! Mondo's clothes were fun,unique,and had edge. Andy Were stunning and beautiful. I guess the judges were too jugeMENTAL!Such a disappointment!
posted by Lila84 on Oct 29, 2010
I bet half of you only recognized Mondo as a designer when he admitted to being HIV positive. Congrats all of the finalists. Everyone is a winner! It takes hardwork to make it to the tents!
posted by Cully on Oct 29, 2010
posted by Flower on Oct 29, 2010
I'm a hippie and I wouldn't even wear Gretchen's clothes!Mondo's clothes were fun,unique,and had edge. Andy Were stunning and beautiful.I guess the judges were too jugeMENTAL!Such a disappointment!
posted by Kaeyreed on Oct 29, 2010
I am disappointed that Gretchen one. I thought the premise for project runway was pushing fashion forward, not back to another ere. Mondo my heart was with you baby!
posted by <3 Mondo on Oct 29, 2010
Ugh, she hadn't won anything since the first 2 episodes and I thought those were mistaken wins too. She is boring and talentless and has an ego the size of jupiter. I can't believe those judges were so high as to think she was good or michael could sew. ludicrous-just absolutely insane.
posted by Curveball kitty on Oct 29, 2010
I have never felt the need to post a comment but since when does the "sensible fashion" wear outweigh the creative fashion wear. I watch Project Runway to see the next hot designer in the fashion world, not who can be the next Michael Kors selling boring clothes in large department stores. It's too bad Heidi didn't fight for what she believed in. What a waste of time.
posted by nikki on Oct 29, 2010
Are you kidding me?????!!!!!! Nina and Michael have utterly lost their minds!!! I am sooooooooo annoyed. MONDO was the best talent that show has ever seen. His collection was impeccable and it made the other two look like hacks. Possibly the worst decision in reality show history. A joke. Mondo is a love as well. Hopefully he will go far on his own. Sad for him. I think Tim Gunn was in shock too. Hippie clothes are so NOT what is happening in fashion or where it is going. I would wear ever piece in Mondo's collection. They actually had a very Louis Vuitton vibe. Bu-bye PR you lost a big fan.
posted by Hate Nina & Michael on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe Mondo didn't win! Nina said that they told him not to make it look like a clown show....but that was after he had already made his collection. The whole season they praised him for it. And...I loved his collection but I was expecting more "clown" from him, I thnk he toned it down just for them and they still go with the boring...not high fashion designer
posted by JBoi on Oct 29, 2010
I've NEVER commented on the results of a TV show before. So the fact that I am this affected and dissappointed should say something. Someone please explain to me why Mondo did not take the win? Because I just don't get it.
posted by bexter on Oct 29, 2010
Unbelievable! I have watched this show since day one and have never been more disappointed! Gretchen's clothes were AWFUL - I think Tim should have been the tie-breaker! Mondo was the best hands down!!
posted by Brandy on Oct 29, 2010
I am 67 years old and I LOVE Gretchen's clothes! It's brings back my memories, when I was young. I would love to wear them on Saturdays in my church. Mondo is to stylish, to futuristic.
posted by MandiP on Oct 29, 2010
Maybe this is one of those contests where the second, third and fourth runners up will be more known and famous than the winner. I hope so for this decision was an utter disaster.
posted by thatgirl on Oct 29, 2010
Ugliest. Clothes. Ever. Sorry, Heidi, that was a major fail. I think they let Gretchen win because she was destitute and they felt sorry for her.
posted by 2pissedforwords on Oct 29, 2010
I cannot believe they made the same mistake again. Gretchen should not have won that show!!!!!!!!!!! She was evil, rude, 2-faced, and a straight biyatch towards the people who didn't go her way and she did not deserve to win. Heidi you need to replace Nina and Michael because they are going to ruin your show. I wont be watching this show anymore . Gretchen's clothes were ugly, boring, drab, and who is going to wear granny panties in public. WTH, WTF
posted by What the! on Oct 29, 2010
Can't beleive it! Never thought she'd make it to top three, thought it should be Michael C with the other boys who compleatly out showed her tonight! After 8 years of dedicated watching, I must bid Project Runway a farewell! Innovation, fun, YOUTHFUL and energetic were the words describing the winners of past. If this is were clothing is headed, I will see you in a nudest collony because I wouldn't buy any of it. (except the jewelry) So I'll be a nude with cool jewelry! Beats Granny panties and ugly clothes! Congrats to all but very disappointed.
posted by van d. on Oct 29, 2010
I do not want to live in a world where Gretchen's designs are the future. Depressing, boring, horrible boho run off. Obviously the show is a joke, if Jessica Simpson (bless her heart) is a judge for the finale. Mondo is truly a visonary. When everyone else was mediocre on the show, never once, did he shy from delievering beauty.
posted by becky sharp on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo was robbed, and how did Nina and Michael get off talking about his clothes skewing too young? I loved the color, the talent, the joy of Mondo's clothes--sort of a cross between early Christian Lacroix and Frida Kahlo, a wonderful Latin vibe. And I am a 61 year young, well off, tall slender, redhead who would not wear a shred of boring neo-boho clothes of Gretchen's. Besides her abhorrent, two-faced, whiny personality. I said to my husband as I was watching, I want that Day of the Dead tunic with the skull and cross. I would buy it and other of Mondo's clothes in a heartbeat! This is fashion of joy not safety. I hope someone will put Mondo's designs into production soon, he will be a star and I will be lining up to buy them!
posted by mauraremo on Oct 29, 2010
I have been a fan of the show since the beginning, but what a disappointment! I am still in disbelief. Add me to the list of people who are no longer going to watch the show. I wish Mondo the very best!
posted by Jen on Oct 29, 2010
Worst decision ever! I'm so annoyed with Gretchen that I'm writing my first response to an article online. She's so rude and only wants the money. Mondo's amazing and has lived through so much more than she has!!! What's her problem? She has her stuff in storage because her bf got sick of her and kicked her out? No wonder her designs suck and no one will ever wear them!
posted by cls on Oct 29, 2010
Being from Portland Oregoon myself, I am very excited that Gretchen won. I believe she is very talented and the judges were right on base. Why can;t people just be happy for others instead of writing mean things. You all should be happy for her as you should be for anyone who had won. I believe she truely is happy and a kind spirit. I also think you are missing the point of the judges and you will be seeing many other things from this very talented woman. Great job Gretchen.
posted by mouse on Oct 29, 2010
Nope, you people have no taste and probably walk around fat and gross in your American attire. You are just bitter because you don't like Gretchen for child like reasons, she did an impeccable job on her collection and I knew she should have won. Mondo was a close runner up, but her clothes are more immediate and chic. Now go wear some crocs, losers.
posted by cskjel on Oct 29, 2010
Does Kors sell to Target. I am really disappointed to say the least. I think they made a mistake not taking Michael C. to the finale, Mondo still being the best. I just can't get past the 2-faced bitchyness. No one should be rewarded for that kind of behavior. Bad example, bad girl, bad choice.
posted by Katsplace414 on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo is the clear winner!!! His clothes are fashion forward, beautiful, and so bright in color!!! Gretchen's clothes were hideous, drab in color, flash back to the 70's, oversized, and omg...the ugly panties looked like senior citizen depend diapers! The judges got it so wrong...I will never again watch this show! Mondo hold your head high, you are going places and will see many many runways!!!
posted by Exprfan on Oct 29, 2010
I cannot believe Gretchen won. Heidi I hope you read these post and see what a terrible mistake you made. And who is going to buy clothes from such a mean person. Your prize money has been wasted.
posted by Elaka on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo was robbed. Even if Andy or Michael had won, I'd be ok with that. No more Project Runway for me.
posted by PeacefulBeauty on Oct 29, 2010
I think we should give credit when it is due! Reality t.v. is edited heavily! We only know Gretchen for what lifetime portrayed her to be. I think her clothes are more wearable and modern. If you go to the lower east side in nyc, you will see that is the way people are dressing. If you look on asos and other websites, you will notice that the clothes are symbolic to that of Gretchen. I think Mondo did a great job;however, I think some of his pieces were juvenile. I think that the judges neglected to give Gretchen praise because of her cockiness. I think she stayed true to herself despite what anyone thought. So regardless if you like her collection or not, she is the winner! I'm quite sure you will buy the replicas from forever21! Oh and one more thing, you will never have her craft! Leave the negativity alone. She worked hard as well as every designer on the show!
posted by FASHIONLADY on Oct 29, 2010
Project Runway has finally reached its final curtain...what a shame. If Michael Kors and Garcia have that must power to dominate the final decision, and if the show wants to continue, then it is time to turn the vote over to the viewers to decide. Do you really think women (since Garcia instead they would buy Gretchen's collection) will really buy underwear for street-wear??? And, her designs were not original or unqiue... haunting of the 70s hippie, yippie era...been there and done that and will not do it again !!! Seriously, I am so sadden that Project Runway has sunk to this all time low for the entire season. Time to go off the air, if her designs won over Mondo and Andy...what a joke!!! Shame on you!!!
posted by That\'s the end on Oct 29, 2010
Obviously Gretchen slept with the whole production staff to win. Everyone who voted for her is as ugly as her clothes. If Gretchen has any leftover fabric she should use it to cover her disgusting, lying, two-faced face. I'm soooo done, we need a new word for it.
posted by Honesty on Oct 29, 2010
Congratulations the last three, but I am very disappointed as to the result. Mondo is a far better designer and creator that Grethen. His collection is young, fun and futuristic. As a designer and a seamstress, I will NEVER recommend any of Gretchen's designs t anyone. They look old, boring and sad. I followed and watched the entire show, and I believe Mondo did not win because his a minority. I forgot your name the male judge and the other female judge, are u 2 RA.....? Heidi and Jessica I completely agree with your comments as t Mondo's collection, you should not have listened t the other two. Well Mondo, your the winner regardless. We love you.
posted by fashion design instr on Oct 29, 2010
Ridiculous. Gretchen's clothes were uninspired and unwearable. Loose and comfortable does not have to be ugly and illfitting. Mondo's designs were brilliant and brave and not just on trend... they were ahead of trend. Mark my words, Mondo will be the successful one. Judges, shame on you.
posted by red on Oct 29, 2010
posted by this is insane on Oct 29, 2010
Project Runway has lost all credibility! There's no other alternative. Sadly, I think they've alienated a HUGE chunk of their built in fan base. Not sure I'll be watching anymore. Mondo = Genius!
posted by Me too on Oct 29, 2010
Yep, I'm with everyone else. I loved Mondo's stuff. I can't understand why they liked Gretchen' stuff...the hammer pants and 80's ugly and unflattering. What was that shinny material doing with the hippie material? I don't get it.
posted by C on Oct 29, 2010
Told my hubby would watch again if Gretchen won. Bye bye project runway. First time I ever felt the need to comment on any show!!!
posted by Nana on Oct 29, 2010
I'm a big PR fan, however...I think that PR has lost many fans with this decision! Gretchen's collection was back hills, home made, ill sewn, hippy YUCK!!! There was absolutly NOTHING fashion forward about her awful clothes.
posted by HateGretchen on Oct 29, 2010
I am so done with this show, Mondo is a genius!Cors is just jealous and Nina is a hypocrite
posted by marnie on Oct 29, 2010
Can't believe the outcome. What a joke. Project runway is now about wearable fashion. Sorry but I can't ever imagine wearing Gretchen's diaper shorts as fashion forward. Mondo you are the true winner and I look forward to buying your fashion. I too don't think I will be watching the show any longer. Sad.
posted by chyl on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe these judges have not rewarded the true winner. Mondo's collection by far is a fashion show & Gretchen's is just clothes. I don't know anyone who would wear Gretchen's clothes. All her clothes are too simple & easy & just plain boring. Mondo is the true visionary he made clothes that were sophisticated, fun, lively, sexy, colorful, just absolutely inspiring & exciting. Extremely disappointed! I have watched from the start and can't believe this Granola, easy, simple collection won. If that is where fashion is going I don't want nothing to do with it. I do appreciate simple & easy clothing, but not the way Gretchen "designs."
posted by Vi_O on Oct 29, 2010
OMG! I am horrified that Gretchen won. Her clothes are only designed for her, and no one else. Its too bad. I actually thought Andys was better than hers. Mondos had a gorgeous collection. I was very disappointed that Gretchen won.
posted by Brandine on Oct 29, 2010
I'm done. Not watching PW again after this travesty. I'm middle aged and would never dream of ever wearing Gretchen's ugly retro desert clothes. Mondo was robbed.
posted by mb on Oct 29, 2010
I was disappointed in the judges selection. But then, I was disappointed last week when Gretchen was kept and Michael C went home. Each of the final four are talented designers. Each has their own perspective. I loved Andy's collection. How amazing is he for being a 22 year old designer! Mondo, without a doubt, is a visionary as a designer. Nina may not have wanted to wear his polka dot dress, but that's probably only because it could not have been pulled off on her. Nor on me. But, that didn't mean I didn't love it!
posted by lindsey on Oct 29, 2010
I expected gretchin to get booted in week 3. Not only for her poor design aesthetic but for her negative attitude through out the competition. Talk about having an ego and thinking your better than everyone else! Not only that but I don't know who would where a diaper looking bottom in public! And if that's what is "in style" for right now we are all in trouble! In my eyes mondo is the true winner!
posted by Outtahere on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen, save your money. It may be the only money you ever make designing clothes. Your yawn fest of a collection will not make you rich anytime soon. The judges and producers should be very ashamed. I hope there is a reporter out there who can discover this as the sham it apparently is. you've destroyed my faith in reality shows.
posted by JC Rangel on Oct 29, 2010
Michael needs to take off those stupid glasses so he can see true talent!
posted by kroshu on Oct 29, 2010
Will never watch this show again. If this is what current fashion is, I want nothing to do with it. Safe, boring, and dated. One week she was in the top 3 with a MuMu Mrs. Roper would have loved (the week I thought she was finally going home). Michael should have had her place in the top 3, and she won over the innovative and impressive Mondo. Nothing current, attractive, or fashionable about anything she did. Thank you for deleting another hour out of my DVR.
posted by nina on Oct 29, 2010
I will not be watching the show next season. I have clothes like Gretchen's that I gave away to used clothing. It was blah from the start and could not understand how she got to the show. Her prints were really yuck and those colors were just plain ugly. The patchwork pants? That alternative lifestyle dress that could be worn on a campus? Please! No more project runway. You are out of touch.
posted by Mad Mad Mad on Oct 29, 2010
Really? This has to be a joke! Gretchen did NOT deserve to win! Most of Her designs are Boring and unappealing. If Michael K and Nina G were the deciding judges (as it appears) then they should be replaced immediately! Mondo was the clear winner!
posted by Team Mondo on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo is an artist and a genius, and on top of that, he's a really amazing person. I loved his outlook on the result and I have no doubt he will go far, but frankly I won't watch this show again unless they get different judges or allow the audience to vote. What a complete disappointment.
posted by Annee\'s lover Joshi on Oct 29, 2010
I completely hate gretchens awful work. It's horrible. She should have been out on the last episode and Michael C should have stayed in. All in all I believe that Mondo should have won, because he had the best style and it was just beautiful. I can't believe they judged so poorly. Just awful...
posted by beanie43 on Oct 29, 2010
I am so upset by this outcome. Mondo won so many weekly contests. I love his work. I really think Kors needs to go It should have been a split decision if Kors and Garcia liked Gretchen so much. I will not ever watch again.I feel like I hae been 'had'.
posted by OMG Disaster on Oct 29, 2010
What a mess, Gretchen is a train wreck. Heidi you should have stood firm for your show! This was a complete mistake, the oldies picked the worst and the show will suffer. Nobody wants to sit through 8 shows to see Granola/no taste win over True designer. I think this smells like PR does not like diversity in design ???? What the real story! Lost this customer, Hated it!
posted by Kat1313 on Oct 29, 2010
Kors is jealous of Mondo. His overpriced clothes can't hold a candle to Mondo's. So get our there Mondo and start designing. We'll be seeing your designs everywhere and Gretchen's clothes will go nowhere. I'm a child of the 70's and even I didn't wear clothes as tacky as Gretchen's. She might have a market here in New Orleans--the French Quarter Rats would wear them. IF they could afford them!!! She'll fade into obscurity.
posted by np on Oct 29, 2010
No, no, say it isn't so. Not another bad round of voting in this season of silliness!! Mondo's clothing is totally wearable and not just for teens. All season long, a series of one beautiful and creative design after another from Mondo! I know he will succeed! Gretchen's work nice and safe and snooze worthy!!
posted by Team Mondo! on Oct 29, 2010
I just don't get it. But we all know Mondo was bigger than the show. His level of talent and success will find the light on his own terms. Go Mondo! We love you!
posted by kdfma on Oct 29, 2010
WHAT!!!??? Mondo was the clear winner. Heidi and Jessica should have way more pull that that!! I'm a "low maintenance" woman who would a million times where Mondo's clothes over Gretchens. BTW WHERE do I buy Mondo's clothes ASAP!!!
posted by pissed off on Oct 29, 2010
what a frigging joke. these judges are ridiculous. Wretchen....REALLY? This is the second boring Portland native that they have given this title to. Never watching this joke of a show EVER again
posted by tacguy on Oct 29, 2010
Mondo should have won that is for sure. I think Michael Costello did a much better job than Gretchen. I agree with others who wrote that Michael Kors needs to go. Funny that he designs clothes but can not wear anything but black on the show. This season sucked!!
posted by nanajana on Oct 29, 2010
Simpson as a judge? She looked like a Munchkin! It was obvious for most of the season that Jones would win becuz they kept putting her back in after they said she was boring. worst season ever. Mondo was only interesting designer.
posted by paulc on Oct 29, 2010
posted by Me too on Oct 29, 2010
Yep, I'm with everyone else. I loved Mondo's stuff. I can't understand why they liked Gretchen' stuff...the hammer pants and 80's ugly and unflattering. What was that shinny material doing with the hippie material?
posted by Average Consumer on Oct 29, 2010
What a sham!!!! Gretchen should not have even made it to the final 3! Her clothes were boring and looked like old sacks. I can't believe the judges actually think they are speaking for the general public when the endorse those designs. They are unsightly and boring. Or maybe they were designed with the farm in mind, because that's where they look like they belong. Gretchen didn't even brush her hair before the show. Yuk!!!!
posted by syrvaysa on Oct 29, 2010
You have GOT to be freaking kidding me! I am so far from a fashion expert, but I know the difference between genius/fun/class and 1970's blah! I've discovered with these shows that the person that you least think should win, does. So I wasn't totally shocked, but hoped that the judges would prove me wrong. I just don't get it....
posted by wtf on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen is a narcissist who makes boring clothes. I'm just comforted that a person with that kind of personality can never be happy. Viva le Mondo!
posted by MB on Oct 29, 2010
Project Runway I was a devoted watcher since season 1....don't worry about it anymore I'm out!!! what a disappointment sorry MONDO!!!!!
posted by boo on Oct 29, 2010
boo project runway, you got it wrong, she has no heart and will not go far! gretchen clothes sucked, who on earth would wear that garbage! i will not watch any more, terrible just terrible!
posted by Unbelievable on Oct 29, 2010
Gretchen's collection... hideous....Granola all the way. I wouldn't be seen dead in any of her outfits...I can't bring myself to call them designs! Mondo was clearly head and shoulders above the, flirty colorful and sexy. A celebration of woman!
posted by JCRangel on Oct 29, 2010
I can't believe this! I told my wife that I would never watch this show ever again. I go online and see that many share the same views. Albert Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. Mondo has that imagination and Grethen played it safe. Mondo is the clear winner!
posted by Stunned on Oct 29, 2010
I am shocked. Confused. And utterly dissappointed. This was truly my favorite season and yet I'm left with a bitter taste at the final decision. Fashion is about INNOVATION, not capitalizing on current trends. All three finalists were super talented, but in terms of shear innovation and raw talent... MONDO was the man. Team Mondo all the way. Sadly, Project Runway has lost a great deal of credibility moving forward. Plain and simple.
posted by seriously?!? on Oct 29, 2010
WTF! Gretchen's were the worst series of clothes I've seen in a looong time! Which sophisticated woman would want to wear those s*** colored clothes for god's sake?! Totally disappointed in this show and lost respect for the judges.
posted by Amor on Oct 29, 2010
lol! Gretchen winning comes as no surprise to me. This season of Project Runway has been such a joke and a disappointment. Gretchen winning is just a summary of how shitty this season has been. Mondo should have won hands down. Gretchen shouldn't even have made it to the finale, Michael C should have. I really hope next season's Project runway is good. This is the worst season of Project Runway ever. And next season, I hope they shorten it back to an hour! I hate this whole 90mins crap! Making the show 90 mins made it so boring! They were focusing on the drama of the designers and it made it so boring and like a shitty soap opera!
posted by whatthehell on Oct 29, 2010
It was so disappointing. I agree with everyone...Mondo or Andy should have been the clear winner...but honestly when has a non white person won. NEVER....
posted by WTF! on Oct 29, 2010
Oh well, Mondo lost (a reality show), he was my fav and everyone else's. That may be a good thing, remember Adam Lambert lost Idol and look at him. Mondo is going to be doing great things, all he needed was a little exposure. Gretchen needed a win.
posted by what the? on Oct 29, 2010
I agree with all posters who feel the judges have absolutely NO idea what "runway" fashion is! It's shocking. his show is Project "Runway" NOT Project "Old lady Department Store". My mom had a closet full of Gretchens style of clothes and that's what they were everyday clothes that she purchased from Sears Rhodes Mall in Phoenix AZ in the 1970's!! Mondo IS THE WINNER!! America knows this. He will be remembered and you will see his work for years to come on the red carpet and in better clothing boutiques. Gretchen is already forgotten. Her designs were incredibly awful and boring. I too am so disappointed and am considering NEVER watching this show again! And Michael, I just may NEVER buy one of your purses again. If you don't cancel the show after this travesty, at least get rid of the 2 judges that ruined the show for this season..Kors and Garcias.
posted by Jsilversmith on Oct 29, 2010
Wow, I'm stunned - Poor decision. Mondo was so much on a par with the dramatic designs of previous winners. Jones a poor 3rd.
posted by gramm on Oct 29, 2010
I am a grandmother and I thought Gretchen's clothes were boring, boring, boring, Mondo's clothes were fun, alive and sophisticated in their own way. Nina and Michael need to take a fashion refresher course. It was ironic that they eliminated Michael for his clothes being all one color, weLLLLLLLLL wasn't Gretchen's clothes all ONE color!!! Heidi why did you not fight for Mondo you were the only one with good sense and taste. Sorry to say I will never watch this show again. As you can see by all the comments you guys blew this one big time, what a joke!!! the viewers have better taste than the so called fashion experts. my time will be better spent watching the Food Network.
posted by Areyoukiddingme? on Oct 29, 2010
Yawn, I am finally done with Project Runway. For Heidi to sell out and cave in to boring Nina and boring Michael and say that Gretchen's ridiculous collection was better than everyone else's is a tragedy. I hope all the boring people who never buy Gretchen's clothes watch your dumb show! Adios. You're all sell outs and producing crap on top of crap. you should all be politicians with all your fake, stupid decisions. Tim Gunn, shame on you. Gretchen did not deserve to win. Her collection was disgusting and it looked cheap.
posted by Thriftrags on Oct 29, 2010
Clothes that Gretchen designs looks like something you can piece together at a thrift shop. Mondo's stuff was beautiful and unique a look that was daring. He should have won those two judges cheated him out of win he should have had.
posted by a2n2 on Oct 29, 2010
no more project runway for me! who gonna wear her cloth? plain, boring and for tall girls with no body..just sad .rally sad...Mando cloth r amazing!!
posted by cmo on Oct 29, 2010
Truly disappointing...Mondo was robbed. Gretchen's clothes were NOT what women want to wear nor was the line forward.
posted by Yayo on Oct 29, 2010
I lost all respect for this show..... Nina Garcia show just keep in mind that fashion is the future also for the young..... Clearly mando was robe of his win And Heidi I thought this was your show not Michel and Nina Never again.... Will I watch this show
posted by cskjel on Oct 29, 2010
Well, I guess we know who runs the show, I used to think it was Heidi's show. So according to Kors and Garcia todays women want to dress like Holly Hobby or little house on the prairie. I think not and I hope they read these comments.
posted by beloved403 on Oct 29, 2010
I am in my late 20's and I don't see Gretchen's as the current!!!! I see Gretchen's cloths on people who smoke joints and bum around the country in a Volkswagen van because they can't accept the sixties are dead what a complete an utter disappointment just flat out WRONG!!!!!
posted by Jen on Oct 29, 2010
SOOOO Disappointed!!! Mondo is BY FAR a better designer and his collection was wearable and interesting! Gretchen's collection looks like stuff from my grandmother's closet, BLAH! DULL! How unfortunate. I'm finally over PR.
posted by WAT?! on Oct 29, 2010
Seriously? Gretchen? How can hippie wear be couture?! Ugh, so disappointed. Mondo should have got it all the way. Nina, Michael; you have no freaking taste!
posted by :( on Oct 29, 2010
Wrong,wrong, wrong. Her clothes are boring. Mondo is a true artist. I am so disappointed!
posted by Disappointed in CA on Oct 29, 2010
I cannot believe they gave the win to Granola Gretchen. She is good, but she by no means was the best. This is crazy! Who in their right mind would buy this hippy wear. I am very disappointed in project if my favorite shows.
posted by Lucy on Oct 29, 2010
Please get rid of Nina and that old man! They out out of date. Sick of them. Heidi reclaim your show. This was a set up.
posted by niteowl1977 on Oct 29, 2010
OMG, this was disgusting! Gretchen sucks. Mondo had the most beautiful, fun, fashion forward clothes. I won't watch anymore either. And yeah, get rid of nina and kors. They are old and stale.
posted by wasp on Oct 29, 2010
Congratulations Grethen. I admired your confidence and style. I love this show and the judges comments.
posted by turtle on Oct 29, 2010
I was shocked. We all wore most of Gretchen's designs in the late 70's. I thought both Andy and Mondo's were better. Very very surprised at this outcome. I can't wait to see Nina in one of designs...should be interesting. Cheers
posted by Lovemichealcostello on Oct 29, 2010
Micheal costello should have won DONE!!!!
posted by VEF on Oct 29, 2010
Really disappointed. I wouldn't be caught dead in Gretchen's clothes. Modo is THE BEST!
posted by tee on Oct 29, 2010
What the hell were those judges thinking. GRETCHEN IS BITCHY and her clothes can be found in NY&CO she is a cheap, safe designer. MONDO IS CLEARLY THE BETTER DESIGNER he puts his whole self out there. I know celebs will be calling him. Maybe he should call the Kardashian clan to get his things out there quick. This was bs Heidi and Marc... will not be watching this show again, ever!
posted by yobenson on Oct 29, 2010
REALLY!!! Our entire family has hated Gretchen, her personal style and her designs. Really sideburns - who wears that? She is not fashion forward - she is anything but . really disappointed that a true designer did not win - it should have MONDO!! I guess I won't be going to Piperlime now - was waiting to buy Mondo's stuff!!
posted by Leslee on Oct 29, 2010
Huge disappointment. Those ugly, awful panties she put her models in? The dull color scheme? Please! Who on earth wants to wear that crap? Meanwhile, Mondo is a genuine visionary but he's so unique, Michael Kors couldn't understand him. Mondo, you rule. You're going to show them how wrong they were, I have no doubt.
posted by lsurainojsi on Oct 29, 2010
Blea!!! Welcome back the fugly 70s...what CRAP
posted by Gretchen? NOT FIERC on Oct 29, 2010
Project Runway: I will not be watching anymore! You have lost your way and your minds. Heidi and Jessica should have held there grounds! I LOVED Michael C's clothes - so beautiful & wearable, but Mondo was s fabulous, cutting edge and WEARABLE. Gretchen? Really. YUCK! Looks like earthy crunchy Berkenstock clothes.

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