Sneak Peeks to 'The Office' Season 7 Premiere

September 21, 2010 09:25:31 GMT

Michael has a nephew, whose butt he wipes when he was a baby, working for Dunder Mifflin as a terrible intern.

Sneak Peeks to 'The Office' Season 7 Premiere
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Steve Carell's last season on "The Office" would be marked with "Nepotism". Several clips from the season opener which is two days away (September 23) have been released. Michael Scott refuses to fire the new office assistant (guest star Evan Peters) after everyone complains about his bad attitude.

In one of the clips, Michael tells Jo about his nephew, saying he would defend Luke and cover his back if anything happens. In another clip, Jim continues his streak of pranks to Dwight by adding fake keys to Dwight's key holder. One clip particularly has nothing to do with the storyline as it shows the staff messing around in the office and singing in one camera take.

Also in the premiere episode, Andy plays it cool after Erin shows interest in another man. Meanwhile, Pam tries to impress Jim by pulling an office prank of her own.

  • Partial cold open
  • The new office assistant can't seem to get anything right
  • Jim plays a prank on Dwight
  • Michael tries to teach the staff the meaning of 'Don't bother Luke'
  • Michael has to tell Jo about Luke


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posted by PrisonBitch696 on Sep 23, 2010
the office is my fav show, so happy there is a new season!!! but so sad steve is leaving next year. This is the last one, make it count!

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