Susan Boyle's Rendition of Lou Reed's 'Perfect Day' Hits the Web

September 11, 2010 06:33:46 GMT

Following the arrival of the beautiful rendition, Simon Cowell asks Lou Reed, 'If you're listening to this, do we have permission, yes or no, to put the song on 'America's Got Talent' next week?'

Susan Boyle
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Amid controversy surrounding report that Lou Reed banned Susan Boyle from singing his song "Perfect Day", a studio version of the British singer covering his track made its way out on the web. Just like the song title, the newly-revealed rendition is flawless.

Susan Boyle was due to perform "Perfect Day" on "America's Got Talent" on September 8, but she had to cancel her performance as Reed refused to let her sing it. TMZ which first obtained the audio stream of Boyle's rendition claimed they got words from Simon Cowell concerning the issue.

Calling Reed "pathetic," the show's creator and executive producer added, "Loads of people have covered this song ... Well Lou, if you're listening to this, do we have permission, yes or no, to put the song on 'America's Got Talent' next week? Personal request from me."

Words are, people from Reed's camp denied rumor that their client withheld permission to cover the 1972 ballad track. But a leaked email from Boyle's manager which is believed to have been sent to "AGT" production company FremantleMedia said otherwise.

"Susan was absolutely devastated to be told on the morning of the show taping that Lou Reed had personally decided to block her singing his already much covered song, 'Perfect Day,' on 'America's Got Talent' in L.A.," it read. "We obviously had no idea of this prior to leaving London. None of us can understand the decision given that it's such a beautiful rendition of the song."

In a press release however, Boyle didn't mention anything about the refusal. Instead, her publicist cited "unforeseen circumstances" as the reason of her canceled performance. Thanking fans for their support, the rep continued, "Please be assured every effort was made to try to find a solution."


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posted by Lyla on Sep 12, 2010
I wish people would get some compassion and class why bring emotionally challenged to this issue. I agree with Simon Cowell just how petty and pathetic does it get. This woman is extremely talented and that is all there is to it and since when has beauty been a criteria for talent even more pathetic and I might add shallow beyond belief. Please leave emotionally challenged people out of this their lives are difficult enough already no one needs these remarks it is cruel.
posted by Kathy on Sep 12, 2010
@ GrahamDenverBroncs, no she doesn't have a syndrome, she was starved of oxygen at birth and has a minor disability. She's quite smart but it affected her emotionally. That's why it's just so hard to imagine the abuse she takes. She has an amazing talent and did a brilliant version of this song. I wish her well.
posted by DiCeMaN on Sep 12, 2010
It must inspire other mentally challeneged people to chase their dreams. Flawless.
posted by Howie on Sep 12, 2010
I think you're correct. But despite her difficulties she sings like a champ. Rock On Suzy Q!!!
posted by GrahamDenverBroncs on Sep 12, 2010
Is it me or does she have some sort of syndrome? She looks like she has a syndrome. Just saying...
posted by LouGreed on Sep 12, 2010
Now that's something I can get behind. And I mean that figuratively, not the other way. ew.
posted by SusanDiddy on Sep 12, 2010
She has the money, why not get the surgery?
posted by Cherokee\\\'s Mom on Sep 12, 2010
Point taken.
posted by LisaP on Sep 12, 2010
Have you seen her face?
posted by Cherokee\\\'s Mom on Sep 12, 2010
Why do you hate her?
posted by LisaP on Sep 12, 2010
I hate this woman with a passion. So ugly!!
posted by boyleonmybehind on Sep 12, 2010
mmmmm i've heard better
posted by firststate on Sep 11, 2010
Indeed, Susan's version is lovely. IMHO - choir not necessary - it detracts from her beautiful voice.
posted by southernlady on Sep 11, 2010
Susan is flawless! Her beautiful voice is pure magic! Once again she has taken a song & made it her own. No one can give life to a song like Susan Boyle!!
posted by Howie on Sep 11, 2010
Boyle is pure magic! This rendition is indeed flawless and pure perfection. Her voice is astounding and sounds like she's 20. Reed should be happy she resurrected this for him and made it into something so beautiful. He owes her big time!!!!
posted by Sher on Sep 11, 2010
I agree, it's flawless. Susan's voice is exquisite and poignant. Reed should have been thrilled with her rendition of the song.
posted by newday on Sep 11, 2010
Wow! It really is flawless and incredibly beautiful. Thanks Susan.
posted by Misti on Sep 11, 2010
Great article! Yes, Susan's rendition of "A Perfect Day" is flawless. In fact, it is stunning and takes a mediocre (at best) song and makes it breathtaking. You go, SuBo
posted by Lu126 on Sep 11, 2010
Susan has made this song her own, maybe that's what Lou Reed was afraid of! Hopefully, he'll relent and let her sing it for AGT. It is indeed a beautiful and flawless rendition of this song!
posted by trennie on Sep 11, 2010
I'll say Susan's take on Perfect Day is flawless. Just gorgeous. Several videos up on YOUTUBE now. Worth watching and hearing.
posted by Lonnirose on Sep 11, 2010
Susan's rendition of Perfect Day is absolutely breathtaking, stunning, glorious. I knew it would be. She is magnificent.
posted by Carnegie61 on Sep 11, 2010
Susan Boyle has taken this song and completely made it her own. I agree, flawless.
posted by CBill on Sep 11, 2010
Susan Boyle singing 'A Perfect Day' is perfection. Whatever caused the mess and cancellation, I hope it can be resolved in time for the AGT finale, so Susan can appear by satellite perhaps, singing this beautiful version.
posted by Kathy on Sep 11, 2010
I listened to Boyle's version of A Perfect Day, and I agree, it's flawless. Her gorgeous voice makes anything sound good, but I still hope there's time for them to yank it from the CD. I don't want Reed to earn a single cent from it.
posted by Cherokee\'s Mom on Sep 11, 2010
Susan never ceases to amaze us. She has really made this song beautiful with the emotion that only she can infuse into an otherwise forgetable song. I love it.
posted by Donaha on Sep 11, 2010
In addition to a beautiful voice, this is an artist who really understands how to phrase and give meaning to the lyrics.
posted by LisaP. on Sep 11, 2010
I have listened to other versions of this song, Susan Boyle has taken this song to the greatest height it could possibly go. Wonderful and superb job Susan!

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